How to Make the Pinata Cake at Home – Ultimate Guide

Cakes make birthday parties, marriages, anniversaries, and other celebrations happier and more entertaining. Bakers explore different ways to create attractive and unique cakes. If you are thinking about how to make pinata cake at home, then there are many easy methods.  

The Pinata cake is a new innovation that created a storm on the internet. It contains a chocolate shell on the outside and inside, of which there are many edible treats hidden. People are crazy about this unique cake that makes simple cake-cutting into something exciting. There are many easy ways to make pinata cake at home. So, if you want to try something different from regular cakes, pinata cake is a must-try.

What is Pinata Cake?

Pinata cake is a trendy cake with a heart-shaped chocolate shell outside and which has a lot of tasty treats hidden inside. Different from normal cake cutting, you need to use a hammer to break the pinata cake and have the delicious treats inside. The shell can be made of dark or white chocolate, and the filling inside of the cake can be chocolates, cookies, gems, or candies.

How to Make the Pinata Cake at Home?

If you want to know how to make a pinata cake at home, then you have to follow just simple steps. It is the best idea to make your favorite cake at home. When you make other usual cakes, it can take a lot of time to make the batter, bake it and decorate it. But, pinata cake is very easy to make at home. So, here are the needed things and steps for making pinata cake.   

Ingredients Needed

You need only a few items and ingredients to make a homemade pinata cake. If you like cooking and try this unique cake, then it is going to be fun. So, some of the ingredients that you will need are as follows.

  • White or Dark Chocolate

You can take either white or dark chocolate as per your choice. This is to make the shell of the cake. If you like to see the cake in a dark color, you can use the dark chocolate of your choice, or if you want a white pinata cake, go for white chocolate. Both are tasty!

  • 3D Pinata Mold

You should have a pinata cake mold for making the shell. This can be bought from a nearby stationery shop at an affordable price. This is the main part of the procedure that gave that peculiar shape to your cake. 

  • Fun treats

This is the exciting part of the pinata cake. Fun treats hidden inside can make everybody curious to break the cake. So, you can fill it with your favorite brownies, gems, or chocolates.

  • Decorating items

You can use items like sprinkles, ribbons, or fondant embellishments to decorate the shell of your pinata cake. This adds more beauty to your cake. 

      Hammer- Get a hammer to break your cake and make it exciting.

Pinata Cake Recipe – Step-By-Step Guide

The pinata cake recipe is straightforward. Once you are ready with all the ingredients, you can start the procedure of making the delicious and tempting pinata cake. The steps for making the cake are stated below.

Step1-The first step is to melt the white or dark chocolate you have taken. Ensure it is free of lumps and melted completely. You can use the double boiling method to melt the chocolate.

Step 2 –The next step is to take the pinata cake mold and add the melted dark or white chocolate to it. Spread it evenly and make sure you are not missing the corners or any part of the mold. 

Step 3-Now take the mold and refrigerate it for about 10-15 minutes. Keep the rest of the melted chocolate for the next step in a container.

Step 4 –Take the mold from the fridge and make sure the first layer is set completely. After this is done, pour the rest of the melted chocolate into the mold and spread it evenly in the mold. Then refrigerate it for 10 more minutes and let the second layer set. 

Step 5-Take the mold out of the refrigerator and carefully peel the chocolate layer out of the mold. 

Step 6-Take a base and keep all the fun treats like brownies, chocolates, and gems on it. Cover it with the pinata cake shell that you have made. 

Step 7-Now you need to decorate your cake to make it look appealing. You can add sprinkles over it or cover it with lace to make it look beautiful. 

Step 8-Get a hammer and present this beautiful heart-shaped pinata cake to your loved ones!

Pinata Cake Filling Ideas

This is the most interesting part about pinata cake. There are many exciting pinata cake filling ideas. People are excited to break the cake and see what is hidden inside it. There are many delicious treats that can be included inside the pinata cake. You can use different types of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher and Hershey’s, or candies like Gumdrops or Lollipops as the pinata cake filling. You can also go for brownies and cookies if you love having some. If you like to give the cake to kids, then it is a great idea to fill the cake with chocolate treats, as they will be surprised by this. Whereas, if you give this to elders, you can add nuts or other healthy treats as the cake filling.  

Pinata Cake Varieties

The best pinata cake can be those which are made with white or black chocolate. It depends on which type of chocolate you like. Nowadays, pinata cake is available in other flavors, too, like strawberry or vanillaMost of us love the black forest and white forest cakes. Since people are fond of these cakes, bakers now try new varieties of pinata cakes having flavors of black and white forest cakes. Butterscotch flavored pinata cakes are also available in the market. Other than this, there are more varieties of pinata cakes to attract cake lovers. When heart-shaped pinata cakes became common at parties, these became available in different shapes at present. You can even see rainbow, unicorn, or ball-shaped pinata cakes in the market. 

Chocolate Pinata Cake Recipe – Most Loved of All!

Chocolate pinata cake has an outer shell made up of dark compound chocolate. It is a moist chocolate cake that is frosted with dark chocolate and buttercream. This can be decorated with Gems, M&Ms, or chocolate chip cookies! So, if you want to make your birthday parties or other special occasions memorable, go for the chocolate pinata cake. Your dear ones will love it! 

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