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We all know that children need to be nurtured with love and affection, and keeping them happy has always been a priority of parents and guardians. Children’s day seems perfect to shower these little munchkins with colorful and flavored cakes. Children’s day is celebrated in honor of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was fond of children and lovingly called Chacha Nehru.

You can plan little surprises for them by ordering Children’s Day cake online. It is necessary to keep children happy and motivated by giving them all love and comfort. The delicious cartoon-shaped cakes in chocolate flavors, a favorite among children, are enough to bring smiles to their faces.

Children’s Day Cakes

Children being God’s creation, are always a constant source of joy. Every celebration brings them joy, and celebrating children’s day with a cake will surely bring smiles to their faces.

Doraemon Cartoon Cake

Your child deserves a cartoon cake for this special occasion. The cat-like robot is a favorite among kids due to its wonderful tricks. Get the child a sponge cake with any flavor of their choice and topped with an edible printed image of the cartoon character Doraemon. You can have pictures of the cartoon character performing tricks on the cake for children’s day.

Little Elephant Cake

Children love elephants and are in awe of them. Ordering a cake with a cute little elephant on top is sure to cheer them up. You can also have the picture of the elephant on the cake or shape the top of the cake in the form of a little standing elephant. This melt-in-mouth cake is a hit among children.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? The most beloved cartoon characters are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You can order this cake from FlavoursGuru and make the kids happy. Order a the shape of Mickey Mouse Cake with your choice of chocolate flavor. Kids will have fun cutting the big ears of the mouse and relishing it.

Minions Cake

These cakes have gained popularity due to the movie Despicable Me and have captured the hearts of many kids. One of the best cakes your kid will love is a minion-shaped cake. These small, lovable creatures have won the hearts of children and elders.

Spiderman Cake

The famous superhero whom no one hates and all people love. Every kid enjoys the Spiderman movie or cartoon. So, surprise your younger one with a Spiderman cake on children’s day. You can search for different children’s day cake images online to find the best Spiderman image-printed cake for your kid.

Chocolate Dome Pinata Cake

Enjoy the new-in-town super fun Pinata Cakes. These dome-shaped cakes have an outer hard chocolate shell with surprises inside the cake. Children will have a blast as this cake does not need a knife for cutting. You have to hammer the top to get the lovely treats hidden inside. The dome is decorated with colored gems or frosting outside.

Motu-Patlu Gems Cake

Motu Patlu, the well-known animated comic series, has a special place in children’s hearts. Their fun tactics are a source of enjoyment for the kids. A cake with these characters, decorated with colorful frosting or edible wafers or gems, is the best-selling cake for special occasions. They are an essential part of a happy children’s day cake.

Peppa Pig

Peppa pig has become a well-known cartoon character loved by young tots. It is made with layered sponge cake and sloshed with tasty ganache made with chocolate. The cake is made every yummier by topping it with chocolate wafers or sprinklers. Fondant figures of Peppa Pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig can be made on the cake.

Pikachu Cake

Who does not love Pikachu, the cute yellow Pokémon? A sponge cake with flavors of your choice and covered with yellow whipped cream will look super cute, just like the tiny Pokémon. Its looks and taste are appealing.

KitKat with Gems Cake

KitKat is the most loved chocolate. KitKat Chocolate cake is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. It is surrounded by KitKat candy bars, and you can decorate it with colored gems.

Pink Kitty Cake

Pink Kitty is a hit among girls. This cake is decorated with white and pink-colored fondants to create Kitty’s face. This is a basic sponge cake with delicious pink-colored frostings or fondants and is one of the most popular children’s day cake designs as kids love them.

Best of Both Worlds Cake

This cake gives the best of both flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate. The base cake can be a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake or a mix of both with vanilla or chocolate sauces poured over it. This cake is light and perfect for children who love vanilla and chocolate.

Book Theme Cake

A cake representing a storybook or a fairy tale is a fascinating cake. Books are kids’ best friends, and they would be happy to have a book-themed cake as a part of celebrations.

Barbie Roses Dress Cake

Young girls love their Barbie dolls and the best way to let them enjoy children’s day is with a Barbie rose dress cake. This cake can be made with any flavor like vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch and is shaped like a Barbie doll with a dress made with rose frostings.

Chhota Bheem and Chutki Party Cake

Chhota Bheem is a cartoon character loved by kids. It is again a simple sponge cake made with the flavor of your choice and fondant figures of Chhota Bheem, Chutki, and Daggu.

Chocolate Waterfall Cake

Everyone loves chocolate cake, and who can resist a chocolate waterfall cake. This cake is a chocolate sponge with layers of chocolate frosting. It is a new concept of pull-up cakes where you will have chocolate dripping on the cake once the plastic sheet that covers it is pulled up.

Football Cake

A sports fan would always love to have cakes with the logo on their favorite football team. There are multiple collections of football league cakes that can be customized as per the team colors and logos.

Jungle-themed Cakes 

These cakes are popular among kids of all ages. You can create two-layer cakes with grass, candies, sprinkles, and gems as toppings. This cake is covered with fondant figures of all animals and looks spectacular.


Cakes with amazing flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or black forest and different shapes and sizes are sure to bring loads and happiness to the kids. Kids love cakes that are shaped like their favorite cartoon characters or dolls.

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