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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake



Have you ever tasted the deliciousness of creamy and fluffy red velvet cake? The creamy cheese frosting with soft, buttery, and moist texture makes you feel yum in every bite. The rich flavours of whipped cream melt into your mouth and enhance every occasion 10x better. So, on this birthday or anniversary, surprise your loved ones with a yummilicious red velvet heart shaped cake.  

At FlavoursGuru, We have varieties of red velvet chocolate cake, unicorn cake, pubg cake, strawberry cake, and much more. In every layer of our 2-tier or 3-tier cakes, our bakers make the cake with love. We add all the happiness together, so you can enjoy every occasion with your family and friends. Our romantic red velvet heart cake will amaze your loved ones. So, why don’t you order our delicious cakes at FlavoursGuru?

Whether it’s your birthday or wedding anniversary, it can be a festive season, baby shower, ring ceremony, casual get-together, weekend parties, or more. With our delicious cakes, make memories and enjoy every event with your near and dear. All you need is to order or customise your favourite cake, our baker will make it real so you can get the best red velvet ice cream cake at your doorstep. 

How Do Bakers At Flavoursguru Bake The Best Red Velvet Cake?

Professional Bakers at FlavoursGuru are like cake artists. They decorate every cake with a great finish. Whether it’s your traditional wedding cake or any cartoon cake, our bakers take care of every small detail with fresh flavours. Every red velvet wedding cake or other cake is handmade with fresh ingredients. 

The red velvet heart cake decorations are full of happiness plus rich whipped cream, and balanced sugar, with mouth-boggling deliciousness. When it comes to fancy red velvet cake models or any characters are made with edible fondant and moulded chocolates. Even we made beautiful sugar glass sculptures that are completely edible. This is how we transform an ordinary cake into a beautiful red velvet cake, or according to your choice. 

Without our professional equipment, it is impossible to decorate red velvet fruit cake. Our bakers prefer to use spatula, piping bags, Icing & Piping Tips, Cake Sculpting Tools, brushes, or more. With the help of an airbrush and edible colour sprays, our red velvet strawberry cake becomes aesthetically pleasing. Including the deliciousness of our anniversary red velvet cake, there are varieties of flavours like coco melon, vanilla, citric, fruit flavour, KitKat, and more. Here we take care of choices, so here you can share your ideas and we will customise the cakes if you want 2-tier or 3-tier, any sculpture related to the event, and many more.


How To Find Red Velvet Cake Image Ideas At Flavoursguru? 

If it’s your 1st wedding anniversary or your grandma’s 50th birthday, we will make the celebration bigger and better. So, order our beautiful red velvet cake and enhance the joy 10x better. We will suggest the best cakes according to your choices and events. Share your ideas with us and we will make it real, or you can order red velvet cakes online on our official website of FlavoursGuru. Here are some easiest steps to get the best red velvet ice cream cake design ideas:


Step:1 You need to visit our official website and sign up/log in with us.

Step: 2 You’ll see the search bar, over there you can type, “red velvet cake near me”.

Step: 3 As a result you’ll find multiple ranges of unicorn cakes freshly made with love.  


Now you can easily finalise the best red velvet cake price 1kg, 2kg, 2-tier, and 3-tier for multiple occasions. 

Which Is The Best Red Velvet Cake Design At Flavoursguru?

Here at FlavoursGuru, you’ll find our cakes soft, fluffy, and astounding. We customize the flavours and sculptures to make it more beautiful. You’ll find our best red velvet cakes with rich flavours and complete decorations. Here are some of our top-picked red velvet cakes at the best prices:



Red Desire-500 Gms


Velvety Heart Cake-500 Gms


Velvety Kitkat Heart-1 Kg


Velvety Red Heart Cake-500 Gms


How To Order A Red Velvet Cake From Flavoursguru?

At FlavoursGuru you can order red velvet cakes online at your location. Now you can easily opt for any red velvet cakes according to the quantity of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, or more. Here you can customise the flavours of the cakes and their design for unicorn cake, bride-to-be cake, bomb cake, red velvet cake, or all cakes. Even we offer you the best red velvet cake price in India, including Delhi NCR. Here are some of the easiest steps to order your favourite red velvet cakes at FlavoursGuru:


Step 1: It all begins with sign-up or login to our official website at FlavoursGuru.

Step 2: Go to the search box and search for “Red Velvet Cake”.

Step 3: Explore the entire list and choose red velvet cakes as per your choice.

Step 4: You need to add Pincode, date, and time

Step 5: Select the cake's quantity or weight, for example – 1 kg, 1.5 kg, or more. 

Step 6: Add a message of – “Happy Birthday” that will be mentioned on the cake.

Step 7: On the next page add your address and do the payment formalities with multiple modes.

Step 8: Tap on order now and relax!


We made the cake order procedure easier for you. So, you can easily order red velvet cake online at your doorstep. It will make it easy to get the best cake on time.

Send beautiful red velvet cake online with FlavoursGuru

Now you can surprise your loved ones by delivering them our delicious red velvet cakes at their location. We will deliver all of our cakes according to your mentioned time and location. We understand that surprising your family or friends at the right time is important. So, we made it easy, you can add your location and the time you want to deliver the red velvet cake. We also deliver our cakes at 12 am and anytime in the daytime. Visit our official website and get the best red velvet cake to surprise your loved ones. 

Faqs On Red Velvet Cakes


What are the flavours available in our red velvet cakes?

There are varieties of flavours such as indulgent chocolate, daring red velvet, classic black forest, classic vanilla sponge cake, pinata cake, and more. We can add multiple flavours to every layer of our red velvet cakes. 

What is the cost of a red velvet cake in Gurgaon at FlavoursGuru?

The price range is according to the weight of the cake and customised design. The price range starts from Rs. 600 to 3000 and goes on. Visit FlavoursGuru and get the best red velvet chocolate cakes in Gurgaon.

Which are the best red velvet cakes that I can order?

Our red velvet cakes are the best and rich with yummilicious flavours. So, you can order any of our beautiful red velvet cakes near you. 

Does FlavoursGuru offer a guarantee of fresh red velvet cake delivery?

We’re sure that our red velvet cakes are fresh and delicious. Even the fluffiness will make the cake taste better. Here at FlavoursGuru, you’ll get the best for you. 

Can I get a red velvet cake at midnight or on the same day of order placement?

Yes, it’s easy to order the best red velvet cake online for midnight delivery. You just need to visit our official website and place the order online for multiple celebrations. 

What Customers Are Saying


"The cake was too delicious. My family love it so much, Thank you so much flavours guru make my day to much special.....*"

13-Jan-2023 02.17 PM

Added by: Mohika


"The best quality of cake i received from FG...Timely delivery services!!!"

04-Jan-2023 11.51 PM

Added by: Karishma


"Ahwoh amaizing cake thank you FG for this winderfull Red Velvet cake"

27-Dec-2022 04.50 PM

Added by: Ankush


"Cake was amazing taste....."

25-Dec-2022 07.11 PM

Added by: Amit Kumar


"Thanks for the cake FG, it was absolutely fab."

23-Dec-2022 06.27 PM

Added by: Laxmi Sharma


"Thank you FG, cake was delicious - and exceeded expectations in every way."

23-Dec-2022 04.43 PM

Added by: Sita Bhatiya


"Super fresh and yummy cake "

23-Dec-2022 03.52 PM

Added by: Richa


"Cake is super amazing and delicious... "

16-Nov-2022 09.26 PM

Added by: Saba


"Yummy and delicious "

16-Nov-2022 09.26 PM

Added by: Sheela


"Yummy chocolate cake......"

16-Nov-2022 09.09 PM

Added by: Tejaswi


"Fresh and yummy thank fg.*."

15-Nov-2022 03.07 PM

Added by: Raj


"I remember the delicious taste of this birthday Red Velvet cake and everything was happy with the quality. Thanks FLAVOURS GURU for a good one."

07-Nov-2022 03.03 PM

Added by: Yashika Omkar Jindal


"Right platform to get the best cake thank you so much "

22-Oct-2022 11.46 AM

Added by: Shivi


"Liked the flavour so tasty...."

21-Oct-2022 05.24 PM

Added by: Reena


"Too yum and delicious go for it... "

20-Oct-2022 07.34 PM

Added by: Sabaa


"Very delicious and yummy cake."

19-Oct-2022 11.02 PM

Added by: Divyansh Bharadwaj


"The cake got delivered on time and everyone loved the taste. "

19-Oct-2022 11.01 PM

Added by: Vanshika Singh


"Out standing and yummy,... to good"

19-Oct-2022 11.00 PM

Added by: Saanjanaa Reddy


"Quality of the cake was good . everyone enjoyed the cake. on time delivery.thank you.."

19-Oct-2022 10.49 PM

Added by: Tanishka Bansal


"Out standing and yummy Trust me it's delicious and yummy... Perfect taste... I loved the cake and it's on time... Fresh and yummy.thanku so much guru"

19-Oct-2022 10.49 PM

Added by: Ram


"Good "

18-Oct-2022 03.32 PM

Added by: Harsha


"Fabulous "

17-Oct-2022 11.53 PM

Added by: Veer


"It was so nice and preety look and tast to much."

17-Oct-2022 10.45 PM

Added by: Vaishnavi Takkar


"Yaar sach m muje bahut pasnd aya or meri girlfriend bhi dekh ke bahut khush ho gai..... thank you flavours guru"

17-Oct-2022 10.43 PM

Added by: Vanraj Sharma


"Yummy and best cake "

16-Oct-2022 11.32 PM

Added by: Akki


"They have some of the cakes around... yummy.. and tasty"

16-Oct-2022 11.27 PM

Added by: Paurl Goel


"The cupcakes are fresh and tasty."

16-Oct-2022 11.26 PM

Added by: Sakshi


"Nice and good looking with yummy and tasty..."

16-Oct-2022 05.12 PM

Added by: Davika Chohan


"Tasty and yummy cake... i like it..."

16-Oct-2022 05.11 PM

Added by: Kapil Dev


"Very good quality...Love FG"

22-Aug-2022 09.34 PM

Added by: Manohar


"Worth ordering. Good taste and not overpowering"

21-Aug-2022 01.55 PM

Added by: Jassie Khoo


"The cake was very delicious."

21-Aug-2022 01.55 PM

Added by: Rohit Singh


"Timely Delivery...best website "

07-Jul-2022 02.26 PM

Added by: Saloni


"Cake taste was awesome...loved it more about your franchise because it is completely eggless.."

06-Jul-2022 02.29 PM

Added by: Sharath


"Very nice tasty and .. fresh and on time delivery … good for RED VELVET LOVERS"

06-Jul-2022 02.29 PM

Added by: NIDHI


"Shaandar cake maja aa gaya kha ke"

16-Jun-2022 02.14 PM

Added by: Ankur


"Nice Cake with soft sponge "

16-Jun-2022 02.13 PM

Added by: Vivek


"Super Delicious balanced taste...."

16-Jun-2022 01.55 PM

Added by: Siddharth


"Very delicious definitely order again "

14-Jun-2022 11.26 PM

Added by: Anju


"Timely delivery"

14-Jun-2022 11.22 PM

Added by: Tanya


"My partner is in love with this cake perfect cake for perfect moment thank u guys "

14-Jun-2022 12.00 PM

Added by: Pranav


"Ordered cake just to check the quality and delivery now i am 100% sure from now onwards i will order every cake for every occasion from flavours guru..."

14-Jun-2022 11.51 AM

Added by: Gaurav


""Thank you so much! It was sooooo beautiful and very very yummy!!! I will be back for each birthday to come!!! "

19-May-2022 02.20 PM

Added by: Govind



22-Nov-2020 05.32 PM

Added by: Madhur


"Very nice flavour"

18-Nov-2020 05.27 PM

Added by: Jessica


"Have tried the red velvet cake of other bakery's but Flavours guru Red velvet cakes are awesome.Thanks folks for delivering the best of your bakery ."

23-Jul-2020 05.30 PM

Added by: Minnie


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