Car Theme Cake

Car Theme Cake



Are you planning a party for someone who loves cars? A car-themed cake will add to the party's charm and make the car fans exuberant. If you are looking for the perfect car theme cake for your special occasion, FlavoursGuru offers a variety of car cakes. Whether the event is for an F1 race car lover or a five-year-old, we have some of the most delectable car cakes that will light up your party and make everyone do a little twirl as they enjoy the cake. So, check out our website today and get the most luscious car cake theme for your event!

Car Theme Cake Design

Choose your favourite car, and our highly skilled bakers will make the cake, especially for you. Our professional cake designers and makers have years of experience and have perfected the art of creating awesome-looking, delicious cakes. Whether a Ferrari or a BMW theme cake, our bakers can make the most beautiful and luscious cakes to perfection. You can choose your favourite car theme cake design on our website or provide an image of a car of your choice, and we will bake it for you. Get a one-of-a-kind car theme cake from FlavoursGuru and impress everyone with its appearance and taste!

How to Find Car Theme Cake Images Ideas at FlavoursGuru?

Wondering which car cake to get for your special occasion? Get some inspiration from our vehicle theme cakes and make the best choice no matter what you select. Follow the steps below and choose your favourite car-themed cake!

Step 1: Visit the FlavoursGuru website.

Step 2: Type "car-shaped cakes" in the search bar at the top or use the filters on our website.

Step 3: You will see a wide range of car cakes on your screen. Select your favourite one.

Step 4: Proceed to order, provide the details, and make the payment.

Choosing and ordering your favourite cake is super convenient and hassle-free. We will ensure that you get the cake delivered to your door.

How to Order a Car Theme Birthday Cake From FlavoursGuru?

Order a car theme birthday cake and make it a lavish event of a lifetime. Choose from a wide range of car theme cakes on our website or get a customised one, and we will bring it to your address. Follow these simple steps to get started with your order.

Step 1: Use any search engine to find the FlavoursGuru website.

Step 2: Find car theme cakes using the search bar at the top-right. You can also get a personalised cake by typing in the same.

Step 3: You will see a variety of car theme cakes. Choose the one you like best. If you are getting a personalised cake, provide an image and a description of your cake.

Step 4: On the next page, choose the delivery pin code and delivery date. You can also select the shipping and time options. Also, select the weight and flavour of your choice from the drop-down menu. Provide the message you want on the cake. Click "Order Now."

Step 5: Choose any add-ons you want with your order and proceed. You can also skip add-ons if you like.

Step 6: Enter your login details and provide the shipping address.

Step 7: Make the payment for your order securely.

You have placed your order. Now it’s our turn to fulfil it and make the most amazing cake to deliver to your address.

How to get Car Birthday Themed Cake Ideas?

If you want a birthday cake with car theme ideas, head to our website. FlavoursGuru makes incredible car theme cakes for birthdays. Simply follow these steps to check them out!

Step 1: Go to the official website of FlavoursGuru.

Step 2: Navigate to the search bar and type in "car-shaped cakes."

You will see a variety of car cakes displayed on the screen. Select your most liked one and proceed to order. You can also order personalised car cakes with the ideas you get on the page.

Which Are the Best Car Cake Designs for a Birthday?

FlavoursGuru has some of the best car theme cake designs for birthday parties. Check out the best car-themed cake design to make a fantastic birthday party and impress your guests.



Go Kart Cake – 1.5 kg

Rs 2,199

Black Beast – 1.5 kg

Rs 2,199

Red Hot Ferrari Cake – 2 kg

Rs 2,649

Racing Car Fondant Cake - 3 kg

Rs 3,799

Formula 1 Cake – 3 kg

Rs 3,949

Send Car Cake Online With FlavoursGuru

Sending car cakes to your loved ones online is easy and trouble-free with FlavoursGuru. Just provide the details of the cake, the time of delivery, and shipping information. We will deliver the car cake to the correct address at the specified time slot. You can also order a car theme cake without fondant, and we will ensure you get the best car cake for your loved ones’ special occasion. Our professional bakers and efficient delivery system work hand in hand. So, we can guarantee the delivery of the high-quality cake to the correct address. You can take care of the rest of the event and leave the task of baking and delivering your car theme cake to us confidently.



  • Which Are The Best Car Cakes That I Can Order?

 All our car cakes are made with high-quality ingredients, so they are some of the best car cakes. It includes a mechanic theme cake, Audi theme cake, race car theme cake, and many more!


  • Does FlavoursGuru offer a 100 percent eggless Birthday Car Cake Delivery?

 At FlavoursGuru, we only make 100 percent eggless cakes so that every one of your guests can enjoy them. All our cakes, including the birthday cakes, are eggless.


  • Can I Get A Car Theme Cake At Midnight or Same Day of Order Placement?

 Of course, you can get a car theme cake at midnight or on the same day of ordering. When placing the order, choose the time slot for midnight or same-day delivery.


  • Do You Deliver Birthday Cake In My City?

 FlavoursGuru operates and delivers in nine cities. You can check them out on our website.

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"It was a very nice cake.My son was so happy to cut this cake as he is a die hard fan of F1 cars.Thanks you very much.His friends also loved the flavour and design.They all ate the cupcakes in a blink of an eye."

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"My kid loved the softness and design of the cake."

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"Great cake and design.Happy to order from you."

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