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Dry Cake

Dry Cake



Finding someone who doesn't love to indulge in a heavenly cake is pretty tricky. When it comes to cakes, the variety is enormous, such as cream cakes, mousse cakes, layered cakes and many more. People who are slightly health conscious avoid eating frosted cakes and enjoy dry cakes. FlavoursGuru has come up with the most unique and delicious dry cakes that are hard to resist at any hour of the day. Our diverse dry cake images can make anybody drool over the perfection and texture of cakes. They are moist from the inside and perfectly baked, making them the most wanted cake category by people of different ages. You can also check out our number cakes to get an idea of how wonderful our cake collection is.

Inspect the Most Luscious Dry Cakes at FlavoursGuru

There are no sweets better than a slice of moist and fluffy cake. Dry cakes add to the sweet flavour of our taste buds and soothe our souls. The number of flavours and options one can put into making a dry cake is beyond our imagination. FlavoursGuru has the best dry cake online range that will make you want to have a piece of them right away. Our dry cakes are made with the best products and the dedication of our bakers. They can be the perfect match for all your occasions. Our dry cakes will always make you smile, from birthday parties to Christmas celebrations. Kids especially love the chocolate dry cake, which is not harmful to your health but makes your day more enjoyable. To surprise a glamour-loving friend, you can look at some of our magnificent cakes, like the makeup theme cakes.

Lay Your Eyes on the Exquisite Dry Cakes at the FlavoursGuru Website

We can never get tired of eating cakes, especially dry cakes. Baked with the perfect proportions of sweetness and goodness, our dry cakes at FlavoursGuru tempts everyone. Our affordable dry cake price allows everyone to enjoy them without having second thoughts, and the trendy dry cakes of FlavoursGuru are symbols of celebration for all occasions. Our bakers have created the prettiest carnival theme cakes with refined skills and perfect baking talent. You can visit our page and take a look.

How to Select an Enticing Dry Cake from FlavoursGuru?

The rich-in-taste dry cakes at FlavoursGuru are not only a saviour to your dessert cravings but also a treat to someone special. The plethora of options on our page will never get you bored and leave you wanting more. Want to know the hassle-free steps to selecting a fantastic dry chocolate cake from FlavoursGuru? The easy steps are explained below.

Step 1

Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google to start your dry cake selecting expedition.

Step 2

Once you have successfully located our authentic page, a search bar will be on top. Click it and type "dry cakes" to find some of our most eye-catching cake collections before your eyes.

Similarly, you can select our most demanding multi-tier cakes to celebrate a grand and memorable event.

How to Order an Astonishing Dry Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Dry cakes have become an integral part of all the events in our lives nowadays. Whether a small party or a family get-together, a big slice of cake is what everyone expects the most. The flavourful eggless dry fruit cake at FlavoursGuru is the most popular cake among our customers. All our dry cakes manage to bring happiness in an instant and fix all the stress of the day. Follow the quick steps to order a heavenly delicious dry cake from FlavoursGuru.

Step 1

Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google or any other search engine to begin with the dry cake ordering procedure

Step 2

Type "dry cake" on the search panel situated right on the top corner of the authentic web page. After selecting the cake of your choice, enter some essential details like the time, date and location for the delivery.

Step 3

Choose the final weight of the dry cake as per your choice. There is an additional option to leave a special message while placing the order for the dry cake that our bakers will write on the top of your cake.

Step 4

From the pretty add-ons section on the FlavoursGuru website, you can select gifts such as flowers, chocolates and soft toys that we will deliver along with the dry cake.

Step 5

Give the accurate shipping address and login data and re-check them before submitting. Now make the online payment for the dry cake you have chosen to finalise your order.

Similarly, you can order our munching Netflix cake from FlavoursGuru for your series-loving friend.

Surprise your Special One by Sending a Palatable Dry Cake from FlavoursGuru

You can now send a vanilla dry cake from FlavoursGuru and surprise them on any special occasion without being physically present. With our advanced delivery system and trustworthy delivery agents, getting customised cakes delivered to your doorstep has become more accessible. Whether a dry cake or a pull-me-up cake for someone special, you can get them delivered at any time of the day. 

You can look at the variety of dry cakes offered by FlavoursGuru from the table below.



Marble Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 549

Carrot Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 599

Banana Choco Chip Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 649

Mawa Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 699

Dryfruit cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 699



  • What varieties of dry cakes do you provide?


FlavoursGuru offers a fantastic range of dry cakes. Our cakes collection includes Mawa Cake, Carrot Cake, Orange Cake, Marble Cake, Vanilla Butter Cake and many more.


  • Do you deliver customised birthday cakes?


Yes. There are several birthday cake options on our official page of FlavoursGuru. You can even get them customised further to your choices.


  • Can I get a pineapple-flavoured dry cake?


Yes, of course. FlavoursGuru has a diverse range of flavourful dry cakes. You can select from vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, blueberry, pineapple, strawberry and many more.


  • Can I get a dry cake delivered to my city?


FlavoursGuru delivers dry cakes in 7 major Indian cities. Check out our website today to know if your city belongs to our cake delivery locations.

What Customers Are Saying


"Nice and yummy cake you made my day...."

18-Mar-2023 08.32 PM

Added by: Samita Nagar


"Amazing taste with delivery on time"

06-Mar-2023 10.49 PM

Added by: Ramaya


"Nice plum cake it was yummy.."

06-Mar-2023 10.49 PM

Added by: Kashi


"Cute nice and simple delivery on time thank FG team"

06-Mar-2023 10.49 PM

Added by: Manvi


"Delivered on time with taste.. & yum.."

06-Mar-2023 10.48 PM

Added by: Shilpi


"Simple yummy and taste was nice.."

06-Mar-2023 10.48 PM

Added by: Yamini


"Cake was awesome and tasted delicious"

23-Jan-2023 02.35 PM

Added by: Dinesh


"Cake was beautiful and tasted delicious"

23-Jan-2023 02.33 PM

Added by: Lalit


"Cake was beautiful and tasted delicious"

23-Jan-2023 02.31 PM

Added by: Diksha


" thank you for the most amazing cake, it's absolutely perfect......"

23-Jan-2023 02.30 PM

Added by: Disha


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the most amazing cake, it's absolutely perfect, better than we could of ever imagined!!! You're amazing at what you do."

23-Jan-2023 02.30 PM

Added by: Fariha


"So tasty cake.... With lots of dryfruit......"

23-Jan-2023 02.29 PM

Added by: Unnati


"I wanted to thank you so much for the awesome cake......"

23-Jan-2023 02.28 PM

Added by: Kirti


"Superb taste.........................."

09-Nov-2022 08.01 PM

Added by: Mishka


"Nice and taste was so good with fresh also..*"

06-Nov-2022 06.28 PM

Added by: Mahima Agrawal


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