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Coffee Cakes


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Addicted to Coffee Flavoured Cake? Try Us!

If you crave to eat coffee flavoured cake, you'll be happy to know that we have the best of them. We at Flavours Guru believe baking is a unique form of art. Well, of course, it does not involve any rocket science. Probably it is the most curative activity one can indulge in.

Coffee cakes seldom contain coffee, mostly filled with spices, nuts, and rounded up with a simple smooth topping. The name derives from the fact that they are typically served with coffee. To tell the truth, coffee cakes definitely turn out well with the wide beverage of choice.

As a professional in the industry, Flavours Guru tries to experiment with flavours or techniques. We often mould the recipes a little here and there to create the most scrumptious cakes each time.

We offer a whole section for the coffee cake to order from. No wonder, Flavours Guru uses baking as a means for human connection. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, a simple coffee cake would definitely add an oomph factor to any celebration.

The nutty aroma and delicate fruit flavour with a creamy layer on top make the coffee flavoured cake special enough to be the showstopper.

Browse through our rich, moist, light, fluffy and delicious baking delights and opt for the best coffee cake online. My friend, you may start drooling just from looking at the screen.

Bear in mind that freshly baked coffee flavoured cake is best eaten within a few days! Usually, these cakes will last for about a couple of days at normal room temperature. If you want to refrigerate them, for about a week, store in a sealed container in foil or plastic wrap. It will prevent the cake from drying out.