10 Classic Cake Designs For The Wedding Day

The dessert items have become more diverse over the years. There can be too many innovations with these items, especially with cakes. Cakes are a compulsory part of all celebrations and an essential part of a wedding. When a couple plans their wedding, they first think of the wedding cake. The holy vow between a bride and groom in an aesthetic setting is not complete without a wedding cake.

Cake designers have lots of fun hearing the demand from the couple soon to get married and presenting them with their dream wedding cake. Every wedding cake has a story of its own; some couples even add their personal touch to this story. Edible flowers, geode detailing, and metallic leaf pattern are the common accessories used to make a wedding cake. 

So, in this article, we will discuss the best wedding cake design ideas to help every couple choose their dream cake.

Wedding Anniversary Cake Design For Your Love One

Naked Wedding Cake Design

The naked wedding cake is on trend and highly popular nowadays. Instead of working on the dressing of the cake just to make it pleasing, bakers fill up the layers of the cakes with more frosting. This enhances the taste, and the fresh look on the cake is beautiful. This cake style skips a ton of frosting on the exterior of the cake, which gives it an exposed look. The naked wedding cake looks aesthetic and pretty on the wedding dessert table.

They are also highly demanding regarding wedding anniversary cake design due to their modern look. Since there is not much frosting on the outside of the cake, the cake stays perfect almost the entire day without the need to refrigerate it. Naked cakes can be topped with fresh or edible flowers as per the couple’s preference. However, fresh flowers look more pretty than edible ones.

Isomalt Wedding Cake Decoration

The word ‘isomalt’ may confuse you if you are not involved in the cake industry. Isomalt is a substitute for sugar made out of beets. It is primarily used in sugar art decorations as it does not turn brown when melted in high heat. Isomalt is not as sweet as sugar and has a high stability against moisture that helps bakers use it in designer cakes. The glassiness property of isomalt is unique, which makes it a favourite baker’s product. Isomalt is melted, and then the liquid is poured on a silicon sheet to prevent surface burning.

When it is cooled, it takes on the shape of the mould and resembles a glass-like design. Smaller isomalt pieces can add texture to wedding cakes and enhance their look further. Larger pieces are the main decoration of the cake. The versatile isomalt pieces complement any cake design and add up to the theme of the entire wedding.

Flower Decorations on a Wedding Cake

A wedding cake can look breathtaking if adorned with fresh flowers. Original flowers can be brought from the store, or edible flowers can be prepared at bakeries. It is one of the simple wedding cake designs and elevates the theme of the wedding reception party. The wedding cake decorated with flowers is suitable for all wedding themes and never looks dull.

Firstly, the couple must decide what the cake flavor and frosting will be. The cake designer will then complement the look with contrasting flower colors. Flowers on the cake can elevate the party’s mood and make a simple cake look pretty. 

The couple themselves can decide what kinds of flowers they want on the cake; primarily, lilies are the best option. Red or pink roses look fantastic as well.

Multi-Tier Wedding Cake

Apart from the design and color palette, one thing that is highly important is the size of the cake. You must go for a multi-tier wedding cake for an extensive guest list. The best part about a multi-tier cake is that you will have the opportunity to decorate it in as many ways as you like in a single cake. The couple can opt for unique wedding cake designs on the multi-tier cake, and the layers of the cake can be of various flavors.

The entire cake can be left just with white frosting or covered in dual-toned buttercream. There are no limits to decorating a multi-tier cake for the wedding. The final cake can be decorated with sprinkles, topped with some dripping, and adorned with edible flowers. Multi-tier wedding cakes look elegant and are suitable for any design.

Hand-Painted Cakes for Wedding

Hand paintings look gorgeous, especially for a 2 layer cake design for weddings. Since wedding cakes are usually huge, it allows cake designers to flaunt their artistic skills. The cake is covered in white fondant, which is required to get the perfect designs. painting on the wedding cake looks like a canvas of beauty. Hand-painted cakes are a good choice for any wedding theme. The couple can go for a pastel palette or bright colours on the cake. A hand-painted wedding cake is bound to impress your guests and make your special day the most memorable one.

Vintage Pearl Wedding Cake

Who does not love pearls? Ladies love them on everything; there can be nothing better if you get a glance of pearls on your wedding cake. A vintage pearl wedding cake will look elegant and royal on your wedding day. Edible pearls can be easily made and covered in edible metallic dust to be layered on a white wedding cake.

The shine from the pearls will surely confuse people and make it more fun. A vintage pearl cake will be the best option for couples planning a vintage-themed wedding. The edible pearls can be aligned circularly along the perimeter of the cake. 

The cake can be garnished with some edible or fresh white and pink flowers. Nothing else will look better than this for your wedding cake.

Chandelier Wedding Cakes

The refined look of a chandelier cake for your wedding will surely inspire your guests and confuse them simultaneously. It is an extremely fancy cake that a professional cake artist can only bake. The elegance of the cake is undeniable to everyone.

The entire wedding cake is suspended upside down with the help of special support that prevents the cake from falling. Chandelier crystals are made from melting isomalt and making tiny pieces out of it. It looks nothing less than original crystals. It is also the best option for a 25th wedding anniversary due to its magnificent look.

Drip Wedding Cake Design

Nothing can be better than drizzling something sweet down your wedding cake tiers. Choose any cake design and ask your baker to add a finishing drip along the side of the cake. The drip design looks excellent on a wholly naked or semi-naked cake. White dripping looks great on a cake with bright color frosting. The look can be further experimented with by adding edible gold leaf, pearls, and flowers to the bottom layer. Drip cakes are in high demand among couples for their wedding day.

Geode Cake for the Wedding

This stunningly decorated cake is named after a precious rock formation. The look of a geode cake mimics the naturally precious rock development process. Due to its bright demonstration, any vibrantly colored geode can look excellent on red wedding cake designs. To make a geode cake, a massive chunk of the finally frosted cake is cut out in an irregular shape.

The cavity is then filled with bright-colored rock candy. Couples generally miss out on this fantastic wedding cake option because they think it might get complicated. Although, it is much easier to make than a perfectly frosted cake,. 

The rock candies can be made using isomalt mixed with different colors. The couple must choose the color palette before asking the cake designer to make the cake. The look can be finished with some edible gold dust, shimmers, or edible metallic color drops.

Lace Wedding Cake

This design on your wedding cake will look trendy and classic at the same time. The vintage white lace design will match the bride’s outfit, making her feel more special. Lace wedding cakes are not only highly sophisticated but also add an exquisite style to the special day. The cake designer uses a lace mold and places it on top of the white fondant-covered cake. After applying minimum pressure on the mold, the lace print is seen on the cake. The cake can be decorated with old dried-up flowers or edible flowers. The white lace wedding cake is a timeless piece to brighten up every couple’s wedding day.

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