Cream Cakes

Cream Cakes



Cakes are everyone's top priority during a precious moment of celebration. The old traditional cakes are now modified and made into something which looks and tastes heavenly. The introduction of the variety of cream cake has made it a vital part of every birthday party and wedding reception celebration. The unique cream cake design at FlavoursGuru adds sweetness and joy to your special day, filling it with uncountable memories. All our designer cream cakes are specially made per our customers' choices, making them stand out from others. The cakes are gorgeous on the outside and delicious on the inside. They will make every moment of your celebration worth remembering. You can also take a look at our spectacular half-birthday cakes to know the extent of our cake collections.

Glance at the Breathtaking Designer Cream Cakes at FlavoursGuru

Customised cream cakes are in high demand nowadays, giving a unique vibe to the event's atmosphere. Although bakeries take these orders, the design poses a significant challenge to bakers, and most of them don't turn out to be perfect. The fresh cream cake at FlavoursGuru has a quality you can find at no other bakery. It is made with the best ingredients and dedicated work from our bakers. Our bakers are very well trained and put all their efforts into baking a cake as per the demands of our customers. The whipped cream cake offered by FlavoursGuru can lure anybody at the first look. The precise detailing and minor workings on the cakes make them perfect. View our Peppa pig cakes to learn more about the artistic skills of our bakers.

Observe the Spectacular Designer Cream Cakes at FlavoursGuru

The best part about cream cakes is that you can create any designs on them. Everything can be customised and managed, from the cream to the flavours. The chocolate cream cake at FlavoursGuru will make your jaw drop and create an abundance of happiness. You can further customise it to all your design demands to make it even better. The eye-catching cream cakes at FlavoursGuru are handcrafted with undisturbed creativity from our bakers, which will give all our customers an immense sense of satisfaction. Look at our most demanding Harry Potter cakes made especially for all our Potterhead fans.

How to Select a Dazzling Designer Cream Cake from FlavoursGuru?

A beautifully baked and assembled designer cream cake will uplift your spirit during all your special events. Life without cream cakes is unimaginable for everyone. FlavoursGuru has come up with the most astounding collection of your favourite cream birthday cake. They can make you feel extravagant and trendy at a pocket-friendly price range. To select such a fantastic cream cake, follow these quick steps below.

Step 1: Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google to start with the designer cream cake selecting procedure.

Step 2: Once you have successfully landed on our authentic page, you will see a search bar on top. Click it and type "designer cream cakes" to find some of the most beautiful cream cake collections we offer. You can also opt for a cake without cream as a healthier option.

Similarly, you can also select a social butterfly cake for your special ones.

How to Order a Sensational Designer Cream Cake from Flavoursguru?

The presence of a customised cream cake will make any moment of celebration full of uncountable memories. Cakes and cream go hand in hand, and the blend of the two creates something magical on the table. The drooling designer cream cakes of FlavoursGuru will not only draw all the attention of your guests, but their fine and delicate taste will stay on your taste buds forever. Curious to know how to order a splendid designer cream cake from FlavoursGuru? Follow the straightforward steps below.

Step 1: Type "FlavoursGuru" on Google on your laptops.

Step 2: Type "designer cream cake" on the search bar right on the top corner of the FlavoursGuru web page. You can pick from various options, such as our fresh cream cake. After selecting the perfect cake, enter some essential details like the delivery time, date and location. 

Step 3: Now, finalise the weight of the cake. There is another option to leave a special message while placing the order for the designer cream cake that our bakers will put on the cake top.

Step 4: From the various add-ons section on the FlavoursGuru website, you can select gifts such as flowers, chocolates and soft toys if you want them to be delivered along with the ordered cake. For special occasions, you can also look at our half-birthday cakes.

Step 5: Give the specific shipping address and login credentials and re-check them before submitting. Now make the online payment as displayed on the screen to place the order.

You can follow similar steps to order other cakes, like the pinata cake from FlavoursGuru.

Send a Precious Designer Cream Cake from FlavoursGuru to Your Special Ones

Surprising your loved ones from a distance is now possible with the swift delivery service of FlavoursGuru. Our delivery agents will deliver your cake at the right time to your doorstep without you having to worry for a second. Be it our Frozen theme cakes or any other cakes, you can make your loved ones happy with special surprises and show your love to them. 

The table below shows the different varieties of cream birthday cakes available at FlavoursGuru.



Cake from Narnia – 0.5Kg

Rs 499

Chocolate Ball Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 599

Cricket Pitch Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 649

Strawberry KitKat Cake – 0.5Kg

Rs 749

Candies N Choco Feast Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,249



  • What kinds of designer cream cakes do you provide?


FlavoursGuru offers a fantastic range of designer cream cakes. They are Cake from Narnia, Candies and Choco Feast cake, Chocolate Ball cake, Cricket Pitch cake and many more.


  • Do you deliver customised cream birthday cakes?


  Yes, we do. There are several designer cream cake options on the FlavoursGuru page. Select anything you like and convey your demands to our bakers while placing orders to get a customised cream cake.


  • Can I get a red velvet-flavoured designer cream cake?


Yes, of course. FlavoursGuru has a diverse range of flavours for designer cream cakes. You can select from vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry and much more.


  • Can I get a designer cream cake delivered to my city?


FlavoursGuru delivers designer cream cakes in 7 major Indian cities. You can visit our website today to know if we provide cream cakes in your current city.

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"Overall is great. keep it up 10nx FG..*"

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"I ordered for my younger sister birthday ...she loved the taste and similar cake delivered on time..."

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"So lovely design..... Liked by everyone ......"

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"Super amazing delicious cake..."

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"Super amazing delicious cake..."

14-Nov-2022 12.36 PM

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"Super amazing delicious cake..."

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"Delivered on time and the cake is as requested."

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"WOW.. that ws so cute yar... also delivery on time."

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"Simple and looked to much sweet..."

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"It just cute looked nice and fresh yummy..*"

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"It just cute, nice and taste was yummy...*"

13-Nov-2022 02.43 PM

Added by: Ravina


"My Friends was very happy with the cake, though a bit sweet but it’s tasty...*"

13-Nov-2022 02.31 PM

Added by: Aasutosh Garg


"Nice and tasty "

12-Nov-2022 08.52 AM

Added by: Charmi


"Delivery on time... Same as shown in pic Thank you team "

12-Nov-2022 08.50 AM

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"Yummy cake ........................freshly delivered......."

09-Nov-2022 07.31 PM

Added by: Mahi


"Love it ...... i want order it once again."

05-Nov-2022 11.46 PM

Added by: Raavi Roy


"The name says it all amazing cake! Very delicious serves full portions and the guest also enjoyed it"

29-Oct-2022 10.02 AM

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"My father loved it................................"

26-Oct-2022 07.56 PM

Added by: Riya


"Beautiful and supar tasty "

22-Oct-2022 11.51 AM

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"The best cake for my father .. and nice or look or good yar."

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"It was a great party, thanks to you"

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"Super design best taster love it"

18-Oct-2022 01.48 PM

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"Wonderful cricket theme cake ..... very tasty"

17-Oct-2022 07.56 PM

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"Too good cake ..................was delicious taste"

16-Oct-2022 06.15 PM

Added by: Mamta


"Love this bakery. The customer service is always excellent; staff is friendly, welcoming and helpful. The cupcakes are fresh and tasty. I especially love that I can make one stop to meet the dietary needs of my friends and family who are gluten free and vegan. Highly recommend this bakery in whole Delhi ncr..... "

15-Oct-2022 11.15 PM

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"Nice cake for special occasions. I remember the delicious taste of this birthday chocolate cake and everything was happy with the quality. Thanks FLAVOURS GURU for a good one."

15-Oct-2022 10.57 PM

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"Awesome delivery on time will definitely order again "

14-Oct-2022 06.27 PM

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"Flowers and cake was fresh and timely delivered"

22-Aug-2022 09.35 PM

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"Taste superb!kya hii bole aapke cake ke baare mai achaa hii nhi bhut achaa lga "

21-Aug-2022 02.04 PM

Added by: Savita


"Definitely will order again! gonna try the rest. good good"

21-Aug-2022 02.03 PM

Added by: Yadav Sonam


"Superb cake in terms of taste and presentation. "

21-Aug-2022 02.03 PM

Added by: Rohit Jii From Up


"Uperb cake in terms of taste and presentation. Not too sweet. Perfect for our taste of 8 pax. Will re-order again."

21-Aug-2022 01.59 PM

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"Not too sweet, very nice. everyone loved it!"

21-Aug-2022 01.58 PM

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"Very good!thank you fg guyz "

21-Aug-2022 01.58 PM

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"Looks like a real roses on the cakes "

06-Jul-2022 02.23 PM

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"Very yummy, fresh and moist cake. loved it."

22-Jun-2022 01.43 PM

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"My son plays cricket and it brought million dollar smile on his face, thank you team flavoursguru"

22-Jun-2022 01.42 PM

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"Luxury Cake with best in taste"

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"Very smooth cake good in taste sponge is very soft"

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"Perfect taste... I loved the cake and it's on time... Fresh and yummy."

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"Superb as per expectations "

14-Jun-2022 11.27 PM

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"Everyone was so amazed Flavours Guru quality was mind blowing"

14-Jun-2022 12.04 PM

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"Very good in taste exactly same shown in website"

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"The best quality of cake i received from flavour's guru...Timely delivery services!!!"

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"Quality of the cake was good . everyone enjoyed the cake. on time delivery.thank you flavour's guru"

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"Very beautiful cake"

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"Very nice and tasty also"

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"Its to good and fantastic"

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