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  • Delicious cake under 600 calories, adorned with fresh berries


  • a customised three-layered orange cake


  • Flower and cake combos


  • Fresh Arrivals cakes


  • Red heart-shaped cake topped with strawberries


  • Gift ideas for special occassions


  • Delicious cake under 600 calories, adorned with fresh berries


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Bachelorette Cakes


Order Bachelor Party Cake for Groom and Bride From Flavoursguru

Planning a bachelorette party is quite fun and hectic at the same time. Other than finding a perfect location, planning activities, and ticking off the guest list name, you have to arrange for an amazing bachelorette cake for your friend who is soon to get married. FlavoursGuru has come up with some of the most thrilling bachelorette party cake, and the exciting designs are sure to match all the themes. While searching for the perfect décor, food list, and everything, do not miss out on the cake. The beautiful bachelorette cakes at FlavoursGuru will uplift the essence of the fun-filled evening and make it memorable. The fantastic decoration and deliciousness of our cakes will take all the stress of the bride away. Visit our FlavoursGuru website today to view some of the most magical cakes, like the frozen theme cakes for your little one at home.

Get the most enchanting bachelorette cakes at FlavoursGuru

There are plenty of bachelorette cake ideas that you will find on the internet, but they can rarely be portrayed on the cake. The fun bachelorette cake images at FlavoursGuru are a work of art by our bakers who do not miss on the slightest detail to make your evening more special. The Flavourful and delicious bachelorette cakes at FlavoursGuru will be the perfect companion to an entertaining evening filled with joy and some secrets, of course. Our perfectly decorated bachelorette cakes will fit into the theme and aesthetics of the party elegantly. Take a look at the Game of Thrones cakes on our website to know the extent of our baker’s creativity.

Observe the exquisite bachelorette cakes at FlavoursGuru

The best part about bachelorette parties is that they have no boundaries, and you can have a bash with your soon-to-be bride or groom friend. It is almost like a farewell party to singlehood, and everyone is allowed to go crazy with the theme and cake. Made with the perfect ingredients, the fashionable bachelorette cake for bride at FlavoursGuru will make everyone gasp in excitement. You can even personalise the cakes in terms of the frosting and flavouring as per the liking of your friend. Our cake ideas are a perfect chance to tease your friend and bid them farewell at the same time. You can inspect some of our beautiful creations, like the pull-me-up cakes, to see the diverse range of cake collections.

How to select a delightful bachelorette cake from FlavoursGuru?

The dynamic bachelorette cake designs and collection at FlavoursGuru are ideal for all types of brides. They are cool and ideal for taking away some extra stress before marriage. The mesmerising bachelorette cakes at FlavoursGuru have a distinctive taste and have superb finishing to them. To know how to select such an amazing bachelorette cake, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Type “FlavoursGuru” on Google or any search engine on your electronic device

Step 2: Once you have found our authentic page, there will be a search bar on top. Press on it and type “bachelorette cakes” to find some of our most eye-catching cake collections.

From the diverse cake range, select the one that you like the most. Similarly, you can follow the steps to order any of our cakes, like the pinata cakes, for a special occasion.

How to order an incredible bachelorette cake from FlavoursGuru?

The bachelorette cake ideas for bride at FlavoursGuru scream class. They are perfection and have a fun pop of shades that can be further personalised layer by layer. Our beautiful bachelorette cakes portray the excitement of the future and bring the memories of the past altogether. Curious to know how to order a bachelorette cake from FlavoursGuru? Follow the easy steps below.

Step 1: Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google to begin with the ordering procedure for the bachelorette cake.

Step 2: Type “bachelorette cake” on the search panel situated right on the top corner of the official web page. After selecting the cake, enter some vital details like time, date, and location for the delivery.

Step 3: Select the final weight of the bachelorette cake as per your choice. There is another option to leave a special message while ordering the cake that our bakers will write on the top of your bachelorette cake.

Step 4: From the unique add-ons section present on the FlavoursGuru website, you can choose gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and soft toys.

Step 5: Give the precise shipping address and login authentication, and re-check them before submitting. Now clear the online payment for the bachelorette cake that you have chosen to confirm your order.

With these hassle-free steps, you can also order our BTS theme cake for a K-pop lover and surprise them.

Surprise your special ones with a bachelorette cake from FlavoursGuru

You can now be a part of your friend’s bachelorette party celebration and make it more lovable for them by sending a bachelorette party cake for bride from FlavoursGuru. Our swift and efficient delivery service system delivers cakes in 7 major cities of India. Made with personalised ideas, your surprise will excite you and make your friend smile in no time. The delectable taste of our cakes can never fail to amaze anyone. Be it our minion cakes or any other cake; they are rich in flavour and taste. View some of our bachelorette cakes collection at FlavoursGuru from the table below.



Captured cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,399

Athena Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,499

Bring it on cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,449

Corset Bridie Cake – 1.5Kg

Rs 2,299

Flora Bride Cake – 2Kg

Rs 2,899


  1.     What varieties of bachelorette cakes do you provide?

FlavoursGuru offers an amazing range of bachelorette cakes. Our cake collection includes Action Time cake, Athena Cake, Bring it on the cake, Captured cake, and many more.

  1.     Do you deliver customised bachelorette cakes?

Yes, surely. There are several bachelorette cakes on our page; you can even further get them customised to your choices.

  1.     Can I get a butterscotch flavour bachelorette cake?

Yes, of course. FlavoursGuru has a diverse range of flavours that customers can choose from while ordering a cake. Our bakers will make it just the way you want them.

  1.     Can I get candles and knives with my order?

FlavoursGuru has a separate add-ons section that has a series of gifts like toys, chocolates, etc. You can select whatever you like from there, and it will be added to the cart.

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