110 Different Types of Cakes With Pictures

Cakes come in multiple flavors, and we cannot get enough of all traditional chocolate cakes or a few exotic ones like tiramisu or fruit-flavored ones. Recipes for food and cakes are constantly changing and custom-made according to the preferences, places, and availability of ingredients.

Professional bakers divide the cakes based on the ingredients and the ways they are combined. The type of cake is decided on the basis of color, the texture of the batter, and the materials used for making them. You will find an exhaustive list of different types of cakes with pictures while finding something for someone special.


110 Different Types of Cakes

There are so many different types of cakes that one can find a cake for any occasion or preference. Read the article to learn about the variety of cakes available.

Plum Cake

It is a cake found especially during festive occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year. This cake, with a perfect blend of dry or fresh fruits and cocoa without any frosting or fondant, is loved by everyone. 

Angel Food Cake 

The name is derived from its texture which is light enough for the angels to eat it. It is a low-calorie cake made with egg whites, flour, sugar, and cream of tartar.

Apple Cake 

Apple cakes and apple pies are the favorites among dessert lovers as they both have a generous serving of healthy apples. They are light on the stomach due to the absence of cream icing. 

Banana Cake 

Banana cakes are made with mashed ripe bananas, sugar, and wheat. You can top the cake with banana pieces, honey, or vanilla ice cream. Sugar can be given a miss since bananas provide the required amount of sweetness to the cake.

Battenberg Cake 

Battenberg cake is an almond-flavored pink and yellow sponge cake cut into small square pieces and joined with an apricot jam. Hence, in this different types of cake list with pictures, Battenberg cake is one of the best.

Black Forest Cake 

Black Forest cake originated in Germany and is a simple yet one of the most sought-after cakes due to its toppings and ingredients. It is a simple sponge cake with layers of whipped cream and chocolate flakes topped with cherries.

Brownie Cake

Brownie cakes are large versions of chocolate brownies. Kids love it as it is filled with choco-chips and nuts. Since it is a mildly flavored cake, you can have it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. 

Bundt Cake 

A Bundt cake is a European cake with ingredients baked in a bundt pan, giving it a ring shape with a hole in between, similar to a donut. This pan lets the cake mixture touch the edges of the baking pan for the heat to be transferred evenly.

Carrot Cake

This cake is made with carrot slices, grated ones, or pureed carrots mixed in the batter to make it extra moist. You can decorate it with cream frosting when made for special occasions or as a dessert.

Charlotte Cake 

This classic French dessert is served hot or cold, formed in a deep, circular mold. The mold may be lined with vanilla or bread sticks, biscuits filled with a puree made from fruits or chocolate mix, and whipped cream.


This cake is loved by many due to its creamy texture. The perfect mix of creamy cheese with soft bread gives it a smooth texture that melts in the mouth. 

Chocolate Cakes 

They are universally preferred cakes by people of all age groups. You can get several variants of the simple chocolate cake made with chocolate and a few other ingredients like nuts or frosting. 

Choco Lava Cake 

This is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate syrup and is called so as the liquid chocolate syrup flows like a volcano when cut.

Coconut Cake 

As the name suggests, it is a cake with coconut as its main ingredient. Coconut blends with any ingredient, so you get a delicious, wholesome cake with all the nutritious value of coconut.

Coffee Cake

This cake originated in Germany, where many coffee and cake lovers can be found. They are available in multiple coffee flavors like Irish and Mocha.

Cup Cakes 

These miniature versions of large cakes are suitable for satisfying hunger pangs. They can be topped with all kinds of toppings and enjoyed universally. You can get assorted flavors in cupcakes.

Fondant Cake

Instead of buttercream frosting, this cake uses fondant, which is made of water, corn syrup, and sugar. Since fondants take any shapes, they are also used on cake toppings.

Fruit Cake

Full of nutrients from the fruits, fruit cake is a good choice of dessert for health-conscious people. You can make it from fresh or dried fruits like raisins, cherries, pecans, and walnuts.

Genoa Cake

This cake includes glace cherries, sultanas, raisins, almonds, orange peels or essence, flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. The name is associated with Italian and French cuisines.

Geode Cake

These cakes are made to represent the rock foundations and semi-precious stones. The baker cuts chunks of cakes and fills them with cut edible colored crystals made of rock candy or isomalt shards.

Ice Cream Cake

These are sponge cakes with ice creams, a hard crust, and solid frosting, and each bite is delicious. The cake bread is layered with ice cream, and toppings are also ice cream.

Jar Cake

This is a modern version of the cake, packed in glass jars. The transparent jars filled with layered cakes and toppings have an appealing look. You can carry them along.

Lemon Cake 

With several health benefits, this cake is a perfect blend of lemon and whipped cream. The lemon provides sourness, whereas the cream is full of sugar, giving the cake a tangy taste. 

Photo Cake  

These trending cakes have a photo printed on a sugar sheet and laid on top of the cake. Kids’ birthdays have cakes with their favorite cartoon characters imprinted on them.

Rainbow Cake

It is a favorite among kids mesmerized by the rainbows in fairy tales. People are often attracted to this cake due to the seven colors.

Red Velvet Cake

This red-colored cake is a treat to the eyes and tongue. The red color is a combination of beetroot juice and cocoa powder. However, bakers have started using red pigment instead of beetroot juice.

Sicilian Cassata Cake 

It is a liquor-soaked sponge cake mixed with sweetened ricotta cheese. The flavors are mostly ice cream-based, like vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate, and are loaded with nuts.

Swiss Roll Cake 

This is a sponge cake rolled and filled with whipped cream, jam, jelly, or chocolate ganache. This cake originated from Europe.

Funfetti Cake

This cake made with whole eggs rather than egg whites is a buttery vanilla cake with sprinkles in the batter and vanilla buttercream frosting. It can be used in several layers of flavoring.

Vanilla Cake

It is a simple and easy cake and goes well with other ingredients like lemon, strawberry, or chocolate. When you are bored of all fancy cakes, vanilla cake is the best to fulfill your sweet cravings. 

Poster Cake 

These cakes are similar to photo cakes. But in poster cakes, you can personalize the templates. Hence, you can create different types of birthday cakes with pictures.

Ferrero Rocher Cake 

People who love Ferrero Rocher chocolates will love this cake too. This hazelnut sponge cake is sandwiched with Nutella buttercream and wafers for a crunchy taste.

KitKat Cake 

It is a decadent cake, perfect for those who love KitKat chocolates. This cake is a chocolate cake surrounded by KitKat bars. 

Mango Cake

Mango season brings in a variety of delicacies made with mangoes. You can make this cake with mango pulp and decorate it with mango pieces. 

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple gives a tropical vibe and can be used to make delicious cakes. These cakes have a tangy favor due to the pineapples. They taste like tart and are loaded with nutrients.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

People who are chocolate lovers would love a double dose of it. These chocolate cake layers in this cake are filled with chocolate chips and ganache. It is one of the different types of chocolate cakes with pictures widely available in the market.

Black Currant Cake

It is an almond-flavored cake with toppings of fresh black currants. This cake tastes a bit sour due to the berries.

White Forest Cake 

Like the black forest, we have a white forest cake. It is a white cake with vanilla extracts. It is a sponge cake with cherry syrup and whipped chocolate ganache. 

Butterscotch Cake

A perfect combination of white sugar with butter makes this flavor loved by all. It has a mild taste and is often paired with caramel.

Strawberry Cake 

The color is what attracts people to this cake. The pink color looks appealing and lovely. Fresh strawberries are used in this cake to enhance the flavor. 

Oreo Cake 

Oreo biscuits taste best with milk. They form lovely cakes with few ingredients, and the blend of Oreos with chocolate cakes is a treat.

Almond Cake 

Almonds, one of the healthiest nuts providing Vitamin E, can be used to make yummy and wholesome cakes. Almond cake has a delicate texture and a distinct flavor.

Donut Cake 

Kids love donuts which are nothing but fried dough topped with sauces, sprinklers, or creams. Donut cake is a surprise package created from a donut.

Jelly Cake

Jellies are made with fruits and taste good with cream cheese or cream. You can have a jelly cake with whipped cream on top, or it can be served as a simple cake as it’s light.

Black Cake

It is the same as chocolate cake with a deeper dark color. Red wine or rum is poured into the cake mixture and topped with raisins and nuts.

Biscuit Cake

Biscuits are an integral part of our life. This cake includes biscuits, milk, cocoa, sugar, and chocolate(optional). It is served as a tea time cake.

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry, pulpy fruit with unique flavors, is preferred in smoothies, salads, or desserts. The blueberries give the cake a beautiful purple color.

Milk Cake

It is a healthy cake made of milk, ghee, and sugar. You can add a flavor that gels well with it. Lemon juice helps create a grainy texture.

Tiramisu Cake 

It is a famous Italian dessert with a coffee flavor. It is made with ladyfingers soaked in coffee and cocoa-flavored whipped cream cheese, sugar, and egg mixture.

Parle-G Cake

Parle G is a comfort biscuit in many households. It is an easy-to-make cake as all the ingredients are readily available at home. A cake made with this biscuit is sure to be loved by all.

Upside-down Cake

It is a different cake where the cake batter is poured with the toppings at the bottom and the crust at the top. It is turned up once the cake has been baked.

Bourbon Biscuit Cake

People of all ages love the flavor of bourbon biscuits, and a cake made with these biscuits is a sure-shot winner for chocolate lovers.

Marie Biscuit Cake 

Marie biscuits are preferred by dieticians and doctors. They are plain biscuits, but you can create wonderful cakes with toppings of your choice with these biscuits.

Zebra Cake 

It is a blend of yellow and chocolate cake with a pattern similar to the zebra stripes. The yellow cake is decorated with white icing and fudge stripes.

Pudding Cake

These cakes get their richness and sweetness from the milk and cream, sometimes also thickened with a mix of corn starch and egg yolks. The most outstanding elements of cake and pudding are combined in this inventive treat.

Custard Cake

This cake is made with custard milk and a mixture of proteins and sweetened milk. This flavor is used in puddings, drinks, and sweet dishes.

Wine Cake

In Colombian cooking, a cake cooked with wine is referred to as “wine cake” or “torta envinada,” in Spanish. Wine always helps during winter nights to keep warm, and a piece of wine cake helps keep the calories less.

Orange Cake

The bright colors and the tangy and sweet taste make this cake stand apart. This cake is moist to bite in and yummy due to the fruit flavors.

Chiffon Cake 

Chiffon cakes are produced from vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, and flavorings. They are incredibly light. These cakes are very moist due to their high egg and oil content.

Mirror Cake

This cake has a shiny outer surface with a mirror glaze. The shiny exterior is smooth as a glaze is poured on it to get a mirror effect.

Nutella Cake 

This cake is incredibly moist and covered in a generous amount of Nutella buttercream, which gives each delicious morsel a taste of chocolate and hazelnut.

Raspberry Cake 

It is a wonderful cake flavored with vanilla and fresh raspberries and topped with rich raspberry icing. It’s a lovely cake that is quite easy to make.

Blue Velvet Cake 

It is similar to red velvet cake. It is a vanilla cake with chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vanilla are the main ingredients of this cake.

Pinata Cake 

Pinata cake is in vogue these days. The exterior of the pinata chocolate cake is a thick chocolate shell. The outer chocolate shell is typically formed like a heart, sphere, or half-sphere.

Lollipop Cake 

They are also called cake pops and are loved by kids. Cake crumbs are mixed with chocolates or icing, and small balls are formed like lollipops, dipped in the chocolate covering to form a coating.

Mousse Cake

A light, luscious dessert called mousse is prepared using fruit, cream, eggs, etc. A mousse cake is a melt-in-the-mouth cake made with whipped cream and egg whites mixed with chocolates or caramel.

Butter Cake

Butter cakes are denser than sponge cakes and have a lighter feel. It has a rounded top with a thin crust and soft velvety texture.

Pound Cake 

Originally created with a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of flour, pound cakes are extraordinarily rich desserts. They are light-textured, moist, and delicious cakes.

Sponge Cake

This cake is made from a batter that does not contain baking soda. It contains whipped cream or egg whites, and the secret of sponge cake is how the eggs are whipped.

Baked Flourless Cake 

This cake is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid gluten because it doesn’t contain flour or leaven. It’s bread-like, moist, and spongy.

Unbaked Flourless Cake 

The cakes are molded in a springform pan and are refrigerated before serving. These cakes have a layer that is baked beforehand.

Devil’s Food Cake 

This cake has an extra dash of cocoa powder, giving it a dark color. The crumb has a light texture as more baking soda is added and frosted with buttercream.

Hummingbird Cake 

It is a cake with flavors of cinnamon and ingredients like ripe bananas, pineapple, and pecans for a slight crunch. You can see it iced with coconut flakes or frosting.

Opera Cake 

This cake contains thin layers of almond cake soaked in coffee between chocolate ganache and espresso-flavored buttercream.

Lady Baltimore Cake

This cake is a white cake with fruit topping and a pillow glazed frosting and was created in the southern part of the United States.

Yellow Cake 

It is a vanilla cake that gets its color from egg yolks and butter. This is a cake that beginners can try as it is simple, and you need not separate the egg yellow and whites.

White Cake 

It is a vanilla cake that has more egg whites. The absence of egg yellow makes the batter less fatty and light color, and you can decorate it with any topping.


A shortcake comprises crisp layers of cake topped with layers of fruit and cream. Butter, milk or cream, baking powder, flour, sugar, or salt, soda, and occasionally eggs are used to make shortcakes.

Olive Oil Cake 

When the butter is replaced with olive oil, it keeps the cake moist and gives it a fruity flavor. It is served with whipped cream or fruit.

Icebox Cake 

It is refrigerated and not baked. This cake is made by mixing the crispy cookies with whipped cream and setting them together to combine the flavors. 

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This cake has three layers. It is an assembled cake with vanilla pudding in between the ice cream sandwiches and topped with frozen cream.

Strawberry Icebox Cake 

This no-bake cake with strawberry pudding and crackers provides a crunchy flavor.

Dirt Cake

This cake with chocolate sandwich cookies with cream cheese, butter, and sugar is enjoyed by kids and elders. 

Éclair Cake

It is a baked cake and a quick recipe that uses crackers and a vanilla pudding mixture. This cake tastes like an éclair.

Texas Sheet Cake

This chocolate cake is a fusion of a jelly roll pan dipped in chocolate frosting. It is a treat for the kids.

Gluten-Free Persian Orange and Almond Cake 

This orange and almond cake with citrus syrup is a gluten-free cake that can be had for dinner.

King Cake

This cake is known for its shiny toppings. It is linked to the festival of Epiphany after Christmas.

Heart-Shaped Cake

These cakes come in any flavor and are sold on special days like Valentine’s day or anniversaries.

Naked Cakes 

These are simple cakes and like the usual cakes. They are not covered with any cream or fondant on the sides.

Chocolate Mud Cake 

This dense chocolate cake is rich and similar to a river’s banks. It is a mix of brownie, fudge, and choco cake.

Lamington’s Cake 

It is a sponge or butter cake that is completely dipped in chocolate and full of desiccated coconut.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake 

It is a four-layered cheesecake with an oreo crust. The other ingredients are creamy chocolate cheesecake, whipped cream, and ganache.

Cinnamon Teacake 

This tea cake is made with flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon. The cinnamon flavor brings a new twist to this tea cake.

Marble Cake 

It has a mix of vanilla batter with cocoa powder and chocolate and has an appearance like marble by combining light and dark-colored batter.

Apple and Strawberry Crumble 

It is a dessert made with sweet strawberries and soft apples. This delicacy has the perfect sweetness ratio.

Blueberry Friands

They are almond cakes with egg whites, mixed with blueberries. These amazing cakes are eaten as tea cakes during evening snacks.

Rock Cakes

These cakes are made with flour, butter, dried fruits, and spices. They are smaller and rolled to look like rocks.

Zucchini and Walnut Cake 

Shredded pieces of zucchini with walnut and cinnamon are added to cake batter to make a healthy and delicious zucchini and walnut cake. This unusual combination will please your taste buds.

No-bake Spiderweb Cheesecake

This no-bake spiderweb-designed cheesecake is a Halloween special cake. Since it doesn’t require an oven, it can be made in less time and is a good Halloween dessert.

White Chocolate Mud Cake Pops 

They are white flavored sugar pops with chocolate chips and made with vegetable oil. Cake pops are a hit with people as they can be eaten anywhere without any mess.

White Chocolate and Raspberry 

This cheesecake has the nutrients of raspberry combined with white chocolate. Fresh raspberries added to the cake give it a slightly tangy flavor which makes it delicious.

Raspberry and Almond Cake 

Almonds are very healthy and packed with vitamins. A cake with raspberry and almonds is good for kids and elders.

Garash Cake 

It is a Bulgarian cake with walnuts, sugar powder, egg whites, and crystallized sugar. It is found in Bulgarian patisseries and restaurants.

Chestnut Cake

It is chestnut puree topped with whipped cream and looks similar to the snow-capped mountain. This visually-appealing cake is the right fit for any party.

Kyiv Cake

It is also called a dream cake and made with hazelnut meringue and buttercream mixed with rum.

Moon Cake 

It is a nutritious cake made with duck eggs and paste of lotus seeds. They are usually eaten as tea cakes. 

Funnel Cake 

It is a combination of donuts and churros. The batter, when fried, takes the shape of a cake. It is the perfect delicacy for those who love churros and donuts.

Polish Cake

It is a shortbread cake layer with roasted walnuts and custard buttercream in between.

Babka Cake 

It is a simple yeast sweet cake originally from the Jewish community. It is made with a dough that has been yeast-leavened, rolled out, then filled with cheese, chocolate, fruit, or cinnamon.

Avocado Cake 

This cake with the main ingredient is avocado. It is rich in potassium and fiber. Avocados are one of the most popular superfoods, and Avocado cake is worth trying for a fitness enthusiast.


The word cake is enough to have people salivating. Cakes with unmatched flavors and unique designs are getting invented. In fact, people can now write a paragraph on different types of cakes with pictures.

Although some cakes are common, you might not have heard of a few due to their peculiar shape, contents, and size. Cakes being a part of every occasion, must be distinct in their taste and texture.

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