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Regular Cakes Kiwi Cakes

Regular Cakes Kiwi Cakes



A delightful kiwi cake can be the perfect birthday surprise for all our fruit-loving friends on their birthdays. Win the heart of your special ones with a delicious yet healthy kiwi fruit cake to fill their diet chart with taste and love. FlavoursGuru has introduced an exotic range of fruity delight kiwi cakes to blow the minds of all our kiwi-loving friends. A blend of tanginess and sweetness brought under the same cake not only looks promising but tastes heavenly too. The beautiful kiwi cakes on our page are filled with kiwi flavoured cream and a handful of freshly sliced kiwis, making them a treat of happiness for all. What else can be better than getting a combination of scrumptiousness and health in a single cake? Also, you can view our pineapple cakes to get a twist on your plates.

Get the Most Enjoyable Kiwi Cakes on FlavoursGuru

With each passing day, people are growing more conscious of their health. They want to include something healthy into their diets to stay away from any chronic illness, and we all have one such friend. This is why FlavoursGuru is offering you a range of kiwi delight cake to help you choose the best gift for your diet-loving friend. Not only do our cake chefs use fresh fruits on the cakes, but they also make sure that all ingredients are of premium quality. This gives our kiwi cakes their distinctive flavour and pureness in every bite. You can visit our page to check the kiwi cake price and their varieties. Now with each bite of our kiwi cake, there will be no guilt of diet breaking, and there will be pleasure on their taste buds. Go through our frozen theme cakes if your little one loves Elsa.

Drop by the Appealing Kiwi Cakes on the FlavoursGuru Website

Our kiwi cakes will be the perfect match for anyone who wants to dig into something creamy and rich without having to compromise on their health. All the FlavoursGuru cakes can be further customised as per your demands and made into something more special for your loved ones. You can easily get a customised strawberry kiwi cake for someone who wants both the fruits along with all their meals. The most promising birthday gift for all health lovers will be a perfectly baked kiwi cake that will make them feel loved and healthy at the same time. Our bakers will make the best kiwi cakes for you with a mixture of the best flavours and their talents. View the thrilling Harry potter cakes on our page to know how talented the cake artists at FlavoursGuru are.

How to Choose the Perfect Kiwi Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Although kiwi cakes have gained popularity over the years, there are not many bakeries that will arrange one for you. At least you won't find the best quality kiwi chocolate cake to surprise your friend from most of the stores. FlavoursGuru guarantees the best quality cakes made for you within a speculated period. Are you curious to know the steps to selecting a gorgeous kiwi cake from our website? Know them below.

Step 1: Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google from your electronic device

Step 2: on the authentic website, there will be a search bar on the top. Click the search bar and type “Kiwi cakes” to find another page of only our kiwi cakes.

Select the one that looks enticing to you. With the same steps, you can also select our delectable heart shape cakes to surprise someone close to your heart.

How to Order a Tempting Kiwi Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Our kiwi cakes at FlavoursGuru are not only a blend of butter, sugar, flour and milk, but it is elegantly decorated with fresh kiwi cubes and kiwi-flavoured whipping cream. Each layer is stacked with garden-fresh kiwis and original kiwi crush to enhance the flavour and content of the fruit even further. Our bakers put their entire dedication into presenting the healthiest version of kiwi cakes available. Know the steps to order a kiwi birthday cake below.

Step 1: The initial step to ordering a kiwi cake is to find our official website by typing “FlavoursGuru” on any search engine

Step 2: On the top of our authentic webpage, there will be a search bar which you’ll have to click and type “Kiwi cakes”. After pressing enter, you will land on another page of kiwi cakes. Select a cake and provide essential details like address, time of delivery and the date

Step 3: Finalise the weight of your kiwi cake from the given options. You can also write a special message that will be displayed on the cake top.

Step 4: From the add-ons section, you can also select chocolates, cards, soft toys and flowers that will be sent with the cake

Step 5: Approve the final shipping address and login details at the last stage. Make the payment of the kiwi cake that you have selected to place the order.

Through the steps mentioned above, you can also order a pull-me-up cake from FlavoursGuru.

Surprise Your Special Ones with an Eye-Catchy Kiwi Cake from FlavoursGuru

On our website, you will be surprised to see the different varieties of cakes available for all occasions. Be it our kiwi mousse cake or a simple vanilla cake; all our cakes are baked, maintaining utmost hygiene and with natural ingredients. You will also find a trendy makeup theme cake from your glam-loving friend. Check out some of our kiwi cakes from the table below.



Special Kiwi Cake – 500Gm

Rs 499

Glee Fruity Cake – 500Gm

Rs 499

Kiwi Surprise Cake – 500Gm

Rs 499

Kiwi Cake – 500Gm

Rs 599

Kiwi Vanilla Cake – 500Gm

Rs 599


  1.     What varieties of kiwi cakes do you provide?

At FlavoursGuru, the range of kiwi cakes is astonishing. From Glee Fruity Cake and Kiwi Vanilla Cake to Kiwi Surprise cake, you will find many options.

  1.     Do you deliver kiwi cakes in my city?

FlavoursGuru delivers kiwi cakes in 7 Indian cities. Find the names of the cities by visiting our website today.

  1.     Is there a midnight delivery time slot available?

Yes, definitely. FlavoursGuru has a midnight delivery slot available on the website. Select it to get your cakes delivered at midnight.

  1.     Can I get a same-day ordered kiwi cake delivered?

Yes, absolutely. We take same-day cake delivery orders. However, the order must be placed by 5 Pm on the same day.

What Customers Are Saying


"The best quality of cake i received from Fg...Timely delivery services!!!"

04-Jan-2023 11.53 PM

Added by: Priya


"The best quality of cake i received from FG..Timely delivery services!!!"

04-Jan-2023 11.52 PM

Added by: Hari


"They not only provide the cake on time, but they provide ‘The Best’ cake shop ..*"

23-Dec-2022 04.30 PM

Added by: Mansi


" like Flavors Guru more because they always deliver fresh and yummy cake.."

23-Dec-2022 04.29 PM

Added by: Rubi


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