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3 Tier Cake

3 Tier Cake



Cakes never fail to perform their magic and enlighten the mood of every occasion. Nothing can be better than a 3 tier cake to take the celebration one step above. Tiered cakes add a wow factor to the table at every party and make the event special and memorable. FlavoursGuru has come up with the most unique and elegant 3-tier cakes that will make anyone want to have a piece of them. Our 3 tier cake designs for birthdays are made with precise detailing and adorned with handmade edible decorations. The heightened presence of our cakes is a crowd pleaser and has many servings for everyone at the party. A 3-tiered cake is a popular choice among people nowadays, and our beautifully designed cakes will be a showstopper. Check out our carnival theme cakes to get an idea of how talented our bakers are.

Take a glance at the striking 3-tier cakes at the FlavoursGuru website

The more delicious the cake base, the better it is. A 3 tier-cake can not only have many servings but also provides plenty of places to decorate it with all your preferences. The 3 tier birthday cake at FlavoursGuru gives a nice balanced effect, and you can customise it to the way you want. For example, 3 layers can have 3 different flavours, which will make the cake even better. The 3 tier cake design at FlavoursGuru is done using freshly made fondant flowers and chocolate rosettes. For making them look even better, our cake artists use lace and cover the layered cakes in the frosting of your choice. They not only taste like a piece of heaven but look like a dream as well. Take a look at more such dreamy cakes like our make-up-themed cakes made for all beauty lovers.

Witness the most breathtaking 3-tier cakes at FlavoursGuru

A grand and personalised 3-tiered cake can be perfect for a birthday celebration, and it looks amazing on a decorated table of the party. Our handcrafted 3 tier wedding cake also looks spectacular on the special day of the groom and bride. The best part is that you can customise the flavour, filling, colour, and decoration of the cake by contacting our bakers at FlavoursGuru after placing the order. The fine detailing and adequate texturing of the cake will leave your guests in awe. You can visit our website today and look at the wonderfully made car theme cakes by our bakers for a car lover at your home.

How to select an extravagant 3-tiered cake from the FlavoursGuru website?

Cakes are a classic way of celebrating any occasion as it contributes to the happiness of the people. Our 3 tier birthday cakes for adults fit into the scheme of a massive celebration for someone obsessed with cakes and birthdays. The pretty cakes on our official page can make everyone gasp in surprise. If you are curious to know the steps to select such an amazing cake, follow the steps below.

Step 1: To begin with the cake selection procedure, you will first have to type “FlavoursGuru” on Google and find our official website

Step 2: Our official page has a search bar, click on it and type “3 tier cakes”. After pressing enter, you will land on another cake page full of sensational 3-tier cakes.

Select whichever cake arrests your attention and follow similar steps to select any other cakes like our social butterfly cake or any other cake from FlavoursGuru.

How to order the most astonishing 3-tier cake from FlavoursGuru?

Presenting a 3 tier cake is not as easy as it sounds and needs the perfect balance of all layers and cake stacking. Its construction needs adequate support, and our perfect 3 tier cake stand at FlavoursGuru keeps the cake layers from collapsing. You can order a customised 3-tier cake from FlavoursGuru by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google or any other search engine to order our 3-tier cake

Step 2: Type "3-tier cakes" on the search panel located right on the top corner of the authentic web page. After selecting a stunning cake, enter some important details like time, date, and location for the delivery.

Step 3: Select the final weight of the 3-tier cake as per your choice. There is an additional option to leave a special message that our bakers will write on the top of the cake.

Step 4: From the separate add-ons section present on the FlavoursGuru website, you can select gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and soft toys if you want them along with the gift

Step 5: Give the accurate shipping address and login information and re-check them before submitting. Now make the online payment for the 3-tier cake that you have chosen, and your order is confirmed.

With similar steps, you can order our most demanding avenger theme cakes or any other cakes from FlavoursGuru.

Send an astounding 3-tier cake to someone special from FlavoursGuru

To surprise your special one with a 3 tier chocolate cake you do not have to be present physically. It can be done with the swift and effective delivery system of FlavoursGuru. Be it a Peppa pig cake or a 3-tier cake; our delivery agents will be present with your order right on the doorstep without any delay of time. View some of the most dazzling3 tier cakes offered by FlavoursGuru from the table below.



Three Layer Cake – 6Kg

Rs 5,499

3 Tier Chocolate Creamy Cake – 5Kg

Rs 6,999

3 Tier Creamy Truffle Cake – 5Kg

Rs 6,999

Glamorous Wedding Cake – 5Kg

Rs 6,999

Special Wedding Cake – 6Kg

Rs 8,999


  1.     Do you provide 3-tier cakes in my city?

FlavoursGuru delivers 3-tier cakes in 7 major Indian cities. To know the names of the cities and check whether your city is one of them, visit our FlavoursGuru website today.

  1.     Do you deliver customised 3-tier birthday cakes?

  Yes, surely. There are several 3-tier birthday cake options on our page. You can get them customised according to your choice after placing your order.

  1.     Can I get a midnight delivery of a 3-tier birthday cake?

Yes, of course. FlavoursGuru has several flexible time slots for cake delivery, and midnight delivery is one of them. You can choose any time slot of your preference while placing an order.

  1.     What flavours of cakes do you provide?

FlavoursGuru offers a diverse range of flavours for cakes. We have vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, butterscotch, pineapple, and strawberry flavours, to name a few.

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"Nice cake delivered on time"

18-Mar-2023 09.15 PM

Added by: Mani


"My friend loved it "

18-Mar-2023 09.06 PM

Added by: Himesh Singhal


"Thanks and looking forward to have same in future. Definitely will recommend to my contacts."

16-Mar-2023 07.48 PM

Added by: Ketan


"Out standing and yummy Trust me it's delicious and yummy... Perfect taste... I loved the cake and it's on time... Fresh and yummy. "

16-Mar-2023 04.30 PM

Added by: Vaani


"Cake was really too good and fresh, Delicious and got the delivery on time.."

16-Mar-2023 03.01 PM

Added by: Damini


"I just wanted to let you know that we loved our Wedding cake! It was so delicious! Thank you!!"

15-Mar-2023 06.42 PM

Added by: Mansi Chaturvedi


"We just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding cake& for delivering it all the way to Half Moon Bay! It was the best cake ever. It was beautiful and it tasted great..."

15-Mar-2023 06.41 PM

Added by: Ajay Gupta


"I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a 5 star yelp review! We were very very happy with our wedding cake. Thank you so much for making our vision real and wonderful! I loved the cake! It tasted great!"

15-Mar-2023 06.40 PM

Added by: Arya


"You are a true professional and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for your talent, hard work and dedication to make my son's Wedding day a special one."

15-Mar-2023 06.39 PM

Added by: Anuradha Raj Sharma


"My first meeting with you, I knew you would be the one to make my daughters wedding cake. When looking through your beautiful book of cake designs I knew which cake my daughter would choose, she chose your simplest most elegant cake, I thought. Your baking skills are outstanding, each layer couldn’t be better than the other. thanks FG team"

15-Mar-2023 06.39 PM

Added by: Ravi Mehta


"Like fg services delivery, taste, look all good keep same always"

15-Feb-2023 04.26 PM

Added by: Sapna


"Like fg services delivery, taste, look all good keep same always"

15-Feb-2023 04.25 PM

Added by: Sita


"Always super quality of cake design same as website happy my baby"

15-Feb-2023 04.24 PM

Added by: Gita


"Always super quality of cake design same as website happy my family "

15-Feb-2023 04.24 PM

Added by: Kanika


"Thank you Patty’s for the incredible and delicious cake for our wedding. We had the absolute pleasure to serve the seasonal chocolate truffle flavored 3 tier cake for our fall themed wedding in January...."

21-Jan-2023 11.08 PM

Added by: Knaika Singhal


"Cakes was AMAZING! We were amazed by our wedding cake and it was absolutely delicious."

21-Jan-2023 11.06 PM

Added by: Lalit


"If you have a sweet tooth, this place has a wide variety of my wedding cakes. cake are very pretty and tasty. Customer service is great and the decor is interesting and inspiring, the owner has her story posted of how her business got started; It’s a nice read."

21-Jan-2023 11.06 PM

Added by: Yamini Arora


"10 out of 10 would recommend! I am not a cake fan but you did not disappoint! Cake was yummmy...."

21-Jan-2023 11.05 PM

Added by: Kajal


"Great service! Thank you so much for being helpful and for being a part of my special day! Cake was beautiful and tasted delicious!"

21-Jan-2023 11.04 PM

Added by: Monika


"Thanks FG for making our special days more special by giving fabulous cakes "

13-Jan-2023 09.37 PM

Added by: Ankita


"Cake for very good designer similar and taste superb"

04-Jan-2023 05.02 PM

Added by: Nayra


"I would like to thank you for the cake, loved it!! And it was sooooo delicious. Thank you so much Flavour's Guru.."

25-Dec-2022 05.32 PM

Added by: Chanchal Soni


"Chocolate Cake! I like it because this cake is very delicious and tasty with good quality – and I recommend it to you!"

23-Dec-2022 04.25 PM

Added by: Arpit Goyal


"Hocolate Cake! I like it because this cake is very delicious and tasty with good quality – and I recommend it to you!"

23-Dec-2022 04.24 PM

Added by: Arpit Goyal


"Just say thank u so much...No words.. Will order again in future... Superb work guys "

27-Aug-2022 04.07 PM

Added by: Anil


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