Vanilla Cakes

Vanilla Cakes



Here is The Exact Birthday Vanilla Cake You Always Wanted!

Flavours Guru has the classic birthday vanilla cake, which is perfectly moist, fluffy and flavourful for you!

Vanilla cake is the most basic of all in the cake land. Once tried, if you have not, you will become a major fan and declare us your favourite place to shop. With its outstanding vanilla flavour, pillowy soft crumb, creamy texture, intricate ingredients, pretty designs, and desired tiers, ours is the best vanilla cake you will ever find. We guarantee you will agree and thank us when your guests are thrilled and go raving about our cake. Before you miss the goodness, go for vanilla cake order online with Flavours Guru.

Our birthday vanilla cake is the very cake that turns all those who say, "I don't even like cake!" into “OMG, we need to order at Flavours Guru now!”

Our vanilla cake out of the oven has the best cake clouds, warm and yummy. High-quality ingredients and butter coated flour is used. The other secret is a tiny bit of vegetable oil, enough that when you take a bite your mouth translates that bit into moisture. Even when the cake is at room temperature, which is often at special events, it remains fluffy and tastes the same.

We especially recommend our birthday vanilla cake for your kids, wife, parents, boss or for that special someone.

Flavours Guru believes in preparing cakes, which are simple, classic, beautifully decorated with fresh whipped cream. Our cakes are available with your favourite toppings like chocolate, lemon syrup, rainbow sprinklers and rosettes. These toppings give the cakes a modern yet clean look.

We know you are always on the hunt to find the best vanilla cake that literally melts in your mouth. You don’t have to look anywhere else, just log into our website and book at the best vanilla cake 1 kg price.

Only at Flavours Guru, you will find it simple, versatile and so delicious!