12 Simple And Elegant Ganapati Decoration Ideas For Your Home

India is popularly known as the land of festivals for its diverse culture. Every festival brings us close to each other and spreads joy among everyone. One of the most celebrated festivals in India is Ganesh Chaturthi. During this festival, people all around India welcome Lord Ganesha to their homes. The houses get decorated with multiple decorative items.

People start preparing for the puja months before the actual puja day. You can do Ganapati decoration at home using flowers, earthen lamps, and many other things. There can be a hundred ways to decorate your home by using flowers and many other decorative items on the market nowadays. 

So, in this article, let us discuss a few ideas for decorating your house using flowers and other things during Ganesh puja.

  • Flower strings

Flower strings are readily available in every flower market. They come in different lengths, different colours, and different flower types. Flower strings can be a good option for simple decoration for Ganapati at home. If creativity cross all limits, you can choose to make these flower strings yourself at home.

For doing that, all you will need is thread, needle, and flowers of your choice. Once the flower strings are ready, you will have to hand them with the help of support such as an adhesive. Once the flower strings are placed together, it will give a pretty view to your Ganapati decoration. 

To further enhance the beauty of flower strings, you can even tie lights with them. Flower strings are one of the best options to decorate any place in a limited time and add more beauty to your home.

  • Flower pots

A flower vase can be used in a better way when we think of decorating homes with flowers. If you have several empty vases at your home and cannot understand what to do with them, this is the perfect time to use them.

You can bring multicolour flowers from the shop along with the stems. Place these flowers in a flower vase with the vase half filled with water. Do not forget to put some water in the vase, or the flowers will dry up sooner. 

Once you have put all the flowers in the vase, place them in front of the Ganapati idol. You can even innovate the idea further by using tall or short platforms to adjust the height of the individual vases. This will further give the flower decoration a different dimension.

  • Flower decoration with drapes

Flowers and drapes can be the best ultimate option for Ganapati background decoration at home. For this kind of decoration, you will need the help of your friends and siblings. Firstly, create a frame using flowers of different types and colours.

This might sound a little hectic, but it is not. The result that you will get will be worth all the work done. Once the huge flower frame is ready, place it in position so that your Ganapati idol sits in the middle. 

Now, use drapes of pink or pastel shades in the background. You can also use trinkets to set up the look further. The final result will be extremely beautiful and unique.

  • Flower chandelier

This is another simple floral decoration idea that can brighten up any place. Chandeliers denote royalty, and they will look gorgeous if you decorate them with flowers. 

Tie flower strings, preferably of smaller lengths, with the chandelier. Or simply use roses and marigold flowers and stick them to the chandelier.

When the lights are switched on, the chandelier will increase the beauty of the area, and the flowers will release their sweet smell. Just the kind of setup required during Ganesh puja will be ready in no time.

  • Orchids and roses for decoration

You can create a striking masterpiece with orchids alone. Use roses to decorate the Ganapati shrine or the place where the idol is kept. Each flower is unique and adds to the beauty of the shrine. Orchids stand for beauty, charm, and warmth. Roses symbolize purity and love.

Put the flowers together using a few leaves to add more greenery, and it will create something unique to look at. Just with these flowers, flower decorations for Ganapati at home will be ready.

  • Paper flower decoration

If you are a craftsperson, then this DIY decoration idea will be most suitable for your home. Unlike original flowers, paper flowers are cost-effective and can be stored for a long time. They can be stored and used again and again with different variations.

Making small flowers using several colourful paper materials will also be exciting and engaging for kids, and they can participate in the joy together. Paper flowers are simple yet pretty and elegant.

  • Flower rangolis

Rangolis have been popular in every Indian household for a time unknown. They are traditional and look vibrant at the same time. When it comes to rangoli, there can be hundreds of designs and options. You can either use flowers for the rangoli or colour powders.

Make a rangoli pattern right in front of the idol and decorate it with flowers of your choice. Colourful rangolis can never go wrong if you are looking for Ganapati Bappa decoration ideas at home

Use marigold flowers because they will be brighter and less costly compared to other flowers. A rangoli right in front of the idol will give a floral fragrance that will enhance the area’s vibe. Due to its popularity, there are many rangoli ideas on the internet and videos that can help you with the designs.

  • Colourful flowers and earthen lamp decoration

The use of flowers and earthen lamps in pujas is constant. While the bright colour of flowers magnifies the beauty, the bright light of these lamps increases the glow even further. Both the lamps and flowers play a vital role in pujas.

If you are running out of ideas, simply put some flowers on the ground and place lightened earthen lamps. It will change the aesthetic of the room immediately. The light from the lamps will illuminate the space and complete the look.

  • Decoration using colourful bottles

We mostly throw away plastic or glass bottles after using them. Instead of throwing them away, we can use them as Ganpati simple decoration at home. It will be an interesting craft, and you can also use something that is not usable anymore.

Use paints to colour glass bottles, and then you can put some lights on them to create an overall effect. Plastic bottles can be used too after tearing away the labels from them. In a similar way, paint the plastic bottle and connect it with some lights. This innovative idea will bring you many praises.

  • Paper lotus in contrasting colours

This Ganapati decoration at home will look elegant and surreal. The paper cuttings can be used later and recycled during other festivals. You have to get colour papers of bright and light shades. Using a pencil, draw out the shape of a lotus and cut them out.

Use the different shades alternately to stick or hang with a thread as a background for Lord Ganesha. To further intensify the look, hang yellow lights near the flowers. This will be not only eco-friendly but also beautiful and simple.

  • Cane baskets

The basic cane baskets can be used in a fashionable way to decorate the Ganapati mandap. You will need a huge cane basket and a few smaller ones that will complement the size of one another. Place the smaller baskets upside down with colourful balls in them.

Use similar left-over colourful papers to decorate the base of the cane basket. Also, you can use banana leaves standing on the side of the entire setup. This decoration will add to a rustic feeling and be soothing for the eyes.

  • Scripture boards for decoration

If you are looking for a serene decoration and wondering how to make Ganapati decoration at home, this will be the best idea. Get some metallic and golden tinted paper and stick them on cardboards. Use anything that will give a shiny effect to the cardboards. Use poster colours to write a few Ganapati slokas in ancient-style handwriting.

You can complement the look with some lighted earthen lamps on each side of the scripture board. The complete look of this decoration will not fail to impress anyone.


Using flowers along with lamps and lights for decoration during Ganapati puja will cheer up every corner of your home and bring positive energy. Everybody will be impressed with these decorating ideas and the fresh fragrance that the flowers will release. 

These innovative and easy Ganpati decoration ideas at home will be the prettiest and most reliable options if you don’t have much time in hand for decorations.

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