51+ Broken Hearts Quotes That Will Inspire You to Move Forward

Broken heart quotes

We all go through heartbreaks, and it is part and parcel of life. No matter how young or old you are, life throws something in your way that leaves you with a broken heart. It can be in any form, be it losing someone or getting betrayed by a loved one. Sometimes it is easier to bear, but other times it just gets too heavy to keep going.

By opening a new chapter in your life, you can make all the difference and get over the pain. You might feel overwhelmed and lost at the moment, but with time, the hurt and despair will go away, leaving you with a new life lesson. It is hard to get consoled and look at the positive aspects in such moments, but there is always some way to inspire yourself. So, these quotes for healing broken hearts will help you find solace to some extent.


Inspirational Quotes For Broken Heart

  1. It’s not always easy to let go. If it were simple, you would have done it already. So, you should let it be, accept it for what it is and move on.
  2. In the depths of despair, we will eventually find guiding light that will show us a way out.
  3. Don’t stop your tears. Instead, let it flow and become the water for the seeds of happiness that you plant for your future.
  4. A broken heart is not the end, but a new doorway towards new opportunities and fresh beginnings.
  5. A broken heart is simply training that the heart needs to love more completely and unconditionally when the real thing comes along.
  6. The only thing whose worth increases the more it is broken is the human heart.
  7. Sometimes it is a heartbreak that shakes us awake and makes us realize our worth and how much less we were settling for.
  8. A broken heart will give you spells of aching and sleepless nights now and then. But in between, it also lets you enjoy your life and dream like you never got your heart broken.
  9. Sometimes a broken heart is good as it realizes and accepts what the mind already knew.
  10. A broken heart teaches you a lot about yourself. So, the earlier and more often you get a heartbreak, the better.
  11. Someday you will look back on this moment of your life and think of it as a sweet time of grieving. You will realize that you were mourning with a broken heart, but it was changing your life.
  12. Don’t despair when the good things in life fall apart. It’s just paving the way for all the better things to fall together.
  13. A broken heart is a blessing in disguise from the creator. It’s only a way of telling you that you were saved from the wrong one.
  14. Some people will stay, and some will leave. It isn’t the end of your story but the end of their roles in your life.
  15. No one gives anyone a broken heart. All they do is free it from further hurt and despair.

Broken Heart Love Quotes

  1. Anyone can break a heart, but no one can mend it and be on your side like a true friend.
  2. When you fall in love and get hurt, it feels like an open wound. It will heal with time but will leave a scar that will always be there.
  3. It is never easy to cope with the situation when it comes to love and loss. We can’t make someone realize what we have to give, make them reciprocate our love, or change them. All we can do is get on with life and stop wasting our time.
  4. Don’t despair if you lose the love of a dear one and close yourself up. Instead, look high up to the sky and gaze into the heavens. It is the place where your heart will heal and find solace.
  5. I am irrevocably in love with a memory – a memory that comes from another time and another place.
  6. When the one you loved dearly becomes a loving memory, the memory is what becomes a cherishing treasure.
  7. No one loses love, but it returns to them to soften their heart and purify their soul.
  8. I will never feel guilty for loving you or say that I wish I had never met you because there was a time when you were exactly what I needed.
  9. The loved one never dies. They become immortal in your memory.

Broken Heart Lonely Quotes

  1. A heart can break in multiple ways. Stories are filled with heartbreaks caused by love. But true heartbreak happens when a dream is taken away. It doesn’t matter what the dream was, but when it is taken away, the heart breaks into the most pieces.
  2. If you want to make real friends, don’t be afraid of getting hurt. Many people will let you down, but you should not stop yourself from seeking it.
  3. If you fall down while looking for true love, get yourself back up, dust off the emotions, get going and try all over again.
  4. It doesn’t matter how strongly broken your heart is; the world would still keep going without stopping your grief.
  5. In the end, our memories will not recall the words of our foes, but they will only have the silence we got from our friends.
  6. Never become someone else’s priority when you are just an option to them.

Broken Heart Healing Quotes

  1. Sadness sits on the wings of time and flies away.
  2. When you have a broken heart, and it is full of cracks, take some seeds of hope and plant them. Then pray and wait for a good rain.
  3. The best way to heal a broken heart is to figure out a way beyond the sadness and hurt.
  4. With time comes the ease of pain, the recovery of the body, and the brain finding out new ways to go no.
  5. Sometimes you need to keep a loved one away. Depriving them of the pleasure of your presence will make them realize your need in their lives.
  6. The very same emotion that broke your heart can also heal it.
  7. A broken heart can feel much better when it gets company from someone wonderful with a broken heart.
  8. All you learn in your life about a broken heart can be summed up in five words: It gets better with time.
  9. Don’t waste your time feeling sad for people who gave up on you. Instead, feel sorry for them for letting you go. They gave up on you when you would never have done the same.

How To Fix A Broken Heart Quotes

  1. When the wrong ones get out of your life, the right things begin to happen.
  2. Two things can cure a heartbreak: a hot bath and a warm, comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep.
  3. When you are surrounded by a forest of sorrow, you cannot think that you could ever find a way to get to a better place. But if someone tells you that they stood there at the exact same place as you and got out of it, sometimes it is enough to ignite hope.
  4. Don’t let your tears fall after sunset, as it won’t let you see the stars.
  5. Let go of the pain. You can do nothing about what went wrong yesterday, as it is not yours to judge. What’s the point of holding on to something that keeps you away from hope and love?
  6. Time is the only thing that can heal a broken heart, just like time heals broken parts of your body.
  7. Don’t keep thinking about what went wrong; focus on how to move on. Spend your energy on finding a solution that will help you move forward.
  8. People think that holding on makes them strong, but what they don’t realize is that strength lies in letting go.

Pain-broken Heart Quotes

  1. The death of love comes not with want but often with false ego and indigestion.
  2. Death leaves with a broken heart that can be healed by none, and love leaves with a memory that can be stolen by none.
  3. The sorrow we feel on losing a loved one is the price we pay for letting them into our lives and giving them control over our emotions.
  4. When one door closes, the other one opens. But we are so lost and broken-hearted looking at the closed door that we overlook the one that has opened for us.
  5. Pain is an unavoidable reality, no matter what you do. But suffering through it is your choice.
  6. A friendship that ends is never really a true friendship.


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