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  • Red heart-shaped cake topped with strawberries


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  • Delicious cake under 600 calories, adorned with fresh berries


  • a customised three-layered orange cake


  • Flower and cake combos


  • Fresh Arrivals cakes


  • Red heart-shaped cake topped with strawberries


  • Gift ideas for special occassions


  • Delicious cake under 600 calories, adorned with fresh berries


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Halloween Cakes


Order Halloween Cakes Online at FlavoursGuru at best price

Halloween is the most exciting holiday during Autumn. People of all ages dress up in costumes and go to parties or trick-or-treating, and Halloween cakes will improve any gathering on this special day. Whether looking for a Halloween cake for a costume party or just for your family, we at FlavoursGuru have the best options. The delicious and perfect Halloween cake designs at FlavoursGuru will enhance the spooky atmosphere of any Halloween party. Halloween is a good occasion for those who enjoy edgy themes like ghosts, spiders, and the supernatural. You can also check out our New Year's Cakes to be prepared for the end-of-year parties. 

Find the Enchanting Halloween Cakes at the FlavoursGuru Website 

Halloween is traditionally a time for spooks and sweet treats. The shops have candies, sweets, and chocolates so families can stock up for the night. Make it more special with a Halloween pumpkin cake from FlavoursGuru. Children look forward to this day so they can wear costumes from their favourite movies or books and collect candies from their neighbours' houses. Our bakers bake Halloween themed cakes from the freshest and best-quality ingredients and decorate them with rich and detailed icing in Halloween colours. You can get more sweet treats by ordering a Red Velvet Cake from us. 

Treat Yourself to The Most Bewitching Halloween Cakes at FlavoursGuru

People decorate their houses with Halloween decorations like bats, pumpkins, and witch hats. The Halloween sheet cakes at FlavoursGuru will enhance the atmosphere of cute and creepy symbols. On Halloween, people get together to have horror movie marathons with their friends and close ones and share comfort snacks while holding each other through the scary scenes. A Halloween chocolate cake from FlavoursGuru is a perfect addition to such gatherings, and you can enjoy our fantastic cakes while watching your favourite films. Also, try our Cakes for TV Lovers for similar ideas.

How to View the Halloween Cakes on the FlavoursGuru Website?

When planning your Halloween celebrations, you will feel the need for a cake. The best Halloween Cakes have spooky designs that fit the occasion while being fresh and tasteful. It can take time to find a good list of Halloween Cakes to browse online. To ease your worries, we at FlavoursGuru have curated a page dedicated to beautiful Halloween cakes on our website. Thus, you can look through our list of Halloween cakes and find the one that best suits your tastes. You can find it by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Search "FlavoursGuru" on any search engine, like Google.

Step 2: The first result is our official web page. Once on our homepage, type "Halloween Cakes" into the search bar, and you will see our curated designs. You can also look through our Christmas Cakes to prepare in advance. 

How to Order a Spell-Binding Halloween Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Halloween is a day for fall-themed food like pumpkin spice, Cinnamon drinks, and candies. This menu would be incomplete without a Halloween layer cake. As you carve your Jack-o-lantern and arrange your costumes for the Halloween party, it is essential to have a delicious cake that fits the occasion. We at FlavoursGuru will ensure making the perfect cake that puts a smile on your face and makes your Halloween more enjoyable. Follow the steps below to order the ideal Halloween themed Birthday cake from us. 

Step 1: Search "FlavoursGuru" on Google and click the first result to be on our authentic homepage.

Step 2: Type "Halloween Cakes" in the search at the top. Select the cake you like the best. 

Step 3: On the order page, provide the delivery address, time, and date. You can also attach a gift from our collection. 

Step 4: You can also select additional gifts like flowers, chocolates, and soft toys from us.

Step 5: Double-check the shipping address and login credentials before making the payment. Now your order is placed with us, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. 

Similarly, you can order different cakes like Mom to Be Cakes from FlavoursGuru.

Send Your Loved Ones a Halloween Cake from FlavoursGuru on the Special Celebration

You can now order and send an excellent Halloween cake to loved ones who live far away from you to attend a party together. Whether our Cakes for Bikers or any other cakes, our agents will deliver it on time. You can view some of the Halloween themed cakes offered by FlavoursGuru from the table below. 



Phantom Halloween Cake - 1 Kg

Rs 1499

Confetti Jack-O-Lantern Cake - 1.5 Kg

Rs 2199

Eyeball Faultline Cake - 1.5 Kg

Rs 2149

Goosebumps Cake - 1.5 Kg

Rs 2549

Zombie Heads Cake - 5 Kg

Rs 8499



  • Do you deliver Halloween Cakes at midnight?


Yes, we offer midnight delivery. Select the midnight option while placing the order.


  • Can I get chocolates with my Halloween Cake from FlavoursGuru?


Yes, you can select unique add-ons like chocolates, flowers, and toys when ordering a Halloween cake from us. 


  • Can I order a Halloween Cake in my city?


FlavoursGuru delivers Halloween cakes in 7 major Indian cities, and you can find the list by visiting our website today.


  • Can I get an eggless Halloween cake? 


Yes, of course. All the Halloween cakes we provide at FlavoursGuru are 100% eggless.

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