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Cakes By Profession Teacher

Cakes By Profession Teacher



Celebrating the role of teachers on ‘Teacher's Day’ is something that has been observed for a very long time. For all the efforts that our teachers put in to make our lives better and to enlighten us with knowledge, we should thank them specially. With Teacher's Day around the corner, FlavoursGuru has come up with a variety of teachers day cake to make your celebrations sweet and memorable. Our unique teachers day cake design is detailed with the stories of a classroom. They will bring tears of joy to your teacher's eyes and make the day unforgettable. To know more about our cake collection and view our special social butterfly cake, don’t forget to visit our website today.

Spot the Most Presentable Teacher's Day Cakes at FlavoursGuru

The bond between a teacher and their students is something very special. Behind the strict remarks and punishments of the teachers lies a heart full of love and blessings. A bond as beautiful as this one must be celebrated to make our teachers feel special. The happy teachers day cake at FlavoursGuru is not only delicious but also very eye-catching. All our cakes are made with the highest quality products, and attention is given to detail. Our bakers are very talented and have come up with the most beautiful collection of teachers day special cake. To know more about the extent of our bakers’ talent, you can take a look at our frozen theme cakes for the little princess at your home.

Explore the Tempting Teacher's Day Cakes at FlavoursGuru

A heart-warming and delectable cake can make any occasion more enjoyable and memorable. It is our responsibility to celebrate our teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. The teacher day cake at FlavoursGuru is available in many different flavours. All our cakes can be further customised as per the demand of our clients. Our bakers work with their full dedication to present the most visually appealing and flavourful cake for all our clients. There can be no better thing than a specially baked cake to celebrate with your teachers on this special day. You can visit our FlavoursGuru page to view the most demanding cakes for footballers for all sports lovers.

How to Select an Alluring Teacher's Day Cake from FlavoursGuru?

The message of your respect and adoration towards your teacher should be conveyed in the right manner. One thing that you should not forget is that your teachers work endlessly every day to help you grow into a better and more knowledgeable human being. On our website, the collection of teachers day chocolate cake will not fail to impress you and your teacher. Know how to select the perfect Teacher’s Day cake from the following easy steps.

Step 1: To begin your Teacher’s Day cake selection procedure, search the official FlavoursGuru website in any search engine.

Step 2: On our official webpage, there will be a search bar on the top to help you with cake selection. Go to the search option and type "teacher's day cake" to come across another cake page dedicated to the teacher's day cake varieties.

Like this, you can also select our boss baby cakes for your child on their birthday.

How to Order an Amazing Teacher’s Day Cake from FlavoursGuru?

The Teacher’s Day cakes at FlavoursGuru are made with utmost care and hours of hard work. All the cakes are made keeping in mind every detail mentioned by the clients. You can get the cakes customised accordingly with your favourite flavours and frosting. The spectacular teachers day cake images on our website will excite you instantly. Want to know how to order such an amazing cake? Follow these few steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Type "FlavoursGuru" on any search engine to begin your quest of ordering a cake from our official website.

Step 2: Type “Teacher’s Day cakes” on the search bar located at the top of the page. After pressing the magnifying glass sign located near the search bar, you will come across another page full of Teacher’s Day cakes. Once you finalise the cake, enter the details such as delivery location, time, and date of delivery.

Step 3: Select the final weight of the Teacher’s Day cake that you want. Depending on the number of people involved in the celebration, select the weight. There is also an option to leave a special message that will be written on the cake top by our bakers.

Step 4: From the separate add-ons section, you can also select additional surprise gifts like soft toys, flower bouquets, chocolates, and many more.

Step 5: Give the final shipping address and login information in the last step. Now make the online payment for the Teacher’s Day cake, and your cake order will be confirmed.

These simple steps are less time-consuming, and by following the same steps, you can also order a carnival theme cake from our website.

Send an Enticing Teacher's Day Cake from FlavoursGuru

Be it our Harry Potter cakes or any simple cake to satisfy your cravings; all our cakes are delivered right to the doorstep of the provided location. You can now send a happy teachers day cake with name from FlavoursGuru to your favourite teacher without having to be present physically. From the table given below, you can take a look at our teacher’s day cake varieties at FlavoursGuru.



Choco Treat For Teacher Cake – 500Gms

Rs 499

Teachers Day Cake – 500Gms

Rs 449

Treat For Teacher Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,199

Teachers Delight Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,299

Teacher Theme Cake – 1Kg

Rs 1,399



            Do you provide candles and balloons with a teacher’s day cake?

Customers can always select additional items from our dedicated add-ons section which include chocolates, soft toys, candles, and many more items. We have a range of gift items for customers to choose from our website.

              Do you deliver eggless teacher’s day cakes in my city?

Yes, surely. FlavoursGuru delivers 100 percent eggless teacher’s day cakes in 7 major cities in India. You can check out the names of the cities where we deliver cakes by visiting the official website today.

              Can I get a customised teacher's day cake from FlavoursGuru?

Yes, of course. We provide customised teacher’s day cakes on the demand of our clients. All our cakes can be customised as per the preference of the customer.

            Can I get the same-day ordered teacher’s day cake delivered?

 Yes, definitely. We take same-day teacher’s day cake delivery orders. However, the order must be placed by 5 pm on the same day to receive the cake on time.

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"Trust me it's delicious and yummy... Perfect taste... I loved the cake and it's on time... Fresh and yummyp"

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"Cake was fresh and Delicious and got the delivery on time.. devender "

04-Jan-2023 11.45 PM

Added by: Nisha


"Cake  was really So fresh and Delicious and got the delivery on time."

04-Jan-2023 11.43 PM

Added by: Ananya


"We loved the cake you made for our friend's birthday. All our guests enjoyed it as well..."

30-Dec-2022 04.29 PM

Added by: Pulkit


"Taste was good look was similar loved it "

27-Dec-2022 04.23 PM

Added by: A,man


"My granddaughter was over the moon with the cake as were all those who had a piece! It was delicious. You are one very talented flavour;s guru, Thank you ..."

23-Dec-2022 06.33 PM

Added by: Anoushka


"This was a fab cake and gorgeous center piece for the table"

23-Dec-2022 06.20 PM

Added by: Neetu Rajput


"Thank you so much Flavours Guru, absolutely amazing cake,."

23-Dec-2022 04.41 PM

Added by: Dolly Kumar


"What a mouthwatering cake this is. The decoration is superb..*"

23-Dec-2022 04.33 PM

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"Amazingly delicious cake,i order frequently 5star quality"

14-Dec-2022 09.09 PM

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"It was fresh and yummy .. and also good service. "

05-Nov-2022 07.45 PM

Added by: Komal Singh


"Fresh cake ,timely delivered.............................."

04-Nov-2022 08.32 PM

Added by: Vihan


"My daughter is a big fan of harry potter she liked it.................."

30-Oct-2022 08.11 PM

Added by: Kishi


"Cake quality and test was good, thank you so much team FG for express delivery."

28-Oct-2022 06.46 PM

Added by: Muskaan


"Nice and delivery on time "

28-Oct-2022 03.12 PM

Added by: Harry


"My family enjoyed the cake... Delivery on time"

26-Oct-2022 08.07 PM

Added by: Sarika


"Yummy "

22-Oct-2022 03.36 PM

Added by: Tanu


"Delivery on time... Enjoyed the cake "

22-Oct-2022 03.32 PM

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"Woww i liked pineapple tast and flavour it was to yummy.."

21-Oct-2022 06.21 PM

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"Liked by my mother thanks FG"

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"Too yum and delicious go for it... "

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"The cake quality is awesome. Best services and great experience. "

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"Yummy.. tasty this one fresh fruit cake ... thank guru,,..."

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"Seriously, I’ve never seen such great cake varieties before."

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"Wowhh.. tasty and yummy to good keepit up flavours guru"

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"All stuff members loved the cake "

17-Oct-2022 11.54 PM

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"Wow, yummy yummy yummy.... it’s favorite one by my dad because he is teacher, I ordered on his birthday and he was so happy.. and that was make my day fulfill happy... because of you flavours guru thank you so much... surly I;ll order again..."

17-Oct-2022 10.49 PM

Added by: Gauri Chaturvadi


"My teacher was happy to saw it... thanks flavours guru"

17-Oct-2022 10.46 PM

Added by: Tanishka Goel


"Delivery on time best'cake will definitely order again "

17-Oct-2022 12.00 AM

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"It was a great party, thanks to you.."

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"Amazing cake "

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27-Aug-2022 03.58 PM

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21-Aug-2022 02.07 PM

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"Very tasty and delicious blackforest cake"

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"The cake looked so beautiful and taste soo good. ????"

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"Cake was so fresh in taste really amaze with the delivery"

09-Jul-2022 03.21 PM

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"It was very tasty...Thank you making my birthday special"

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"Cake was good.. thank you so much …… and overall good……. So thankful to you"

14-Jun-2022 03.07 PM

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"Awesome taste. Great careful delivery. Well decorated tasty and beautiful cake. Nice warm greeting message. Thank you very much. Just made my Birthday. :)"

14-Jun-2022 03.07 PM

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"I travelled a lot i had many chocolate cakes but this one is top in my list"

14-Jun-2022 11.56 AM

Added by: Kunal Thapa


"Placed this cake for my parents anniversary and everyone just said one thing from where did you got this tasty and flavorful cake...cheers FG"

14-Jun-2022 11.24 AM

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22-Nov-2020 05.32 PM

Added by: Madhur


"Very nice flavour"

18-Nov-2020 05.27 PM

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"As the name suggests,"Can't have enough".This cake is super moist and delicious.All my guests loved it and they all praised the taste."

18-Nov-2020 02.09 PM

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"Scrumptious cake"

27-Oct-2020 04.57 PM

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"Have tried the red velvet cake of other bakery's but Flavours guru Red velvet cakes are awesome.Thanks folks for delivering the best of your bakery ."

23-Jul-2020 05.30 PM

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"Very nice , received exactly the ssame cake as shown on the website. had ordered a cake for same day delivery to be done in Noida and received it within the chosen time bracket."

09-Jul-2020 10.12 PM

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"Really tasty with loads of chocolates inside"

07-Jul-2020 10.11 PM

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"Beautiful cake with good taste"

01-Jun-2020 04.58 PM

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"Amazing taste. nice for chocolate lovers."

03-Mar-2020 10.00 PM

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"Really Tasty!!"

04-Jul-2019 12.36 AM

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