Pineapple Cakes

Pineapple Cakes


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Practically Perfect Crushed Pineapple Cake!

Our crushed pineapple cake is incredibly moist with great flavours, once tried you will agree that it is awesome.

It has a great chewy, moist texture and plenty of fresh whipped cream topped with fresh pineapple.

Flavours Guru fresh pineapple cake will soon become your family favourite, perfect for celebrating the best of life’s special moments.

Our basic ingredients become just right when combined by our expert team. It really is like magic!

We especially recommend our birthday vanilla cake for your kids, wife, parents, boss or for that special someone.

We prepare the pineapple cake of the best quality, a recipe that has a combination of intricate ingredients. It starts with creaming the butter and sugar until it is light and fluffy to incorporate more air in the batter. Then with stirred eggs and vanilla extract plus some pineapple juice and bits of crushed pineapple gets a more dominant flavour. As a result, we get a beautiful browned pineapple cake. This further, with a detailed fresh whipped cream frosting and decoration of your choice pineapple topping either with chocolate or grated coconut finally becomes ready and too yummy!

With patience, we prepare ultra-decadent, fluffy and moist fresh pineapple cake that is swoon-worthy in every single bite. We also offer tiered pineapple cakes.

The crushed pineapple cake remains the same on storing in the refrigerator. Our cake is very filling too, once tried you will not only be completely devoured but also be drooling over it and screaming ‘wow oh wow!’

The Flavours Guru fresh pineapple cake consistency is absolutely right and this is its real beauty. This is surely going to be your new best cake ever!

For any season or a dull moment, this cake is a great remedy. After all, the cakes are the best.

On ordering our pineapple cake online, you will be proud to hear all the compliments from your family and friends. It is an amazing choice for all festivities.

Flavours Guru pineapple cake is too good to be missed, so don’t wait, just log onto our website and order pineapple cake online!

You will just rave about it!