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Bake Your Own Cake!

Our team of professional bakers are highly trained and equipped to bake any kind of cake you want. Our QA's keep a tap on quality, design and presentation at each step while it is produced and we guarantee to match upto 99% of your expectations.

You just have to describe the cake you want and upload a reference image if you have any. Our custom cake specialist will call you within minutes to understand more about your cake in detail and take your order over call itself.

Alternatively you can also Call or Whatsapp us on +91 8130961414


Why will you choose the custom cake for your celebrations?

No matter the occasion or the type of cake, all custom cakes start from the basics. Before you decide on decorating, consider what kind of cake you want, including flavor, filling, icing, or frosting. Next, you can get more detailed information such as which dessert for the occasion, including prices, and how to order custom cakes near me from FlavorsGuru.

Average prices for custom cakes:

Many things can go into the price of a custom birthday cake. To help you understand the cost, many bakeries charge a prorated fee for the activity. The bakery may charge $1 to $15 per piece depending on the fineness of the custom cake. For some, custom cake shops near me may be required, which may incur additional charges. This value can range from $50 to several hundred dollars. Some bakeries may charge fixed prices or increase them over time if you plan a tasting.

If you have a limited budget, there are many ways to reduce custom cake prices for your custom cakes. Simple cakes with classic flavors and shapes are cheaper and easier to assemble. You might want to think about serving and slicing the cake yourself. We can use edible custom cake toppers.

Types of cakes designed to serve:

The three main types of the custom cake design that are available and can be ordered online are described below:

Fondant Cake:

The cakes are made to order and designed to perfection with an additional edible top layer of icing. Make people drool too. Fondant cakes are also called designer cakes. It is therefore essential to note that fondant is prepared from three main ingredients: sugar, gelatin, and glucose. These customized cakes for the boyfriend are in great demand. So always choose the best option available on the market, such as FlavorsGuru.

Although most cakes are edible, some are decorated with toppings made from ready-to-use ingredients. Because the cakes are made to order, there are many colors. However, we work best with FSSAI-certified paint. There is an option to use vegan ingredients for those who want it. We can entirely rely on the customized cake for the husband.

Made-to-order cream cakes:

These designer cakes are everyone's all-time favorite! Since childhood, we grew up with pastries and cakes while thoroughly enjoying the cream. We make different types of cakes, from Barbie cakes to character cakes to teddy cakes to customized birthday cake for lawyers. Each piece has its charm.

We are a bakery that is 100% reliable for using the best quality cream and flour to prepare cakes with just the right amount of frosting in all customized cakes along with regular cakes. Now you can enjoy a delicious customized cake for mom like never before! You can customize the cake to your liking, and FlavorsGuru does its job with the utmost meticulous detailing to the smallest detail in the cake.

Special Wedding Cake:

Are you engaged or married? As we all know, a wedding would never be complete without an elegant multi-tiered cake. We strive to make the best customized anniversary cake. We ensure their clients have the best time at the most memorable ceremony of their lives. So they designed, decorated, and packaged the cake in one of the most surprising ways. From a simple wedding cake to a two- or three-tier wedding cake, FlavorsGuru is sure to benefit both customized cakes for girlfriend. 

Why choose a custom cake from FlavorsGuru?

Here's a list of key indicators as to why we should choose cake customization near me:

  • Designer cakes create the best memories.
  • The customized chocolate cake makes everyone feel special.
  • The freshness of these designer cakes can only be felt in the bite of a cake.
  • The uniqueness of custom image cake is something that everyone loves!
  • Modern designer cakes can also be a way for people to message their more comprehensive friends.
  • Children are part of everyone's life and can do anything to make them smile. Designer cakes make them the happiest.
  • Make any themed party feel perfect with amazing designer cakes.

All the ingredients used to make this delicious dish are fresh, and one can instantly understand it with just a bite! We believe in creating the best custom cakes near me with a special love. This will make the product even better. In each season, you can enjoy seasonal fruits. As we specialize in fruit-flavored custom birthday cakes near me, we combine the best in service. This includes same-day or midnight delivery, which is optional.

What are the steps to buying the cake from FlavorsGuru?


  • You need to go to our official website to order custom cake online 
  • You will see a search bar. If you are searching for your husband there you can type "customized cake ideas for husband."
  • You are redirected to the ordering page
  • As a result, you will find a wide variety of freshly prepared custom cakes with love.
  • Then you will place an order with us.
  • You can also choose the payment mode.
  • Now you can quickly summarize the best-customized cake for your occasions.

Above all, FlavorsGuru believes in free shipping. You can easily save money and find the best deals. You can check out a list of customized cake for sister on our website by searching for "custom cakes" in the "custom cakes" dropdown list. We give customers multiple reasons to come back repeatedly with amazing deals. You don't need any reason because we are here to provide the best service in town!



Who are we?

We are your one-stop shop for your dessert emergencies. We have a market where you can order delicious cakes online and deliver them to your doorstep.

Will the cake looks like on the website?

The bakers do their best to match the photos as closely as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the cakes will turn out exactly the same as they are handmade. But they are really delicious. 

What types of desserts does your platform have?

We had candy jars, cakes, desserts, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies, and everything was delicious.

Do you have themed desserts?

Yes. We have themed desserts on our platform. You can order treats for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, and more.

Can I get a customized cake for my needs?

Yes, you can! Custom-made cakes can be customized according to your needs and requirements according to the taste, size, and decoration, provided that you inform us in advance. 


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