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Strawberry Cakes Online

Strawberry Cakes Online



Have you ever felt the deliciousness of creamy strawberry cakes? The rich flavours of soft and fluffy cakes are all you need for every occasion. Accept it or not but such creamylicious cakes are aesthetically pleasing. So, why don’t you surprise your dears and nears with such a yummilicious sweet treat? 

At FlavoursGuru, it’s easy to customise the cakes according to occasion and theme. We’re the no.1 chocolate strawberry cake bakers where you can easily customise the cakes according to your taste and events. We made the strawberry flavour cake with love and spread happiness with your family and friends. So, surprise them with astounding 2-tier and 3-tier strawberry birthday cakes. Because celebrations with yummilicious and beautiful cakes are necessary.

If it’s your birthday or any wedding anniversary, we bake the cakes according to your requirements. If it’s your kid’s favourite spiderman cake or unicorn cake, or any other cake, we will make it according to your expectations. That’s why our beautiful strawberry cake is highly preferable that meets all your expectations.  

How do bakers at FlavoursGuru create the best strawberry cake design?

We understand all your requirements and accordingly, we will deliver them to you. All you need to share your ideas, flavours, any characters, or other requirements, and our bakers will exactly bake the strawberry flavour cake design. We will make the cake design and sculpture with molded chocolates, fondant, and sugar glass. Even we use edible colour spray and paint, so here you’ll get the best quality customised cakes to enhance the celebrations 10x better. 

When it comes to strawberry cake decoration, our skilled bakers design it with multiple pieces of equipment such as spatula, cake piping bags, spatula, turning tables, rollers, and more. So, we can bake the glittery fancy strawberry cake to make your event amazing. Moreover, we also bake 3D strawberry cake designs for all events and occasions. 


How to find strawberry cake photo Ideas at FlavoursGuru?

At FlavoursGuru we offer a wide range of chocolate and strawberry cakes. Our bakers suggest designs and varieties, according to any events, So, it will be easier to make your occasion bombastic. Now you can opt for your favourite cakes at FlavoursGuru for both 2-tier and 3-tier cake designs and flavours. Here are some of the easiest steps to order your favourite strawberry cream cake for your family and friends.


Step:1 You need to visit our official website and sign up/log in with us.

Step: 2 You’ll see the search bar, over there you can type, “strawberry cake near me”.

Step: 3 As a result you’ll find multiple ranges of strawberry cakes freshly made with love.  

Now you can easily finalise the best strawberry cake for multiple occasions. 

Which is the best chocolate and strawberry cake at FlavoursGuru?

FlavoursGuru offers you a variety of fresh strawberry cakes. Here we prefer to use the quality ingredients of whipped cream flavours. We will deliver you the best strawberry flavoured cake near you. From unicorn birthday cakes to the avenger theme cake, we deliver you our best signature strawberry truffle cake at your location.



Bite of Love-500 Gms


Chocolate Strawberry Cake-500 Gms


Dipped in Red


Strawberry Kitkat Cake - 500 Gm



How to order a beautiful strawberry cake from FlavoursGuru?

Now it’s easy to order varieties of delicious cakes. Here we offer you the best heart-shaped strawberry cake for all events. You can get varieties of flavours such as dark chocolates, citric, vanilla, or other variations of pinata cake, Doraemon cake, minion, spiderman cake, or more. Now you can customise and order cakes online to make your day 10x better. 

Step 1: It all begins with sign-up or login to our official website at FlavoursGuru.

Step 2: Go to the search box and search for “strawberry shortcake”.

Step 3: Explore the entire list and choose strawberry cakes as per your choice.

Step 4: You need to add Pincode, date, and time

Step 5: Select the quantity or weight of the cake for example – 1 kg, 1.5 kg, or more. 

Step 6: Add a message of – “Happy Birthday” that will be mentioned on the cake.

Step 7: On the next page add your address and do the payment formalities with multiple modes.

Step 8: Tap on order now and relax!


We made the cake order procedure easier for you. So, you can easily order a yummilicious strawberry cake at your doorstep. It will make it easy to get the best cake on time.


Send Beautiful Strawberry Cake Online With FlavoursGuru

There are varieties of strawberry cakes at FlavoursGuru where you can order your favourite cakes. You can order your favourite strawberry vanilla cake at 12 am. We will deliver it to you at your current location so it will be easier to get the best strawberry cream cake for your family and friends. For every occasion and event, here it’s easy to order your favourite fancy strawberry cake. Make your day full of enthusiasm and fully celebrate it. 


Faqs On Strawberry Cakes


What are the flavours available in our strawberry cakes?

There are varieties of flavours such as indulgent chocolate, daring red velvet, classic black forest, classic vanilla sponge cake, pinata cake, and more. We can add multiple flavours to every layer of our strawberry cakes. 

What is the cost of a strawberry cake in Gurgaon at FlavoursGuru?

The price range is according to the weight of the cake and customised design. The price range starts from Rs. 700 to 3000 and goes on. Visit FlavoursGuru and get the best strawberry cakes in Gurgaon.

Which Are The Best Strawberry Cakes That I Can Order?

Our strawberry cakes are the best and rich with lip-smacking flavours. So, you can order any of our beautiful unicorn theme cakes near you. 

Does FlavoursGuru Offer A Guarantee Of Fresh Strawberry Cake Delivery?

We’re sure that our strawberry cakes are fresh and delicious. Even the fluffiness will make the cake taste better. Here at FlavoursGuru you’ll get the best for you. 

Can I Get A Strawberry Theme Cake At Midnight Or on the Same Day Of Order Placement?

Yes, it’s easy to order the best strawberry cake online for midnight delivery. You just need to visit our official website and place the order online for multiple celebrations. 


What Customers Are Saying


"I liked the cake.. I'll order it again ...."

04-Jan-2023 08.18 PM

Added by: Yashwant


"Really amazing taste..... great service FG..."

04-Jan-2023 08.17 PM

Added by: Ranveer


"Cake for very good designer similar and taste superb"

04-Jan-2023 05.01 PM

Added by: Nayra


"Overall the cake is not too sweet and is soft texture. Will re-order agian..* "

01-Jan-2023 04.52 PM

Added by: Ojas


"Yummmy cake......deliver on time"

01-Jan-2023 03.17 PM

Added by: Ravi


"Everyone enjoyed the cake and it was on time delivery. Chee"

27-Dec-2022 08.00 PM

Added by: Pari


"Delicious with delivery on time..*"

27-Dec-2022 04.39 PM

Added by: Rajkumar


"Love it,delicious cake will order again"

26-Dec-2022 08.51 PM

Added by: Divya


"So fresh and Delicious and got the delivery on time.."

25-Dec-2022 11.22 PM

Added by: Ojaswi


"Thank you so muchFlavours guru... its beautiful and tasted amazing, Needless to say there is none left."

23-Dec-2022 04.52 PM

Added by: Trisha


"Hi FG, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful cake. Angie loved it. Not only did it look amazing but tasted fantastic as well. Thanks again for everything."

23-Dec-2022 04.45 PM

Added by: Alpana Jain


"I like FG service, taste, look all was good "

23-Dec-2022 01.07 PM

Added by: Vishal


"The birthday girl and the whole office love the cake... thank you for the delicious cake..*"

22-Dec-2022 11.29 PM

Added by: Angle Garg


"DELICIOUS CAKE, nice look and delivery on time... * "

22-Dec-2022 11.12 PM

Added by: Yash


"Very punctual delivery. Cake looks good, excellent condition. Taste, will update after receiver eat. Will order again..*"

29-Nov-2022 03.42 PM

Added by: Laxman Garg


"Delicious "

19-Nov-2022 10.44 PM

Added by: Mahi


"Osm creation, with taste was good.*"

18-Nov-2022 03.21 PM

Added by: Kiyansh


"Everyone wanted to know where we got it. It was was really tasty with filling and it is perfect to have."

19-May-2022 05.21 PM

Added by: Shilpa


"The best quality of cake i received from flavour's guru...Timely delivery services!!!"

19-May-2022 05.18 PM

Added by: Ritesh


"Quality of the cake was good . everyone enjoyed the cake. on time delivery.thank you flavour's guru"

19-May-2022 03.32 PM

Added by: Aditi


"I remember the delicious taste of this birthday chocolate strawberry cake and everything was happy with the quality. Thanks flavours guru"

19-May-2022 03.30 PM

Added by: Hemanth


"It's been a delight ordering from flavours guru. They delivered on time and the product quality is amazing. The cake got delivered on time and everyone loved the taste."

19-May-2022 02.33 PM

Added by: Nandini



24-Sep-2021 04.55 PM

Added by: Versha



24-Sep-2021 04.55 PM

Added by: Nelu


"Good cake"

19-Oct-2020 06.56 PM

Added by: Neharika


"Yummy cake"

11-Oct-2020 06.39 PM

Added by: Bulbul


"Very tasty cake.Thanks Flavours guru."

08-Sep-2020 06.52 PM

Added by: Ranveer


"Beautiful cake"

10-Aug-2020 06.55 PM

Added by: Zeb


"I like this cake.It was tasty"

20-Jul-2020 06.37 PM

Added by: Farooq


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