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If there is one specific thing that can always make a young lady smile, it is makeup. Dessert is their second favourite. Recently, with the creation of makeup cakes, both their favourite things are combined by bakers and brought into one single edible product. To enhance your joy, FlavoursGuru, has an extravagant range of makeup cake design that will simply blow your mind away. Keeping in mind that a makeup kit is a lady's top priority, our bakers have designed some of the most delicious makeup cakes they can feast upon. The designer cakes at FlavoursGuru look nothing less than a dream. You can also view the most demanding Peppa Pig cakes on our website and amaze your toddlers with them.

Catch Sight of Tempting Makeup Cakes from FlavoursGuru

A well-designed makeup cake will consist of all the replicas of famous makeup brands like MAC, Sephora, Lakme, and more. The girly makeup cakes at FlavoursGuru consist of an exceptionally designed fondant beauty structure giving an edible homage to all our favourite makeup brands. Our make up cake will surely uplift the mood of your makeup-loving friends on their special day. The aesthetic makeup cakes are both a treat to the eyes and scrumptious. In a word, they are a work of art from our highly experienced cake artists. Visit our website to see our boss baby cake to get an idea of how creative our bakers are.

Search for the Most Delightful Makeup Cakes on FlavoursGuru

Makeup cakes will not fail to make your glamour-loving friend jump in joy. The fancy makeup birthday cake at FlavoursGuru is artistically assembled, and the final look is a sweet blend of your vanity box made out of your favourite frosting. A flavourful cake decorated with baking delicacies, rich ingredients, and smooth cream is a sugary treat that will awaken all your taste buds. Our cosmetic cakes are available in many different flavours, like chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, pineapple, and butterscotch, to name a few. The best part about FlavoursGuru is that all the cakes can be further customised to your preferences. Check out our customised theme cakes to witness the magic of our online website.

How to Select a Delicious Makeup Cake from FlavoursGuru?

As the birthday of your glamorous, makeup-loving friend approaches, you will think of the various ways to surprise her. Makeup being their ultimate love is surely expected from you, but a makeup theme cake is something she can never imagine. If you are curious about selecting a captivating makeup birthday cake for your best friend, go through the below steps.

Step 1: Begin your search to select the perfect makeup cake by visiting any search engine and locating our FlavoursGuru website.

Step 2: After successfully landing on our official cake page, you will find a search bar just on top of the page. Click it, type "makeup theme cakes," and press the small magnifying button beside it.

You will now be directed to another page full of makeup-theme cakes for you to select the best one for your friend. With these two easy steps, you can choose any other cake, like the social butterfly cake, from the FlavoursGuru website.

How to Order a Gorgeous Makeup Cake from FlavoursGuru?

For a friend who has been with you through all the struggles in life, it is a pleasure to make them feel all the love. There can be nothing better than gifting them their favourite makeup in the form of an edible cake. A decent makeup birthday cake will make them feel blessed and loved. Our FlavoursGuru website has some unique makeup cakes that will make your friend happy. The steps to order an ideal makeup cake from FlavoursGuru are below.

Step 1: The first step is quick but vital. You need to search the authentic FlavoursGuru website on your device from Google.

Step 2: Once you have made it to our authentic cake page, you will see the search bar on top that will help you to find any specific cake. Type "Makeup theme cake" on the search bar and click enter. After selecting the cake, you have to give the delivery address, time slot, and date for the cake delivery.

Step 3: Now, you will have to select the final weight of the cake from the various options available. There will be an option to write a special message that will be displayed on the cake top.

Step 4: Another section is dedicated to additional gifts like flower bouquets, chocolates, and soft toys. You can add them along with the cake, and they will be delivered with your cake.

Step 5: In the final stage, you must give your shipping address and login authorisations. Recheck all the details provided by you to eliminate the chance of any errors.

Lastly, make your online payment to confirm the order. With the help of these hassle-free steps, you can also order our photo bunch cake or some other cake from FlavoursGuru.

Present your Friend a Stunning Makeup Cake from FlavoursGuru

A makeupkit cake will be the most spectacular way to wish your friend a happy birthday. FlavoursGuru has 7 offline stores and delivery services available. With our swift cake delivery, you can send cakes to anyone's doorstep without stressing about being physically present. Whether it's a Munching Netflix cake or any other cake, you can send anything to your friend's delivery address. Look into some of our makeup theme cakes at FlavoursGuru at the following table.



Makeup Queen Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,399

Gold Drip Makeup Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,449

Girls shopping Cake – 1.5Kg

Rs 1,999

Dark Mac Makeup Cake – 1.5Kg

Rs 2,099

Makeup Girl Cake – 1.5Kg

Rs 2,199



  • What flavours of makeup cake do you offer?


At FlavoursGuru, the range of flavours for makeup cake is vast. From vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, to blackcurrant, pineapple, and many more, all you have to do is name the flavours.


  • Does FlavoursGuru guarantee fresh cake delivery of makeup cakes?


FlavoursGuru values the trust of our customers. Delivering fresh cakes made with premium ingredients is our top priority.


  • Do you give candles and balloons?


There is an add-ons section separately present on our website. You may choose anything you desire from there, which will be delivered with the cake.


  • Do you deliver makeup cakes in my city?


FlavoursGuru delivers makeup cakes in several major cities in India. Visit our website today and check out the cities where we deliver cakes.

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"Thank you so much for your beautiful creation!! It was a real work of art!! ..."

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"My wife loved this cake , thank you for making this surprise wonderful for my wife"

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"Cake was superb and birthday girl just loved it"

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"Best online cake shop, beautfully designed cake by team flavoursguru"

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