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Cake Care instructions

Caring For Your Edible Masterpieces By Flavours Guru

One of the challenging aspects of our business is carrying the cake and keeping it safe until it is consumed. It goes through different handling aspects, as we handle the cake for you, photograph it, pack it and finally make it ready for delivery. We want to make it as easy as possible to take your new cake home and to keep it in the best condition before you eat it.  We do everything in our capacity to provide a well-formed cake, but please note that cakes are fragile and break easily.

Once your cake leaves our kitchen, we are no longer responsible for any damages that may occur, during transportation or at your home.  If you have any appropriate questions about the care of your cake, please contact us.

Below are some basic guidelines.

  1. Before you leave our bakery, please look at your cake carefully to make sure all details and spelling are correct.  We still have time to make minor corrections before you leave.
  2. Place both hands under the board of your cake to so that the weight of the cake evenly spread, while you carry it.  The corrugated cake boards can flex and bend if not fully supported, causing the cake to torque and leaving cracks in buttercream and fondant.
  3. Today’s cake boxes are not very strong; please be careful not to squeeze the sides into your cake’s pretty buttercream borders.
  4. Please come in a vehicle with enough space to carry your cake.
  5. Carry your cake safely.
    1. Place cakes in the flat part of your car: flat space is best. Your seats are little inclined which may cause the cake to damage.  Most of the places have the slope, and just a few degrees of a hill is enough to cause damage which we would never want.
    2. Be sure there is no any object around the cake which has chances of falling over the cake box and hence damaging it.
    3. Pets and children are devious…especially when the scent of fresh buttercream surrounds them.  They can’t help it. :)
  6. Go DIRECTLY to your cake's final destination.  Your decorations are made, with creamed butter!  Every little bump, every small curve, every stop and go affects the solidity of your cake.  In all of the times of delivering cakes, we've noticed elements slide off, breaks while transporting.  Warm buttercream can melt, especially if it is slowly decorated or have compact buttercream designs.  Make sure that you directly take it home.
  7. Place the cake in the refrigerator for an hour or so once you reach its destination to firm everything back up again.
  8. Make sure you do not place your cake near any heat emitting object or in direct sunlight.  Cakes need to stay below 22 degrees to avoid melting. 18 degrees is even better.  Never leave them in an un-air-conditioned car.  Direct sunlight is also wrong.
  9. While identifying a spot to place your cake, please note to keep it out of direct from sunlight and avoid increased temperatures near windows. It is best not to put your cake in the west window of your house where the sunlight might affect it while sitting down or warm up that side of the building. Not being mindful of these details could cause the buttercream decorations on your cake to melt while no one is watching. The cake needs to stay below 22 degrees.
  10. Some elements of your cake like chocolates, fondant, etc.  should not be refrigerated for a long time. It retains moisture while it is in the refrigerator, which causes condensation and it starts to drip when you pull it out at room temperature.
  11. Cakes that have been painted by hands should not be refrigerated.  As soon as it comes out, there is the possibility of food colors to wash off.
  12. Our cakes are most enjoyed, at room temperature, but Fresh Fruit, Cream Cheese Icing should be refrigerated if it is being kept overnight.
  13. Designer elements and figures may be given wire support or toothpicks or wooden objects for support.  Please be careful before serving to small children.
  14. Fluorescent Lights and Daylight can fade the color of decorations on your cake, especially elements with bright colors.
  15. If we are delivering you a buttercream cake, we will keep it cool it for as long as we can before bringing it out for final detailing.  That reduces our stress and worry of buttercream cake and decorations sliding down the edges of your cake. On arrival, your cake may be cold enough.  If you prefer to serve cake at room temperature, then please allow your cake time to come to temperature in its new home.  (Trust us, Chilled cakes are much prettier than melted cakes)
  16. If you want to consume a couple of days later, you can preserve your cake by completely wrap the box with the cake with cling film/ wrap and then place the cake kept in a box in the refrigerator. Few hours before the cake cutting, bring it to average room temperature, but keep cling wrapped.  That should help reduce condensation.  



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