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Birthday Cake For Daughter

Birthday Cake For Daughter


90s Girl

90s Girl


2 Reviews

Breezy Peachy

Breezy Peachy


5 Reviews

Celebrating Chef

Celebrating Chef


1 Reviews

Chef at Work

Chef at Work


1 Reviews

Social Personality

Social Personality


6 Reviews

Turning 17

Turning 17


6 Reviews

A daughter is important to her parents. She will always be your little princess, no matter how old she gets. There will be many occasions on which you might want to surprise your beloved daughter. One of the best ways to surprise her is by giving her a beautiful cake for daughter in her favourite flavour. You will always want to do things that will make her happy, like getting a  so that you get to see that sparkle in her eyes. With FlavoursGuru, you can also get a unique birthday cake for your daughter that will put that beautiful smile on her face. You can choose from a range of options, including our cream cakes.

Check Out the Most Amazing Cakes for Daughter at FlavoursGuru

For a father, his daughter is the most precious gift. We know that you value your daughter's happiness over everything else. If it is your daughter's birthday, you would want to get her a beautiful cake for daughter's birthday from FlavoursGuru. With us, you will get many great options for cakes for your daughter. You can select from a multi-tier cake to a photo cake. The cake for daughter you get from FlavoursGuru is one of the best in terms of flavour and design.

Explore Delectable Cakes for Daughter at FlavoursGuru

There are so many options for cakes with FlavoursGuru. There are so many designs and flavours that you can get. From faultline cakes to bomb cakes, these cakes are best for any occasion. If you are looking for a cake design for daughter, you may choose from the website according to your requirements. The cakes at FlavoursGuru are available at different price ranges and weights per your requirements.

How to Find the Most Tempting Cakes for Daughter with FlavoursGuru

There are so many options for cakes on our website. We have different theme cakes like a frozen theme cake or minion theme cake. We have created a special section that can make your choice simpler. We have a separate selection altogether for the cake for daughter. Finding the perfect birthday cake for daughter is very easy. Just follow the steps listed below, and it will become easier to find a perfect cake.

Step 1: Open a browser. Type "FlavoursGuru" in the search bar and wait for the results. The first result you find on the web page is the official website for FlavoursGuru.

Step 2: Click the first link, and the web page will open. On the homepage, there are options for different cakes, like the number of cakes or theme cakes. Or you can directly go to the search option. 

Step 3: In the search option, put the word "Cake For Daughter", and you will find all the options on the web page.

There will be many different options for birthday cake design for daughter under different budgets.

How to Order a Tempting Cake for Daughter with FlavoursGuru

There are so many options available for different cake designs, so it might take some time for you to decide on the birthday cake for daughter with name and photo. But ordering a cake is extremely simple and includes only a few simple steps.

Follow the steps below to order the cake of your choice with FlavoursGuru.

Step 1: Visit our website https://www.flavoursguru.com/ You can also search for FlavoursGuru on google. Once the webpage opens, you need to go to the search option and type "cake for daughter".

Step 2: Now choose the one you like amongst the various birthday cake images for daughter.

Step 3: Click on the chosen cake. Now you will have to fill in the details like the Pincode, delivery date and other requisites.

Step 4: Now, go ahead to the payment page. Once your payment goes through, your order will get placed successfully.

Send Your Daughter a Lovely Cake from FlavoursGuru.

From a host of options you can order for the cake for daughters day, we have picked a few of the most amazing ones from the lot.



Turning 17 - 1 Kg

Rs 1249

Social Personality - 1.5 Kg

Rs 2099

Love For Minnie - 1.5 Kg

Rs 2199

Joyful Minnie Cake - 1.5 Kg

Rs 2499

Celebrating Chef - 2 Kg

Rs 2899


  1. Do I need to register to order a cake for daughter?

No, you can also order a birthday cake for daughter via guest checkout.

  1. Will you provide free late-night delivery for a cake for daughter?

No, free delivery is only for standard delivery of cakes by FlavoursGuru. You will have to pay extra for late-night or other unique delivery options.

  1. What are some of the best options for a cake for daughter?

If you wish to order a cake for daughter, some of the best options are Breezy Peachy, 90's girl, and Turning 17 cake.

  1. Will I get a free teddy bear with an order of a cake for daughter?

No, you will have to pay extra for add-on items like a teddy bear.

What Customers Are Saying


"Nice "

08-Jan-2023 12.28 AM

Added by: Anil


"I liked your service about delivery taste superb and design look same mostly ............."

04-Nov-2022 04.57 PM

Added by: Kunal Karma


"Very tasy and beautiful..............."

31-Oct-2022 06.40 PM

Added by: Aahana


"Amazing Cakes was an amazing vendor to work with and really care to design the birthday cake to what you really want."

29-Oct-2022 10.04 AM

Added by: Priyanka


"Definitely order again thank you team "

28-Oct-2022 03.22 PM

Added by: Virat


"It was a amazing presentation... i am to happy"

23-Oct-2022 04.48 PM

Added by: Aman Raj


"Thanks FG you are great yar.... that exp.. was to good."

23-Oct-2022 04.47 PM

Added by: Lalita


"Will definitely order again thank you loved it "

23-Oct-2022 04.43 PM

Added by: Aruna


"Very simple and attractive cake design"

17-Oct-2022 08.12 PM

Added by: Tanya


"Best birthday cake Delivery on time "

15-Oct-2022 07.14 PM

Added by: Mehta


"Delivery on time everyone loved it "

12-Oct-2022 03.36 PM

Added by: Sanchita


"Best cake for social media user.."

23-Jul-2022 01.50 PM

Added by: Sneha


"Beautifully presented and good taste"

07-Jul-2022 02.08 PM

Added by: Sharmila


"Thanks flavours guru for this amazing presentation"

07-Jul-2022 02.07 PM

Added by: Vibha


"My lady love this cake very much"

06-Jul-2022 02.27 PM

Added by: Salim


"Your cake was amazing ☺ thanku you "

07-Mar-2022 05.21 PM

Added by: Rani Singh


"Very delicious"

02-Sep-2021 10.21 PM

Added by: Mukhrit


"Good cake"

30-Nov--0001 12.00 AM

Added by: Ankush


"Good service love cake"

30-Nov--0001 12.00 AM

Added by: Ankush


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