Birthday Decoration Ideas – 15 Simple Birthday Decoration At Home

Confetti Balloons Decoration Ideas

If we think of our childhood days, we will have memories of simple birthday celebrations at home. No matter your age, birthdays are special occasions that have to be celebrated with near and dear ones.

Growing up changes how we celebrate birthdays, but the excitement about planning a birthday party remains the same. If you plan to decorate your home for a birthday party, you must think of birthday decoration themes, guest list, space, food items, and drinks. You can get birthday decorations like balloons and pom-poms from local stores, or you can order online.

If you are planning a birthday party at your home, read the article for a few birthday decoration ideas you can use.

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

While preparing for a birthday party, get ready to let your creative side out and make use of cut-outs, posters, party hats, and flowers for simple decoration ideas.

Confetti Balloons

While hosting a birthday celebration, confetti balloons are a neat and offbeat way to decorate the house. You can use them to reveal a surprise gift. Multicolour confetti is wonderful for creating a colourful effect. Confetti made of tissue paper is best for confetti balloons as they get scattered easily due to wind.

They are easy to make and look elegant. You can hang them with streamers or use them in a helium balloon with bits of glitter and have it as one of the simple birthday decoration ideas at home.

Paper Lanterns

Want to have bright lanterns around where you are having the birthday party? You can make white paper lanterns and brighten them up with a dash of colour. Hang with mini led lights to add glow. Lanterns can be made with tissue paper in different cute shapes.

Add some battery lights and hang these lanterns to lighten up the party’s atmosphere. For beautiful effects, you can have the tissue paper lanterns in pastel shades with a tea candle inside.

 Coloured Paper Straws

Colourful paper straws can be used as a part of 1st birthday decoration ideas at home. You can have a picture of your baby’s face on a heart-shaped scrapbook paper and stick it on the straw.

A straw garland with coloured straws would look good around the chairs and tables at the party. Another idea is to have straws with people’s names so no one can lose their glasses at the birthday party.

 Cherry Balloon Garlands

Balloons are a favourite among kids, and what better than a cherry-shaped balloon to entice the kids. A kid’s party deserves something fun and interesting, and who does not love cherries? Blow up cherry-shaped balloons and make a fun garland for the parties.

This fruit garland may induce kids to eat healthily and make them love fruits. The cherry-red balloon décor is sure to get the kids excited. You can even make small cherries and hang them around.

Party Hats from Paper Plates or Pizza Party Hats

Every party is incomplete without a party hat. What better than making paper plate hats and getting the kids and guests to colour them! These can be the theme for a kid’s 5th birthday decoration ideas at home.

Everyone loves pizza, and you and the guests can make a pizza hat with coloured pieces of paper as vegetables for a pizza party. You can stick the coloured toppings and attach them to the hat. Let the guests join the process of making hats by using bright, contrasting colours and mixing the paints with brushes.

Hanging Jar Lights

Another way is to use jars to spruce up the birthday room. Add a mysterious vibe using coloured solar or led lights to brighten the place.

Tea lights can also be placed in the jars. You can get a rope to make a garland and hang it at the door entrance or around the whole place to illuminate the room. When looking for birthday decoration ideas at home for girls, get some fairy lights to stick inside the jars. These jars look elegant and create an incredible atmosphere at the parties.

Cupcake Paper Garland

Cupcakes, called fairy cakes, are a hit at birthday parties as you can have them in multiple flavours. Kids often find it comfortable to have a cupcake rather than a slice of the big cake.

The paper cupcake toppings and wrappers can be printed with cartoon characters that the kids enjoy, and this would make the paper cupcakes look appealing. The cartoon characters painted on them will look cute. You can pin them together to form a garland and hang them at the birthday parties.

 Flower Decors

Flowers are a perfect choice if you want subtle decor that cheers up the guests’ mood. Flowers bring fragrance and a touch of freshness to the air.

Flower arrangements are fun and popular as they are readily available and add liveliness and beauty to the atmosphere. You can use fresh flowers or try making paper flowers at home. 3D paper flowers can also be made at home and used to decorate the place. A mix of flowers and balloons will take the party to the next level.

Confetti Wall/ Wall with Balloons or Pictures

Designed or painted walls form the main attraction of guests at the party; hence you can have wall decoration ideas for birthday parties at home.

You can have a single wall decorated with balloons and add some photos to share memories of past birthdays. Walls can also be decorated with flowers and string-up fairy lights to lighten the place. Have a wall with confetti as a background, and it is easy to create a design. Walls decorated with crystal curtains will help turn a plain wall into a colourful landscape. Let the walls shine up with stripes of glitter in multiple colours.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

These are the most effortless decoration ideas for birthday parties that you can create at home with tissue paper. It is an elegant and beautiful birthday decoration idea that serves as a distinct birthday décor accessory.

Pom-poms made with multicoloured tissue paper spruce up the birthday party place. You can have pom-pom flowers, make a garland, and hang them on the windows and tables. Mix the balloon décor or any other décor with the pom-poms and let your creative juices flow. Create flowers out of pom-poms and place them in jars with lights. Hang the pom poms with the curtains to give a different look.


Streamers also add life to the decoration during birthday parties. People prefer paper and glitter streamers as birthday party decorations. You can have streamers in all colours and use them with balloons or as wall décor.

You can use streamers of paper or glitter on walls, windows, or ceilings. Cut your streamers into a zig-zag pattern and hang them on walls. Tie the streamers with balloons and set them free.

Table Décor

You need not always look for decorating the walls. Table decorations can be highlighted on birthdays. Instead of a simple table cloth with cake and eatables on the table, arrange the table with the cake dressed up in the centre.

You can add rows and levels for the desserts and the other items on the buffet. Kids’ birthdays will have more chocolates and goodies that they love. Use tableware as per the colour of the décor and add coloured glassware to highlight the table arrangements. Coloured ice cubes, fancy paper straws, and differently shaped fruits can all be a part of the table décor.

Drink Umbrellas

Match your drinks with drink umbrellas that match the colours of your drinks or glass. A small paper umbrella is easy to make as you need to create a cone and have a toothpick inserted in it.

Kids would love this concept of a tiny paper umbrella with their juices, and adults can enjoy it with their cocktails.

Hot Air Balloons

These are one of the most unique baby birthday decoration ideas at home. If you are having a birthday celebration for a baby, you can make small hot air balloons with colourful paper. A few balloon shapes have to be cut and glued together to form a balloon shape with coloured paper.

You can form a chain of these balloons and tie them around the baby’s cradle or in the pram. Add an LED light and convert it into a lantern to add more colour and brightness. You can hang it around any plants at the corners.

Garland with Ice Cream Cones

Ice creams are everyone’s favourite, and kids are sure to love them if used as decoration. Collect many ice cream cones and make a garland to use with any other decorations.

These can look cute if made with pastel shades. You can have ice cones as the centrepiece of the table or make a garland and wrap-around chairs and tables.


When planning a birthday party at home, checking out birthday decoration ideas at home is always a feasible and cheaper option. Home decorations can be made with paper, balloons, flowers, and other craft materials.

Also, you can use fabric banners and previous photos that would serve as memories. If you are going the environment-friendly way, opt for biodegradable cups, plates, and recycled materials like jars, bottles, and mugs for decoration.

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