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  • Red heart-shaped cake topped with strawberries


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  • Delicious cake under 600 calories, adorned with fresh berries


  • a customised three-layered orange cake


  • Flower and cake combos


  • Fresh Arrivals cakes


  • Red heart-shaped cake topped with strawberries


  • Gift ideas for special occassions


  • Delicious cake under 600 calories, adorned with fresh berries


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Minnie Mouse Cakes


Disneyland is just incomplete without mickey mouse and Minnie mouse. So your kid’s birthday will be boring without delicious mickey mouse and Minnie mouse cakes. The world of cartoons is just a sweet piece of memories like delicious cakes. So, the people who’re big fans of Disney World, they'll find it on our soft and fluffy cakes. FlavoursGuru brings you a wide range of Minnie mouse birthday cakes with multiple flavours. Even we have other varieties like Unicorn cakes, Bomb cakes, Butterscotch cakes, Red Velvet cakes, and so on. You just need to choose your favourite one and we will get it ready for you. 


FlavoursGuru is the only platform where you’ve multiple options to choose the yummilicious dessert cakes according to the occasion. Our special 2nd birthday Minnie mouse cake is made with love that will make you feel wow! In every layer, we make our cake special that will surely amaze you. We make cakes for multiple occasions like weddings, Baby showers, Independence Day, New Year, Birthdays, Engagement parties, and much more. Visit our website and choose the delicious sweet treat for you. 


We also make Minnie mouse cupcakes and muffins with toppers. You just need to share the time and date and we will deliver it to you without any further delay. We’ve varieties of flavours such as blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch, and much more to celebrate your occasion with our special pink Minnie mouse cake.

How do bakers at FlavoursGuru create the best Minnie mouse theme cake design?

At FlavoursGuru, our bakers are highly professional and skilled. We prefer to bake handmade cakes and put freshly whipped cream icing on them. After that, we put whipped cream in every layer of our soft and fluffy to make our simple Minnie mouse cake luscious. Our bakers are highly skilled and make fondant cakes with beautiful Mickey and Minnie sculptures. We make cakes with fresh ingredients like fruits, dry fruits, cheese, and so on to make the Minnie mouse 1st birthday cake yummilicious. 


We also use edible cake colours like airbrush and spray to give a glossier look to your red Minnie mouse cake. You can order your favourite cakes and we will deliver them to you on time. 


Even we bake for multiple occasions for your friends and family. Our bakers make the cakes with love to enhance the joyous moments 10x better.

How to find Minnie mouse photo cake ideas at FlavoursGuru?

FlavoursGuru has tons of cake ideas and we will never be enough to serve you the best for you. All you need to share all your ideas and occasion with us and we will accordingly bake the best Minnie mickey cake for you. You can choose 2-tier and 3-tier cakes and the flavours we will bake the best cake that will meet all your expectations. 


Step: 1 You need to visit our official website and sign up/log in with us.

Step: 2 You’ll see the search bar, over there you can type, “Minnie Mouse Cake near me”.

Step: 3 As a result you’ll find multiple ranges of Minnie Mouse Cake freshly made with love.  


Now you can easily finalise the best Minnie Mouse Cake for multiple occasions.

Which is the best Minnie Mouse Cake at FlavoursGuru?

All of our cakes are fantastic and yummilicious and our best Minnie mouse buttercream cake is made with love. So, you’ll find varieties of cakes at FlavoursGuru at the best prices. 



Minnie Me Cake-4 Kg


Minnie Rosette Cake-1 Kg


Minnie Mouse Cake - 4 KG


Disney Love Cake - 4 KG



How to order minnie mouse cakes from FlavoursGuru? 

Once you order our Minnie Mouse Cakes we’re sure there’s no coming back. Because our yummilicious Minnie Mouse Cakes are just wow. Visit our website and order your favourite cake to make the occasion memorable for life. Here are the easiest ways to order our fluffy and delicious cakes at your place. 


Step 1: Visit FlavoursGuru and sign-up/log in on our official website.

Step 2: Tap on the search box so that you can search for “Minnie Mouse Cake”.

Step 3: Now discover the entire list of minnie mouse cream cake and finalise your favourite one.

Step 4: Choose the quantity of 2-tier or 3-tier cakes or the weight of the cake like – 1 kg, 1.5 kg, or more. 

Step 5: Now you can mention a message or name like - “Happy Birthday” on the cake.

Step 6: Add the address where you want to deliver the cake.

Step 7: Finally tap on order now!


See our cake order procedure is quite simple and easy. So, you can easily order a Minnie Mouse Cream Cake at your doorstep. Now you can easily order your favourite Minnie Mouse Buttercream Cake online.


Send beautiful minnie theme cake online with FlavoursGuru

For any occasion you can surprise your friends and family to surprise them and spread happiness. At FlavoursGuru we accept the flexible timing of orders like for midnight and deliver it to the exact location without any further delays. Even we pack the Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes so there’ll be no spoilage for further and you’ll get the delicious cakes on-time.

Faqs on minnie mouse cake


What are the flavours available for minnie mouse cake?

FlavoursGuru offers a wide range of cakes with varieties of flavours. You can choose from our vanilla, coco melon, citric, cocoa, and much more. Here our bakers spread multiple flavours in every layer making the minnie mouse cake extra special. 

What is the cost of a minnie mouse cake in Gurgaon at FlavoursGuru?

The price range is according to the weight of the cake and the customised design. The price range starts from Rs. 700 to 3000 and goes on. Visit FlavoursGuru and get the best minnie mouse cake in Gurgaon.

Which are the best minnie mouse cakes that I can order?

Our minnie cakes are the best and rich with lip-smacking flavours. So, you can order any of our beautiful minnie mouse cakes near you. 

Does FlavoursGuru offer a guarantee of fresh minnie mouse cake delivery?

We’re sure that our minnie mouse cakes will be fresh and delicious. Even the fluffiness will make the cake taste better. Here at FlavoursGuru, you’ll get the best for you. 

Can I get a minnie mouse cake at midnight or on the same day of order placement?

Yes, it’s easy to order the best minnie mouse cake online for midnight delivery. You just need to visit our official website and place the order online for multiple celebrations. 

What our customers say about us!


Just wanna say thank u so much for the lovely cake...i really like the taste, design, colour...everything was just perfect...thank u so much..

Urja Maheshwari



Taste was very yummy and delivered on time

Bhavani Thakur



The cake came out perfect and was delicious. We had many compliments from our guests on how great it tasted. The tasting and design process was perfect...




It was the best cake ever. It was beautiful and it tasted great! Everyone loved it and was fighting for the last piece. We will recommend you to all of our friends.

Romana Banu



I should always be thankful to this wonderful platform. At this platform, find a wide range of cakes with luscious flavours.




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