Mothers Day Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day Mothers Day Flowers



Most Attractive Flowers to Wish Moms on Mother’s Day!!!

When we think of mothers, an image of a delicate lady dressed in simple clothes, with her hair tied up running after her children with a bite of food strike our minds. Her simple and delicate heart filled with love and care makes her an epitome of kindness and unconditional affection. For such a sweet and noble soul, Mother’s Day is celebrated with great pomp and show making moms feel special and elated with your love. Flowers constitute an integral part of the celebrations of Mother’s Day. So, people can send flower for Mother’s Day to make this special occasion memorable for their mommies.

List of flowers which you can consider to send to your mother to bring a big smile on her face.


Carnation is a traditional flower to surprise mothers on Mother’s Day. In the first few years of the Mother’s Day celebrations, white carnations stood for the festivities. But, today, all the varieties of carnations perfectly blend in the Mother’s Day jollifications.


The flowers of lilies symbolize purity and devotion. In the Greek mythology, these flowers are associated with motherhood. A handpicked bouquet of lilies is a perfect choice for the mothers due to their amazing symbolism.

Pink Roses

The color “pink” stands for feminism and woman power. A bouquet of fresh pink roses on Mother’s Day will strengthen your bond with your mother and bring an instant smile on her beautiful face.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies stand for happiness and excitement and bring an immediate cheer and joy in the celebrations through their vibrant and beautiful colors. Counted amongst the most popular flowers for Mother’s Day, Gerberas will be an excellent choice for the mothers to express your love and affection.


As the flowers of Alstroemerias symbolize long life and love, sending a bouquet of these fresh flowers will be a vibrant surprise for the mothers from their children. This flower will beautifully symbolize the unending love between a child and a mother.


Symbolizing refinery and beauty, orchids symbolize long life as they can stay fresh for weeks. Gifting a bouquet of orchid flowers to mothers on this special day will bring utter delight to them.


Also known as the “queen of all flowers”, peonies bloom around the time of Mother’s Day celebrations, which makes them a perfect choice for this special occasion. Awarded with the 'Mother's Choice', these refined flowers are beautiful to win the hearts of the mothers in an amazing way.


Being spring-blooming flowers, tulips are perfect flowers for the celebrations of Mother’s Day. The flowers demonstrate affection and warmth and express your love and admiration to your mothers in an incredible manner.


White and red chrysanthemums make an excellent choice for the occasion of Mother’s Day. These traditional flowers stand for motherly love, honesty, loyalty and gratitude. With “mum” in their names, what can be better than Chrysanthemums to convey your immense love to your mommy.

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