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Dark Chocolate Cakes

Dark Chocolate Cakes



Among all the new flavours introduced in the market today, a dark chocolate cake remains the favourite of many. Whenever you doubt which flavour to choose for the cake, we select the dark chocolate flavour. FlavoursGuru has a variety of rich, decadent, and moist dark chocolate cakes that will boost your mood after a bad day. Our dark chocolate cake design are unique and elegant, making them one of our best-selling cakes. Someone who doesn't like eating cakes can never reject a bite of a delicious dark chocolate cake at a birthday party. A dark chocolate cake is popular among kids and adults, making it the most demanding flavour.

Get Mouth-Watering Dark Chocolate Cakes from FlavoursGuru

Whether you want something good after having a long day or just want to satisfy your sweet craving, chocolate cakes are always at your rescue. The richness of the flavour is like no other. It creates sweet explosions in your taste buds leaving you in paradise and making you forget all the bad things. The dark chocolate cake images at FlavoursGuru are so tempting that once you start navigating our page, there is no going back. Each cake is made using original flavours and the best ingredients, making the cake luscious. From dark chocolate truffle cake to Choco mud cake, our selection of cakes is diverse.

Exquisite Dark Chocolate Cake for Everyone at FlavoursGuru

The cocoa present in a beautiful dark chocolate cake helps us release endorphins, making us feel better. Therefore, devouring a heavenly and rich dark chocolate cake after an exhausting day lifts our mood instantly. So that you don't get bored of the classic dark chocolate cakes, FlavoursGuru offers a vast range of dark chocolate cakes. The designs of the cakes are exclusive and different from the others. Visit our website today to witness the trendy collection of dark chocolate cakes along with other flavours like classic cakes, fruit cakes, multi-tier cakes etc,  that will take your breath away. The sumptuous dark chocolate cakes are available at a pocket-friendly price range, making it even better for everyone.

How to Select the Best Dark Chocolate Cakes from FlavoursGuru?

Choosing a dark chocolate cake seems confusing to be a birthday party or any other occasion. The best quality of dark chocolate cakes is that they can make anyone happy. FlavoursGuru has come up with a wide range of dark chocolate cakes baked with love. Visit our website to view the fantastic collection and dark chocolate cake price. Our bakers use innovative designs to make the cakes look even more special. Want to know how to select a delicious dark chocolate cake? The following steps will help you out.

Step 1: Search the FlavoursGuru official website from a search engine of your choice.

Step 2: On top of the FlavoursGuru cake page, you will see a search bar. Press on it and type "dark chocolate cakes." As you begin your search, you will be taken to another page of dark chocolate cakes within a few seconds.

Scroll down to see the collection of dark chocolate cakes. Their prices and weights will be mentioned right below every cake.

How to Order a Delectable Dark Chocolate Cake from FlavoursGuru?

Another best quality of a dark chocolate cake is that it is always available in the market and never gets old. It's been ruling the cake market for ages, and people still love every bit of it. A decadent dark chocolate cake is the primary want of people when they are stressed out or just want to eat something chocolatey. At FlavoursGuru, you will get a plethora of your favourite birthday dark chocolate cake and a bunch of other varieties. Know how to order dark chocolate from our website through the following steps.

Step 1: Begin your search by typing "FlavoursGuru" on google and locate our authentic website.

Step 2: Type "dark chocolate cake" on the search bar located at the top of the page and press enter.

Step 3: After selecting the dark chocolate cake of your desire, enter your delivery address with the date and delivery time for the cake. Our delivery agent will reach your order right to your doorstep on time.

Step 4: Select the weight of the cake after selecting the design. At FlavoursGuru, dark chocolate cakes start from 500 gm and can be customised to your needs.

Step 5: there is an option to select add-ons like flowers, cards, chocolates, and toys. You can add them to the cart with the cake.

Step 6: Share your delivery location and login credentials when asked, and do not share them with anyone else. Be careful while filling up the details to omit major mistakes.

Now it's time to make the payment and confirm your order from the FlavoursGuru website.

Send Dark Chocolate Cake Online with FlavoursGuru

Now, gifting someone their favourite dark chocolate cake has become much easier with the delivery service of FlavoursGuru. Our delivery agents are available in 7 different cities throughout India. You can even send a dark chocolate cake for someone to surprise them without being present physically. Our range of dark chocolate cakes includes dark chocolate birthday cake, Choco Rumble cake, Oreo Dark chocolate cake, and much more. View our dark chocolate cake collection and the price range from the following table.



Choco Mud Cake – 500Gms

Rs 499

Dark Secret Cake – 500Gms

Rs 549

Leopard print Cake – 500Gms

Rs 549

Oreo Chocolate Cake – 500Gms

Rs 599

Black and White Cake – 500Gms

Rs 599



  • How do I select dark chocolate cake online?


To select a dark chocolate cake online, visit the authentic website of FlavoursGuru. Find the search bar at the top of the page, type "dark chocolate cake," and begin your search.


  • Can I get a customised Dark chocolate cake for my needs?


You can surely get your dark chocolate cake customised at our website as per your requirements. Our highly talented bakers will present you with their best creations.


  • Do you provide a midnight Birthday cake delivery service in my city?


Yes, we have a midnight delivery service available. Our delivery agents are available to deliver cakes in 7 different cities. To know if we deliver cakes in your city or not, kindly visit the FlavoursGuru official website today.


  • Do you take same-day Birthday cake orders?


Yes, we take same-day birthday cake orders only if the order is placed by 5 pm on that day.

What Customers Are Saying


"Perfect combo of nuts and nutelaa loved by kids"

28-Dec-2022 04.31 PM

Added by: Divyansh


"The service was excellent."

25-Dec-2022 11.10 PM

Added by: Prateek


"It is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to eating it later too.."

25-Dec-2022 05.33 PM

Added by: Aayushi Goel


"Simple and cute with tasty choco Flavour.. "

25-Dec-2022 05.31 PM

Added by: Vidhi


"Delicious with delivery on time. 10nx FG."

25-Dec-2022 05.22 PM

Added by: Suman


"I love fg service taste and look superb "

25-Dec-2022 05.22 PM

Added by: Mohini


"Thank you very much its beautiful FG. Thank you we love it"

23-Dec-2022 06.40 PM

Added by: Christie


"Thank you so much for my birthday cakes. The level of detial was outstanding and I am very impressed "

23-Dec-2022 06.38 PM

Added by: Rama Bhatt


"Just it was yummy and great felling of flavour"

23-Dec-2022 06.34 PM

Added by: Narayan


"Its amazing! He will be so happy when he sees it. Thank you so much FG."

23-Dec-2022 06.06 PM

Added by: Nisha Chauhan


"Thank you so much. The cake not only looked great but tasted lovely..."

23-Dec-2022 05.28 PM

Added by: Nileash


"Yummy with delivered on time"

23-Dec-2022 05.27 PM

Added by: Srishti


"Omg its beautiful. Thank you so much"

23-Dec-2022 05.26 PM

Added by: Harsha


"Oh my goodness, I absolutely Loved this cake, its fantastic, well done flavours guru, everyone loved it so much, thank you"

23-Dec-2022 05.21 PM

Added by: Deep


"So tasty and delicious "

04-Dec-2022 04.10 PM

Added by: Nimrat


"Delivery was on time. The cake was beautiful and it really taste good. Just loved it...*"

20-Nov-2022 05.49 PM

Added by: Tanya


"Very nice service and tasty cake"

05-Oct-2020 07.11 PM

Added by: Akhil


"Beautiful cake with good taste"

14-Jul-2020 07.12 PM

Added by: Firoz


"Nice cake but should be more soft"

22-Jun-2020 07.15 PM

Added by: Meenakshi


"Nice designer cake with soft sponge"

03-Jun-2020 07.14 PM

Added by: Golu


"Delicious cake with great service"

20-May-2020 08.08 PM

Added by: Arushi



04-Jul-2019 11.26 AM

Added by: Abhitesh


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