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Birthday Half Birthday

Birthday Half Birthday



A half-birthday celebration is an emerging trend that has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. Generally, half-birthday parties are celebrated to mark the completion of six months from the date of birth for new-born children. Like regular birthdays, a half-birthday party is celebrated by cutting a half birthday cake. At FlavoursGuru, we have a range of half-birthday cakes that will surely excite your child. For kids who have summer birthdays and cannot enjoy them much owing to the heat, half birthdays are the best opportunity to celebrate their special days in the winter season as well. The half yearly birthday cake at FlavoursGuru will make the celebration memorable and interesting.

Get Trendy Half Birthday Cakes at FlavoursGuru

Half-birthdays are the perfect opportunity for parents who cannot wait for another year to celebrate their child's birthday. Half-yearly birthdays are also best for parents who have missed celebrating their child's one yearly birthday due to a busy schedule. Either way, a half month birthday cake will make the occasion more blissful. FlavoursGuru's exclusive collection of half-birthday cakes will simply blow your mind if you are looking for the perfect cake for your child. Our half birthday cake designs are unique and customised according to the customers' demands.

Unique Half Birthday Cakes for Your Children

A child develops and grows significantly in six months. By celebrating the half birthday of your children, you try to make more memories with them as they grow up. The half birthday cake ideas at FlavoursGuru will not fail to surprise you. Each cake is baked with passion and love making it more special for any kind of celebration. Celebrating a half-yearly birthday party will become memorable with our unique cake designs making your children feel excited. Our cakes are available in various flavours like vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, black currant, and many more.

How to Get Exquisite Half Birthday Cakes from FlavoursGuru?

For working parents, searching for the best half-yearly birthday cake can get quite hectic, especially if you cannot find anything of your child's liking. We have the perfect collection of half year birthday cake for boy and girls. Wondering how to find such mouth-watering cakes? Follow the super quick steps below.

Step 1: The initial and most crucial step is to search for the official FlavoursGuru website using Google.

Step 2: On the authentic website of FlavoursGuru, you can easily locate a search bar on the top of the cake page. Scroll to the top of the page, click the search bar, and then type "half birthday cakes" and begin your search.

You will be taken to another FlavoursGuru page, where you will find our unique collection of half-birthday cakes.

How to Order a Delicious Half Birthday Cake from FlavoursGuru?

While you are looking for a half-yearly birthday cake for your special one, it is essential that the cake is not only eye-catching but also of good quality. At FlavoursGuru, we use the best ingredients for all our cakes so that they look delicious and taste fantastic. Our half birthday cake for baby girl and baby boy not only looks attractive but is delicious. Want to order a cake for your child's half-yearly birthday party? Know how to do it from the following steps.

Step 1: In the initial step, you will have to search the authentic FlavoursGuru website.

Step 2: Write "Half Birthday Cake" on the search bar at the top of the cake page and press enter or the search button on the screen.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page dedicated to the half-yearly birthday theme cakes. Select the one you find best for your kid and enter your delivery address and date. Select the time slot for the cake delivery according to your preference. For more convenience, we also offer a midnight delivery slot. This might be useful for working parents.

Step 4: At FlavoursGuru, the weight of a half-yearly birthday cake starts from 500 gm and goes up to 5 kg. Customers have the option to provide any message that will be written on the cake top.

Step 5: The option to choose additional gifts like chocolates, soft toys, and cards is available at FlavoursGuru. Now, you can make your children extra happy.

Step 6: Post the above step, customers will be asked to provide their shipping address and login credentials. Give all your attention while filling up such crucial details.

Lastly, you need to clear the payment as per the choice of cake. It will be delivered to your doorstep just before time.

Send Half Birthday Cakes from FlavoursGuru

Now, you can easily choose the best half year birthday cake for a baby girl from the FlavoursGuru website without worrying about the quality and the delivery. We deliver cakes to 7 different cities and our agents carry out their services with dedication. Cakes of all flavours and themes are available on our online website. You can find all types of cakes at affordable price ranges from FlavoursGuru. In the table below, you can find out the variety of half birthday cakes we offer and their price range.



Rosie Posie Cake – 500Gms

Rs 499

Raining Confetti Cake – 500Gms

Rs 599

Pinky Polka Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,399

Fond Of Pink Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,449

My Micky Cake – 1.5Kg

Rs 2,149



  • Can I get a customised half birthday cake for my needs?


Yes, of course. You can now get a customised half-birthday cake for your child from FlavoursGuru in a hassle-free process.


  • Do you deliver cakes in my city?


FlavoursGuru delivers cakes to seven different cities in India. Visit our official website today to check out the list of cities where we deliver cakes.


  • Can I order a half birthday cake in advance?


Yes, we are always open to taking orders for cakes in advance. Select the correct delivery date and time slot of your choice while confirming the order.


  • Is there an option to send additional gifts along with cakes on your website?


Absolutely yes! To make the surprises even more special, we have a range of add-ons that can be ordered along with the cakes. It will be delivered with the cake right on time.

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"The cake was so fresh and delivered on time thank to FG"

16-Jun-2022 12.43 PM

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