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Unicorn Cakes



A Unicorn Cake with multiple layers of flavours and beautiful beautiful splashes of colours doubles up the joy of happiness. For all the cake lovers, the amazing unicorn cakes work miracles. With a range of delicious cakes, with various colours and flavours, to surprise your loved ones.

FlavoursGuru brings you a box full of happiness with delighted taste and mouth-watering flavours. So, whenever you’re in doubt about – How does it feel if someone surprises you at midnight with a unicorn birthday cake? Indeed, it will make you feel more than happier. Yes! A rainbow unicorn cake with a blend of attractive colours with flavours will make you feel wow! This fluffy and soft cake will bring a smile to your face and make you feel like a child again. 

If it’s your kid’s first birthday or you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary, this delicious unicorn theme cake will surprise you more. A load of chocolate and vanilla cakes with real fruit and ice cream will boost happiness 10x better. 

How Do Bakers At Flavoursguru Create The Best Unicorn Cake Design?

Our professional bakers work with creating happy birthday unicorn cakes according to the requirements. If you want unicorn cake designs without fondant, unicorn cupcakes, or any pinata flavour cake, you can get the best design according to your requirements. 

When it comes to cake designs our skilled bakers work with freshly baked cakes and frosting. They make easy unicorn cakes with various white and dark chocolate moulds, glossy fondant, multiple air spray colours, traditional piping, and much more. With the help of various equipment such as spatula, rollers, cake stand, and piping bags, they made our glitter rainbow unicorn cake designs aesthetically pleasing. 

If you want a unicorn photo cake or 3D cakes, our bakers will make it for you. You just need to share your requirements, our professional bakers will make it for you.

How To Find Unicorn Theme Cake Images Ideas At Flavoursguru?

Here at FlavoursGuru there is a huge range of cake designs and flavours for all the occasions. Our unicorn-shaped cake with better finishing and all the satisfying flavours. Even our bakers will share varieties of customised unicorn cake designs, it will help you to get the best unicorn cakes according to all your requirements. Here are some easy steps to get the best cake image ideas:

Step:1 You need to visit our official website and sign up/log in with us.

Step: 2 You’ll see the search bar, over there you can type, “unicorn cake near me”.

Step: 3 As a result you’ll find multiple ranges of unicorn cakes freshly made with love.  

Now you can easily finalise the best unicorn cake for multiple occasions. 

Which Is The Best Unicorn And Rainbow Cake Design At Flavoursguru?

All of our cakes are fantastic and yummilicious and our best unicorn cake is made with love. So, you’ll find varieties of cakes at FlavoursGuru at the best prices. 




I Heart Unicorn-3 Kg


Indiana Unicorn-500 Gms


Magical Unicorn Cake-4 Kg


Unicorn Shell Pinata


How To Order A Cute Unicorn Cake From Flavoursguru? 

You can easily order 2 layers of unicorn cake from FlavoursGuru. It’s easy to explore the varieties of pastel rainbow unicorn cake at your place. Here you can easily add the location and the type of unicorn pinata cakes to us. 

Step 1: It all begins with sign-up or login to our official website at FlavoursGuru.

Step 2: Go to the search box and search for “unicorn theme birthday cake”.

Step 3: Explore the entire list and choose unicorn theme cakes as per your choice.

Step 4: You need to add Pincode, date, and time

Step 5: Select the quantity or weight of the cake for example – 1 kg, 1.5 kg, or more. 

Step 6: Add a message of – “Happy Birthday” that will be mentioned on the cake.

Step 7: On the next page add your address and do the payment formalities with multiple modes.

Step 8: Tap on order now and relax!

We made the cake order procedure easier for you. So, you can easily order a unicorn wala cake at your doorstep. It will make it easy to get the best cake on time.

Send Beautiful Unicorn Cake Online With Flavoursguru

Our bakers use fresh ingredients for egg or eggless cakes. For multiple occasions, our unicorn theme birthday cake will be best suited for you. So, you don’t need to worry about any ruin or spoilage because we pack our delicate unicorn cakes with beautiful packaging for safe delivery. In that way, it will be easier to get the best cakes for your birthday party. You can order our unicorn birthday cake at midnight, even our delivery partners will deliver it on time to the exact place. 

Faqs On Unicorn Cakes

What are the flavours available in our unicorn cakes?

There are varieties of flavours such as indulgent chocolate, daring red velvet, classic black forest, classic vanilla sponge cake, pinata cake, and more. We can add multiple flavours to every layer of our unicorn cakes. 

What is the cost of a unicorn cake in Gurgaon at FlavoursGuru?

The price range is according to the weight of the cake and customised design. The price range starts from Rs. 700 to 3000 and goes on. Visit FlavoursGuru and get the best unicorn cakes in Gurgaon.

Which Are The Best Unicorn Cakes That I Can Order?

Our every Unicorn cakes are best and rich with lip-smacking flavours. So, you can order any of our beautiful unicorn theme cakes near you. 

Does FlavoursGuru Offer A Guarantee Of Fresh Unicorn Cake Delivery?

We’re sure that our unicorn cakes are fresh and delicious. Even the fluffiness will make the cake taste better. Here at FlavoursGuru you’ll get the best for you. 

Can I Get A Unicorn Theme Cake At Midnight Or on the Same Day Of Order Placement?

Yes, it’s easy to order the best unicorn cake online for midnight delivery. You just need to visit our official website and place the order online for multiple celebrations. 

What Customers Are Saying


"Cake was very good..but slight variation in the looks of the cake was there. else taste was very good"

25-Sep-2022 10.26 PM

Added by: Richa Chauhan


"That was a good experience to online delivery cake's and Delicious taste..."

11-Sep-2022 04.26 PM

Added by: Dipanshi Agrawal


"Everyone likes the presentation with tasty flavours"

10-Jul-2022 01.50 PM

Added by: Shelly


"Perfect pinata cake......."

10-Jul-2022 01.49 PM

Added by: Meenu


"Great all order will be from flavoursguru"

07-Jul-2022 02.23 PM

Added by: Disha


"Too good.. Thanks flavours guru for this wonderful creation"

07-Jul-2022 02.01 PM

Added by: Sultana


"Amazing presentation better than the picture"

07-Jul-2022 02.00 PM

Added by: Anaswi


"Simply wow no others words"

07-Jul-2022 09.30 AM

Added by: Ranjit


"Cute cake my brother liked it very much"

07-Jul-2022 09.28 AM

Added by: Saloni



07-Jul-2022 09.23 AM

Added by: Arpan Bhatia


"Nice cake and beautiful flowers BUNCH"

06-Jul-2022 02.28 PM

Added by: SONAM


"It was delicious................."

06-Jul-2022 02.27 PM

Added by: BHAGWAAN


"Ordered for little one. she loved the design and taste. on time delivery great job. best custom cake ever"

16-Jun-2022 12.57 PM

Added by: Shreya


"I never knew such designer cakes can be delivered in 2 hours. i reached out to you guys after exploring more than 10 bakeries none of them agreed to do it on same day and you did it in 2 hours. hats of.. keep up the good work. i will keep on ordering."

16-Jun-2022 12.56 PM

Added by: Kamlesh


"My daughters birthday was made special by you guys. amazing cake in terms of both design, taste and service."

16-Jun-2022 12.55 PM

Added by: Anamika


"Delivered on time with wow quality."

15-Jun-2022 04.02 PM

Added by: Shweta


"Will definitely be ordering this Cakes again! Thank you"

14-Jun-2022 11.20 PM

Added by: Sanchit


"This cake was for my daughter and she was really happy thanks guys u made my and my daughter's day"

14-Jun-2022 11.49 AM

Added by: Sonali


"Lovely cake"

12-Sep-2021 11.44 AM

Added by: Munish



10-Sep-2021 11.01 AM

Added by: Prateek


"It was so beautiful and my daughter loved it. Thank you Flavours Guru"

26-Feb-2020 06.18 PM

Added by: Mamta


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