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Regular Cakes Vanilla Cakes



Nothing in this world can replace our liking for the classic vanilla flavour. People often reject other varieties of flavours when they find the richness of vanilla beans. Everything about a vanilla cake is indulging; it's flavourful, warm, and an awakening for the taste buds. Due to the recent cake trends and flavour experimentation, it isn't easy to find a simple and elegant vanilla cake in bakeries. FlavoursGuru has a range of vanilla cake design, which will not only satisfy your eyes but also soothe your craving for royal vanilla flavour. Our vanilla cakes are made of original vanilla pods that enhance the flavour of the cakes and make them melt in your mouth.

Vanilla Cakes for All Occasions

FlavoursGuru's classic vanilla cakes are soft, spongy and always in demand, whether for a birthday party or graduation party. Our bakers are highly experienced and often experiment with flavours to present new items to the customers. The choco vanilla cake offered by our online and offline outlets will please not only chocolate lovers but also those who love vanilla. The vanilla essence is the heart of baking, and no cake can be baked without using the flavour. Vanilla pods are used to make various cakes, such as chocolate vanilla cake, strawberry cake and blueberry cake, to name a few.

Send FlavoursGuru Vanilla Cake for Any Celebration

Vanilla is universally used in cakes, cookies, bread, desserts and sometimes savoury food items as well. The richness of the flavour blends well with any other flavour and is highly used in the eggless vanilla cake recipe to enhance the taste further. Cupcakes and custards are incomplete if bakers forget to infuse the vanilla pods. You can send your loved ones a vanilla birthday cake today and make their special day worth remembering. At FlavoursGuru, you will find a range of vanilla cakes with not only vanilla flavours but also a mixture of premium ingredients.

How to Choose an Online Vanilla Cake from the FlavoursGuru Website?

The emerging trends with cakes have somehow stolen the popularity of vanilla cakes. This is why bakers often don't agree to bake a customised vanilla cake for an occasion. Your problem now has a solution because we at FlavoursGuru have a wide range of vanilla birthday cake, and you can also get them personalized as per your liking. Follow the steps below to choose an online vanilla cake from our website.

Step 1: The initial step is to find the FlavoursGuru official web page from google.

Step 2: Right on the top of the official page, you will get a search bar option for cakes. Click on it and type the kind of cake you want, vanilla or other flavours.

You will be amazed to see the number of options available on our website. 

How to Order Online Vanilla Cakes?

You can get the eggless vanilla cake of your dreams from the FlavoursGuru online website. Order a special vanilla cake for your special occasion and get free delivery by following these steps.

Step 1: Type FlavoursGuru on Google and access our official website. At this point, be aware of fake websites.

Step 2: You will notice a search bar on top from which you can easily find the cake you are searching for. Once the search is complete, choose a cake from the variety of vanilla cake images displayed on your screen.

Step 3: At this stage, it is necessary to fill up the details such as delivery pin code, date and time slot of the cake delivery. Post filling up the details, select the weight of the cake and write the message you want to be displayed on the cake top.

Step 4: You must select the "order now" option. There will be an option to include additional gifts such as chocolates and flowers. Choose them if you want them to be delivered along with the cake.

Step 5: Type your login confirmations and shipping details. After successfully selecting the order, you will have to make the payment.

These steps just take a few minutes, and post the payment; the order will be confirmed and delivered as per the time slot.

Wide Range of Vanilla Cakes Offered by FlavoursGuru

 You can choose your favourite vanilla flavour cake from the mouth-watering and stunning cake variety at FlavoursGuru. On our website, you can select anything from Chique vanilla cake and choco vanilla cake to colourful vanilla cake and flavourful vanilla cake. Special designer cakes like the floral delight cake, lovely heart-shaped cake, and sprinkle desire cake are also available in vanilla flavour. You can even customise them in terms of weight, frosting and shape. Here, you can have a look at the variety of trendy vanilla cakes offered by FlavoursGuru.



Choco Vanilla Cake-500Gm

Rs 499

Colourful Vanilla-500Gm

Rs 499

Exotic Vanilla White Rose-500 Gm

Rs 499

Sprinkle Everywhere-500Gms

Rs 549

Cloud Nine Cake-1Kg

Rs 999

Send Vanilla Cakes Online with FlavoursGuru

You can now send birthday or anniversary vanilla-flavoured cakes without having to worry about delivery and quality of the product. Our outlets and online cake delivery agents are present in 7 cities in India. From simple vanilla cake designs to exclusive ones, the variety of cakes will surely surprise you. Visit the FlavoursGuru website today and place your online cake order to surprise your loved ones and make them feel special.



  •   What varieties of vanilla cake FlavoursGuru offer?


A variety of vanilla cakes are available on the official website of FlavoursGuru. The options are huge, from Choco vanilla chess cake and lemon vanilla cake to round shape vanilla cake and vanilla shower cake.


  •   How do I select vanilla cake online from the website?


To select a vanilla cake, you have to search the official website of FlavoursGuru. Go to the search and type in “vanilla cake”. You can select any one from the variety of cakes.


  •   Can I get a customised vanilla cake for my needs?


You can surely get your vanilla cake customised at our website as per your needs. Our bakers are very talented and experienced; they will present you with the best vanilla customised cake.


  •   Does FlavoursGuru provide a midnight birthday cake delivery service?


Yes, you can get a midnight birthday cake delivery service at FlavoursGuru. You can choose your preferred time slot, and our delivery agents will deliver the cake to your doorstep.

What Customers Are Saying


"The cake was too delicious. My family love it so much, Thank you so much flavours guru make my day to much special.....*"

13-Jan-2023 02.13 PM

Added by: Mohini


"Delicious cake..guests loved the decoration on the cake n taste soo good. Well done"

05-Jan-2023 11.59 AM

Added by: Benjo


"Taste was awesome.........ty"

04-Jan-2023 08.10 PM

Added by: Garima


"Simply awesome cake............."

04-Jan-2023 08.09 PM

Added by: Nisha


"Cake was super delicious..................."

01-Jan-2023 06.23 PM

Added by: Sumit


"Your cakes i've been ordering for all occasions fully satisfied with quality everytime fully satisfied with the cake so fresh n chocolaty. "

01-Jan-2023 06.15 PM

Added by: Richa


"Out standing and yummy Trust me it's delicious and yummy... Perfect taste... I loved the cake and it's on time... Fresh and yummy. "

01-Jan-2023 05.34 PM

Added by: Roshi


"Totally loved the cake believe me it was my first and the best experience with you guys keep it up..will keep ordering with you....."

28-Dec-2022 04.22 PM

Added by: Anju Bajaj


"Yummy cake loved the design same as shown"

28-Dec-2022 04.16 PM

Added by: Rachit


"Perfect taste sweet and sour loved the cake it was super fresh..."

28-Dec-2022 03.09 PM

Added by: Shrey Mittal


"So beautiful and fresh cake was delivered on time...."

28-Dec-2022 02.43 PM

Added by: Ruchi


"Delivered on time exact as of picture."

26-Dec-2022 08.51 PM

Added by: Ritika


"Out standing and yummy.I loved the cake and it's on time... Fresh and yummy."

25-Dec-2022 11.30 PM

Added by: Priya


"Great combination of flavours.............."

24-Dec-2022 07.37 PM

Added by: Wasim


"Wow that is absolutely fab. I am over the moon with it, its brilliant. Thank you FLAVOURS GURU."

23-Dec-2022 06.22 PM

Added by: Akuu


"Absolutely gorgeous flavours guru My mum loved it. Thanks again.."

23-Dec-2022 05.48 PM

Added by: Jannat Qureshi


"Just wanted to say Jack;s birthday cake is delicious, I have just had a slice for breakfast lol. Thank you once again"

23-Dec-2022 05.41 PM

Added by: Mohit


"Another beautiful cake, thank you so much Flavour's Guru, tastes as good as it looks as well ..."

23-Dec-2022 05.40 PM

Added by: Lavi Agrawal


"That's absolutely fantastic, thank you. "

23-Dec-2022 05.03 PM

Added by: Farah


"That's absolutely fantastic, thank you. "

23-Dec-2022 05.03 PM

Added by: Farah


"Wow that is amazing! Again, thank you very much."

23-Dec-2022 04.53 PM

Added by: Shiva


"Hank you so much for this amazing cake!!! It was delicious. "

23-Dec-2022 04.52 PM

Added by: Nisha


"The cake is moist and very chocolaty although a little bit sweet however its very satisfying.*"

22-Dec-2022 11.09 PM

Added by: Ojaswi


"One of the best Vanila we hv ever eaten. Wonderfully delicious and reasonably priced. Will highly recommend..*"

01-Dec-2022 05.04 PM

Added by: Kajal


"Tasty and delicious ????"

27-Nov-2022 04.10 PM

Added by: Shivam


"Tasty and delicious "

27-Nov-2022 04.08 PM

Added by: Atif


"Yummy and tasty "

27-Nov-2022 04.06 PM

Added by: Priyanshi


"That was cut and yummy flavours..*"

20-Nov-2022 05.48 PM

Added by: Raamu Batt


"It was looked and tasty...*"

20-Nov-2022 05.40 PM

Added by: Gopal


"Amazing cake "

19-Nov-2022 10.45 PM

Added by: Teena


"Delivered in good condition. The taste so yummy and looks so beautiful. My friend love it so much...*"

18-Nov-2022 03.22 PM

Added by: Kiyana


"Fresh cake delivered on time...................."

09-Nov-2022 08.03 PM

Added by: Sparsh


"Thank u so much....this cake is my 1st ever gift to my long-distance special one ....ordered just with a pin only ...they delivered without any delay...and the cake was so classy and yummy....I am so so glad that I could give the best one.....only because of you guys.....quality product with quality service....so amazed of this website .....will purchase more from here confidently...*"

07-Nov-2022 02.53 PM

Added by: Tanya Bansal


"Very yummy and tasty cake with a great combination of flavours..."

17-Oct-2022 07.58 PM

Added by: Bhavya


"Delivery on time... Everyone loved it "

16-Oct-2022 11.26 PM

Added by: Anamika


"That was so yummy... and good service ......."

15-Oct-2022 11.51 PM

Added by: Kinjal


"Clean with great selection of flavors. Their cake balls are moist and delicious. Smaller cakes are pricey but price per serving are better on larger cakes and sheets. "

15-Oct-2022 11.16 PM

Added by: Yogesh Sharma


"So yummy Delivery on time Will definitely order again "

15-Oct-2022 07.13 PM

Added by: Kuhoo


"Cake was really fresh....."

06-Jul-2022 02.25 PM

Added by: Rakesh


"Perfect combination of chocolate and vanilla."

15-Jun-2022 04.19 PM

Added by: Himanshu



07-Sep-2021 01.17 AM

Added by: Alisha


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