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Want to surprise your loved one who is passionate about sports with a cool sports-themed cake? Look no further and order from FlavoursGuru to celebrate with your special one. We wish to surprise our customers with a unique sports cake design and let them have an experience like never before. Everybody has a favourite sport, be it cricket or football. Watching and playing your loved sport is an amazing experience, and that is why we have bought you an exquisite range of coffee cakes and formula one cakes. With our yummiest cakes, add elegance to your special occasions.

Pick the Tastiest Sports Cake from FlavoursGuru

A flavoursome and delicious sports car cake can bring a smile to every face, and our online facility helps you send a token of love in the form of our finger-licking cupcakes to your near and dear ones. Celebrations call for the most exquisite, delicious, and lovely sports cake from FlavoursGuru that adds elegance to that occasion. We help you indulge your taste buds in an ocean of sweetness. We aim to provide the ultimate choice when it comes to quality, taste, freshness, and customer service. Made with fresh ingredients, we offer you the creamiest, flavoursome cakes.

Find Super Sweet Cakes to Make Memories from FlavoursGuru

Everyone prefers their cakes differently. Some love layered cakes with loads of frosting, while some love sports car birthday cake. Each and every layer of the cakes from FlavoursGuru is a delicacy. With many varieties of fruitcakes and chocolate cakes, we are here to delight you on every occasion of yours. Our wide range of boy sports cake is sure to add charm to your parties. The superior taste with each bite of our photo cake brings joy and bliss to any occasion. Every bite of the cake baked by our bakers is sure to make you smile.

How to Get that Finger-Licking Sports Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Cakes from FlavoursGuru redefine the taste of quality cakes, and you get elegant and yummy cakes right at home. Whether it’s a sports-themed birthday cake picture or a red velvet cake, we have you covered. If you are in the mood for something delectable and want to indulge in those sweet cravings, you are sure to love FlavoursGuru. Order our drool-worthy range of cakes and feel the taste. To check our range of sports cakes, follow these steps

Step 1: Search for our website FlavoursGuru on any search engine.

Step 2: On the website home page, search for sports cakes on the search bar present at the top of the page.

Step 3: There will be a list of sports-themed cakes on the screen for you to choose one.

How to Order that Tasty Sports Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Cakes are the ultimate source of happiness, and one bite into that creamy, moist boy sports cake is sure to get your taste buds tingling. If you are craving a cake, then delve into celebration cakes from FlavoursGuru that will surely leave you wanting more. We create cakes that are as unique as the occasions that you have. To order the best cakes from FlavoursGuru follow these steps 

Step 1: Once the website of FlavoursGuru opens, the screen will display cakes for all occasions, birthday cakes, designer cakes, and premium cakes.

Step 2: To order the sports theme cake, type sports cake in the search bar, and it will list the related cakes on the screen. You can also click on the option of designer cakes, and on the dropdown menu, select the sports theme cakes.

Step 3: Pick the cake you want and enter the details as requested on the screen.

Step 4: Enter the pin code and check if we deliver to that place. Next, you have to select the time and date for the delivery. FlavoursGuru offers several options for delivery like late night, midnight deliveries, and fixed time delivery.

Step 5: Since the cakes are available in a range of quantities starting from 0.5 kg to a maximum of 5 kg, you can select the quantity you want. Each cake has multiple flavours, and you can choose the one you like. You can type a message that needs to be put on the cake.

Step 6: In case you want to surprise the other person with a gift, we have to add-on options where we have a set of gifts like flower bouquets, soft toys, and chocolates. You can bypass this option in case you want only the cake.

Step 7: Type in the occasion for which the cake is being sent with other details. If there are any gift coupons available with you, they can be availed, and the last payment has to be completed with the listed secured methods. Now your order is confirmed.

Explore Some of the Classy Sports Cakes from FlavoursGuru

If you are to order a fresh cake with the cake sports theme, you have come to the right place. FlavoursGuru will fascinate you with their choice of chocolate cakes, and you would surely not get disappointed. We are all about colours and interestingly designed sports cakes.

Cakes from us will not only satisfy your sports fantasies but also engage your taste buds with our masterful baking.



Cricket Cream Cake - 0.5 kg

Rs 699

Mouth Watering Football Cake - 1.5 kg

Rs 1,999

Football Fiesta Cake - 1.5 kg

Rs 1,949

Cricket Lovers Cake - 3kg

Rs 3,799

Football and Boot cake - 4kg

Rs 4,999



  • Can I place an order for the same-day midnight delivery?


Yes, you can place a midnight delivery for the same day at some extra cost, and the order has to be placed before 5 p.m.


  • Are there any delivery charges for the cake delivery?


There are no delivery charges for the normal delivery that allows delivery at a given time. However, if you want a fixed-time delivery or a late-night delivery, we charge you Rs 99 and Rs 199 respectively.


  • I want a sports cake with an idea not available on the list of sports theme cakes with you. Will you make a cake with a volleyball theme?


Yes, we do make customized cakes as per your requirements.


  • What are the flavours available on the cakes?


Every cake has a different set of flavours apart from the common ones like chocolate and vanilla.

What Customers Are Saying


"OMG it's too yummm and delicious just go for it..."

28-Oct-2022 11.49 PM

Added by: Saba


"Design was looking good taste also like it .........."

28-Oct-2022 06.40 PM

Added by: Gurmeet


"LOVELY DESIGN ........................................"

26-Oct-2022 08.35 PM

Added by: DIVYA


"Nicely designed..................."

23-Oct-2022 04.42 PM

Added by: Shy


"Lovely design love taste ................ good services"

23-Oct-2022 03.48 PM

Added by: Gita Ganguly


",I absolutely Loved this cake, its fantastic thanks FG"

22-Oct-2022 03.37 PM



"Thank you so much flavours guru for the beautiful cake you made for my dear brother 8th Birthday, The cake is excellent, it looks too good to eat, my dad said that the cake was the best he had ever tasted, it was delicious,"

22-Oct-2022 03.36 PM

Added by: Jyoti Tiwari


"My son loves this cake...."

19-Oct-2022 10.14 PM

Added by: Manya


"Order for my son loved it "

19-Oct-2022 03.01 PM

Added by: Chici


"Super design best taster love it"

18-Oct-2022 01.48 PM

Added by: Kanika


"They made the cake exactly what I wanted for my son's birthday."

18-Oct-2022 12.17 AM

Added by: Arpit Agrawal


"It was a great party, thanks to you."

18-Oct-2022 12.17 AM

Added by: Ekta Agrawal


"Family loved it beautiful "

17-Oct-2022 11.57 PM

Added by: Janvi


"Wonderful cricket theme cake ..... very tasty"

17-Oct-2022 07.56 PM

Added by: Bhavya


"Too good cake ..................was delicious taste"

16-Oct-2022 06.15 PM

Added by: Mamta


"It was so yummy yar m dubra order krungi..... thank you so much flavours guru...."

15-Oct-2022 11.30 PM

Added by: Somya Chaturvadi


"Love this bakery. The customer service is always excellent; staff is friendly, welcoming and helpful. The cupcakes are fresh and tasty. I especially love that I can make one stop to meet the dietary needs of my friends and family who are gluten free and vegan. Highly recommend this bakery in whole Delhi ncr..... "

15-Oct-2022 11.15 PM

Added by: Manan Sharma


"Nice cake "

15-Oct-2022 07.17 PM

Added by: Rashmi


"Delivery on time very good service and good cake!"

23-Jul-2022 01.55 PM

Added by: Ankur


"Got this cake from my cricket group and we celebrate on field thanks FG"

22-Jul-2022 01.32 PM

Added by: Rahul


"Tasty cake with beautiful presentation"

09-Jul-2022 03.22 PM

Added by: Sonu


"My brother was really exciting when he saw the cake as he is a cricket lover "

09-Jul-2022 03.14 PM

Added by: Mehul


"Best Bakery in Town This is my forth order from flavourguru "

27-Jun-2022 02.04 PM

Added by: Harsh


"Very yummy, fresh and moist cake. loved it."

22-Jun-2022 01.43 PM

Added by: Shagun


"My son plays cricket and it brought million dollar smile on his face, thank you team flavoursguru"

22-Jun-2022 01.42 PM

Added by: Suman


"Best cake "

14-Jun-2022 11.55 PM

Added by: Neha


"Fabulous cake u made our day thank you flavours guru "

14-Jun-2022 11.14 PM

Added by: Ashi


"Thank you Fg Vanilla flavor taste awesome ,services good thank you delivery boy nikhil"

14-Jun-2022 03.11 PM

Added by: Golu Chaubey


"Delivered on time. Cake tasty. Can be ordered for any occasion without any tension."

14-Jun-2022 03.10 PM

Added by: Sharma Pankaj


"I feel like i am in a cricket playground and having delicious cake."

14-Jun-2022 11.32 AM

Added by: Lohit



24-Sep-2021 04.51 PM

Added by: Meeta


"I love cricket ita also a lovely ball"

10-Sep-2021 10.55 AM

Added by: Raja


"Very very tasty"

09-Sep-2021 02.33 AM

Added by: Ritu



09-Sep-2021 02.32 AM

Added by: Veena



09-Sep-2021 12.11 AM

Added by: Natik


"Tasty and well degine"

07-Sep-2021 01.23 AM

Added by: Reshma


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